10 Most Kid-Friendly Places in Beijing For A Family Vacation

Discover the Best the Capital Has to Offer for Kids and Families

Chaoyang Theater Acrobats
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Beijing offers plenty of activities for kids. From the best museums, top theater shows to theme parks and playgrounds, you’ll never be out of ideas for a day in Beijing for children.

whether you’re a first-time visitor or a local, family days out in Beijing are easy to plan. What you will choose to see and do in Beijing with your family will depend on the age of your kids, your interests (and those of your kids), your budget, time of the year, duration of your visit, queues at the major attractions, and even the weather…

Here are 10 different options to help your kids fall in love with the city in a Beijing minute, or just to let your inner-child run free with some of the most fun things to do in Beijing.

1. Chaoyang Theater Acrobats

Witness awe-inspiring feats at the Chaoyang Theater. A favorite among tourists of all ages, the show includes fire stunts, contortionists, lion dancing, and more. It serves as a bridge between traditional Chinese entertainment and modern showbiz.

2. 798 Art Zone

The average person wouldn’t expect a series of decommissioned military structures to contain stunning works of art, but the 798 Art Zone is all about defying expectations. From huge dino  sculptures to cute pop culture art, a surprise awaits around every corner.

3. Hutongs

No trip to Beijing is complete without at least one stroll down a traditional hutong like Nanluoguxiang. A hallmark of the Yuan Dynasty, hutongs consist of narrow alleys that exemplify historic Beijing. Just a handful of these streetscapes remain; explore the final few with your kids while you still have the chance.

4. Kongfu Show

A nightly tradition at the Red Theater, the Kongfu Show mixes martial arts, ballet, and theater to great effect. The action-packed show follows a thrilling story, which English speakers can understand by reading subtitles above the stage.

5. Beijing Zoo

The Beijing Zoo provides an excellent opportunity to check out endangered or threatened creatures that call China home, including golden monkeys and milu deer. Don’t miss the Panda House, where your kids can see China’s most beloved mammal up close. Set aside a full day for the zoo — your kids will want plenty of time to explore.

10 Most Kid-Friendly Places in Beijing For A Family Vacation China
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6. Wangfujing Snack Street

Beijing’s culinary scene offers something to delight even the pickiest eaters. Kid-friendly snacks include dumplings and savory pancakes. In addition to food, you’ll find a variety of local toys and other kid-oriented items for sale.

7. Beijing Happy Valley

Similar in many respects to a Disney theme park, Beijing Happy Valley brings new landscapes and themes to the amusement park concept. Top rides include Golden Wings in Snowfield (a thrilling roller coaster with a cobra roll) and Jungle Racing (a Mayan-themed mine train ride).

8. Sony Explora Science

Kids learn best through hands-on activities, which dominate the Beijing version of Sony’s Explora Science. The museum’s fascinating exhibits delve into light, sound, and a variety of other topics. While it’s best suited to children between 5 and 10 years old, older children and adults also enjoy themselves.

9. Beijing Botanical Garden

Boasting 6,000 plant species (including over 2,000 varieties of trees and bushes), the Beijing Botanical Garden has diverse exhibitions featuring tropical aquatic plants, evergreens, succulents, and more. Take a break from the city’s hustle and bustle and enjoy a relaxed afternoon with your kids.

10. Classic Beijing Landmarks

Of course, you also have to see the main landmarks when visiting Beijing with kids. Landmarks such as Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace fascinate vacationers of all ages. Hiking the Great Wall of China with kids will bring you classic Great Wall hiking experience. It can be thrilling to see the Wall for the first time through your child’s eyes.

Additionally, several famous sections of the Great Wall of China can be found near Beijing’s suburban neighborhoods.

Tailor your itinerary based on your kids’ interests, while still encouraging them to experience something new. In Beijing, they’ll make memories to last a lifetime.

TIP: In order to get the most of your stay in Beijing, it’s best to stay in the city centre, within walking distance to the main attractions.

10 Most Kid-Friendly Places in Beijing For A Family Vacation
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