10 Perfect Gifts For Great Wall Hikers

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Ultimate Gift Ideas for Great Wall of China Hikes

Whether you are planning a trip to Beijing to hike the Great Wall over the winter or during warmer months, the experience can only be heightened by select hiking gear.

The Great Wall enjoys long stretches of easy-to-negotiate surfaces and rugged ones as well. That’s why making thoughtful outdoors gifts will show love and kindness when they are opened, and make your adventure even more pleasurable. These are 10 great gifts for Great Wall hiking.

1: Outdoor Watch

Wristwatches seemed to fall out of favor with the rise of smartphones. They’re making a comeback with hikers. A hiking watch is a smart investment when trekking the Great Wall of China, especially some of the rugged sections.

Products such as the Timex Expedition Shock Digital Compass deliver key features. These include hydration alerts, digital compass, thermometer, and others for under $100.

2: Hiking Shoes

Whether you stroll the Great Wall for a few miles to experience the breathtaking views or make an extended journey, the footing can vary. The ancient stone construction requires a solid hiking shoe to manage sometimes uneven pathways.

A high quality, lightweight product may be in order. Gifts such as the North Face Ultra 110 GTX and La Sportiva Spire GTX continue to be popular among hiking enthusiasts. They provide the lightweight comfort of a sneaker while delivering top-rated traction.

3: High-Quality Hiking Socks

If you take the advice of selecting a lightweight hiking shoe, then it would be wise to select all-weather socks. The sections of the Great Wall neighboring Beijing experience temperatures consistent with all four seasons.

Smartwool brands have been trending high in the hiking crowd. It’s the gift that keeps on giving comfy feet.

4: Wide-Brimmed Hat

There are two key reasons why hats are important when hiking the Great Wall. Keeping your head warm in late fall and winter is one. The other is the fact that you will be exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods.

Wide-brim hats are excellent gifts because they provide shade to the face and neck. They also look cool when hiking.

5: Trekking Poles

Safety is always job one when hiking. That’s why a set of lightweight poles makes a thoughtful gift. Key considerations when selecting trekking poles include carbide metal or steel tips because they make direct contact with the ground.

Comfortable non-slip grips are also important, and the overall weight should fall between 6-8 ounces per pole.

6: Sunglasses

Giving sunglasses to a friend or loved one for the purpose of hiking is a tad more complicated than you might think. Winter hikes on the Great Wall may include sunlight reflecting off miles of snow.

During the summer, the sun can be quite strong during peak hours. Those are glare factors to consider about light seeping in from above and below the frames. That aside, there are also rating essentials.

Considering the Great Wall is open with 360-panoramic views, consider UV protection and polarized lenses. This will deliver eye care and a crystal clear visual experience. Brands such as Sungod are trending as good values. Oakley makes highly durable hiking products.

7: Hiking Backpack

When choosing the perfect backpack gift for a Great Wall excursion, it may be wise to consider things such as distance, weight, and the person’s fitness. Lightweight backpacks can run under 2 pounds. But an average carry load can top 25 pounds.

Ask yourself: Does your loved one plan on trekking 20 miles or less than five? Pleasure walkers may be best suited to hyperlights that are common among college students. Ultralight backpacks are also adequate for day trips.

Overnight and extended hiking generally calls for the traditional full-length unit.

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8: Outdoor Sunscreen

Regardless of when you enjoy the Beijing-area Great Wall, sunscreen is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s worthwhile to select a brand that delivers SPF 55 or higher for leisurely strolls and strenuous treks alike.

Consider a product with natural ingredients such as aloe or a convenient spray-on sunscreen.

9: Sleeping Bag

Choosing the perfect sleeping bag gift isn’t complicated. But high-quality products can be something of an investment. For instance, the REI Co-Op Magma 15 is a three-season sleeper that ensures comfort to 16 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be a tad pricey though.

For more moderate overnight treks on the Great Wall, big retail outlets carry brands such as Coleman that offer comfortable sleeping bags for under $25. The trick is to also give your loved one a sleeping pad to take the edge off the firm ground.

10: Headlamp

There’s a big difference between a good headlamp and an excellent one. You can probably purchase an inexpensive product that will serve a single hike. But headlamps have a certain “wow” factor that make them worth a modest investment.

There are good rechargeable products that deliver long burn times and are also stylish. Black Diamond makes some all-around products that are quite reasonably priced.

You could also go full pro-style with something like a Zebralight H600w and still spend under $100.

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