The 10 Best Museums to Explore in Beijing

The 10 Best Museums to Explore in Beijing
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Find a Wealth of Fantastic Art and Fascinating Artifacts in Beijing’s Top Museums

Beijing is a real treat for museum lovers, and museums are a popular destination among Beijing’s many attractions. Beijing’s top museums show the accomplishments of the Chinese people and important stints in the history of China. They cover everything from art to science.

Visit one of the ten best museums as you explore Beijing. It might not meet with everyone’s agreement as the list is subjective, but one thing is for sure, they are all worth a visit— some may surprise you!

1: National Museum of China

National Museum stands as the third most visited museum globally. It features numerous collections of archaeological artifacts, paintings, and features of cultural interest, including a wall of Olympic medals. Their featured exhibition changes frequently, so check their website to see what’s coming up.

2: China Science and Technology Museum

The more technical-minded visitors to China may appreciate this museum, which has promoted science and culture to both citizens and travelers since 1988. This is a sizable building, so pack your walking shoes as you explore its three feature halls, including an Astro-Vision theater.

3: National Art Museum

Some of China’s finest artworks from the masters of multiple eras are on display at the charming and peaceful National Art Museum. It is enormous and has thousands of pieces housed in it. Among these numerous pieces is some notable artistry by famous Chinese artists and works from the ancient dynasties.

Visiting these collections is an exclusive treat. They only give out 4,000 entrance tickets a day, so apply early and hope you’re one lucky few chosen.

The 10 Best Museums to Explore in Beijing guide
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4: The Antiquarium of The Palace Museum

People worldwide have heard of the fabulous wealth and mystery of the Forbidden City. If you can’t get enough of Beijing’s most famous historic district, you can purchase a ticket to the  Antiquarium, which hosts treasures from the Qing Dynasty. The items are shown there are exclusive, and most visitors have said that it is worth the time and money to acquire a separate ticket.

5: The Beijing Capital Museum

It was opened back in 2006, and it contains a vast collection of valuable Chinese historical and cultural pieces. This modern museum attracts attention with its stunning glass facade. Inside its walls, visitors can find paintings and sculptures from China’s rich history and a rotating series of overseas exhibitions.

It is highly acclaimed for its bronze collections, porcelain pieces, and calligraphy works. Find out the details of what’s available here.

6: The Beijing Museum of Natural History

Founded in 1951, this university-funded museum lets visitors experience the natural world of China through several exhibits. It is themed on scientific research and has several ancient animal fossils and some other well-preserved artifacts.

Children may love the walk-through dinosaur park, and adults won’t want to miss the interactive Discovery World Exhibition.

The Beijing Museum of Natural History
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7: Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall

Don’t miss the Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall if you’re pressed for time or are a miniaturist fan. This 3200-foot attraction is a scale model of the entire Beijing metropolitan area, letting you get a look at this city in a compact space.

8: Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution

You’ve probably heard of the Chinese People’s Revolution, but you may not know what it was like from the perspective of the Chinese people at that time. Come to the Military Museum to gain insight into this milestone in China’s long, colorful history.

9: China Red Sandalwood Museum

In eras long ago, red sandalwood symbolized luxury and opulence. The Chinese people used this substance for many purposes, including stunning sculptures and works of architecture. While visiting this museum, see if you can count each of the 320 ornately carved red sandalwood dragons.

For red sandalwood lovers, a museum shop sells objects made of sandalwood to take home.

10: Beijing Automobile Museum

Are you ready for something a little different from paintings and sculptures? Check out the Beijing Automobile Museum, where you’ll find some of the most iconic and unique vehicles of China’s automobile-driving history and permanent and themed exhibitions.

 Map of The 10 Best Museums to Explore in Beijing

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