10 Reasons Why Hiking Jinshanling Great Wall Is a Decision You Will Not Regret

Awesome Reasons Why You Absolutely Should Hike Jinshanling

10 Reasons Why Hiking Jinshanling Great Wall is a Decision You Will Not Regret in Beijing
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If you’re looking for an authentic and real Great Wall hiking experience, not just a whistle-stop tour of famous landmarks, then Jinshanling is your best bet.

Jinshanling remains wild, ruined and preserved. There is no greater feeling than standing at the top of Jinshanling, looking around you, listening to the silence of the mountains, and taking it all in…

Here are 10 reasons why hiking Jinshanling Great Wall is a decision you will not regret.

1. It’s Easy to Avoid Crowds

Jinshanling is relatively less crowded than famous Badaling. Badaling is well restored, easy to access, and attracts huge crowds every day.

If you’re short on time, Badaling is quickly reached by bus (approx. 1.5 hours) from downtown Beijing. While giving yourself 2.5 hours for the ride to Jinshanling, you will probably encounter a total of 20-30 people on the wall in your day trip, enjoy pristine views without dodging crowds.

2. It’s as Peaceful as It Gets. You Won’t be Bothered By the Dense Population

Jinshanling is peaceful and quite wild. If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Beijing, you’ll find peace of mind and harmony you desire in Jinshanling. Blissful silence minimizes distractions and enhances an already awe-inspiring travel experience.

3. Anywhere You Look, the View Is Breathtaking

Photographers try their best, but the true beauty of Jinshanling is almost impossible to capture through the lens of a camera. The views from the watchtowers linked by the connecting wall are beautifully rewarding.

When you visit in person, the all-encompassing scenery will take your breath away. For miles, all you’ll see is the magnificent structure and the mountains that surround it.

10 Reasons Why Hiking Jinshanling Great Wall is a Decision You Will Not Regret china
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4. Walk Through Chinese History

Jinshanling boasts a fascinating history. Constructed by General Xuda during the 1300s and renovated (and expanded) by the famed  General Qi Jiguang two centuries later.

Unlike tourist-dense sections of the Great Wall, most of Jinshanling has not yet been renovated. This makes for a challenging hike — but it also grants you a uniquely authentic experience. You’ll literally walk through centuries of Chinese history.

5. Test Your Limits

On the hunt for a challenging (but attainable) hiking adventure? You’ll find exactly that at  Jinshanling, which appeals to intermediate and advanced hikers alike. Be prepared for a workout; this section covers mountainous terrain, so you’ll spend much of your time climbing uphill.

6. A Different Kind of High

Hiking the Great Wall offers a different kind of high. Achieve a safer and more memorable ‘high’ the all-natural way—through exercise and exposure to the incomparable beauty of Jinshanling. It’s totally worth it.

10 Reasons Why Hiking Jinshanling Great Wall is a Decision You Will Not Regret beijing
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7. Beautiful in All Seasons

No matter when you visit Jinshanling, you’ll be astounded by the breathtaking scenery. Each season delivers a unique and valuable experience. In the spring, you’ll encounter apricot blossoms, replaced by lush foliage in the summer.

Jinshanling becomes particularly beautiful in the autumn as leaves take on fiery red and orange hues. Snow-capped mountains deliver a different kind of beauty in the winter.

8. Boost Your Self-confidence

Anyone who has ventured up Jinshanling Great Wall will tell you that it is not an easy feat to achieve. Only the end goal of finishing the hike and enjoying the view keep people going. Not to forget the overwhelming sense of achievement and satisfaction.

By persevering, you conquer not only the Great Wall but your doubt and self-made physical limitations as well.

9. Become a Story Teller

Traveling it leaves you breathless and turns you into a story teller. This is very true. The stories you will acquire whilst hiking Jinshanling can’t be predicted. You never know what is going to happen. By putting yourself in a new and exciting position you increase your chances of seeing amazing!

10. Makes Your Life Better And Will Give You Lifetime Experience.

You learn, you play, you have a story to share, and no matter how many hikes you do in your entire life, you will never forget your Great Wall hike. The experience to the Great Wall of China is so unique and special, and it’s indeed a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

So what are you waiting for? Go for a hike man.

Great Wall of China at the jinshanling section,sunset landscape
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