3 Beautiful Great Wall Hikes for Families with Kids

Beautiful Hikes to Create Awesome Family Memories

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Traveling to Beijing to walk the Great Wall of China may not solve daily e-nuisances, it will undoubtedly bring you and your young ones together in an awe-inspiring fashion. When planning your next vacation, consider one of these three gorgeous Great Wall walks that will make a lasting family memory.

1: Jinshanling to Jinshanling East Day Hike

A day walk starting at Jinshanling ranks among the more moderate and scenic sections of the Great Wall. It’s located north of Beijing, and the less than 5-mile trek takes about 3-5 hours for leisurely sightseeing. The walk takes families through majestic mountainous areas that blend a mix of fully restored architecture with many ancient and worn watchtowers.

Families traveling to Beijing have the option of joining a walking tour of the half-restored and half-wild Great Wall section. Although not absolutely necessary, tour guides provide background and insight into some of the fascinating facts about this and other Great Wall areas.

For example, poems and tablets may be found embedded from the 16th Century. This walk tends to be relatively crowd-free and can be comfortably enjoyed from March through December.

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2: Huanghuacheng to Xishuiyu Day Hike

This section lends itself to more adventurous families who embrace walking along the edge of the Great Wall, navigating some of the unrestored areas, and using grips to climb into watchtowers. Families who take this rugged day walk start in the lowland valley and gradually ascend into the majestic heights. That means you are increasingly treated to the 360-degree mountain views and sparkling water below.

Because parts of Huanghuacheng Great Wall remain unmanageable, families can expect a short nature walk through the Xishuiyu village and an opportunity to try authentic Chinese country-style cuisine. Everyday people who have taken the 5-mile experience of about 3-5 hours tend to agree that a guide is immensely helpful and enhances the experience. Autumn can be a particularly spectacular time to take in the panoramic views when the foliage lines the hillside and steadily moving waters.

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3: Jiankou (Zhengbeilou) to Mutianyu Day Hike

Jiankou to Mutianyu day walk starts by immersing the entire family in one of the wild sections of the Great Wall. After hiking just over 6 miles at a leisurely, sightseeing pace, your clan experiences the increasingly restored Great Wall sections. You emerge at fully restored Mutianyu after breathtaking views from numerous watchtowers and a short nature walk through China’s back country.

Families should be prepared to negotiate a few vertical climbs in the early stages. This day trip usually takes about 3-5 hours and delivers some of the most incredible sunlit landscapes imaginable. The contrast of the Great Wall architecture, lush forests, and mountain peaks in the background is nothing short of magnificent. One perk to completing your family-oriented Great Wall experience at Mutianyu is that you can finish off the adventure with a toboggan ride down. You can also relax and take it all in on a family-friendly lift chair.

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Few places deliver the striking views and opportunity to bond with family and friends like the Great Wall of China. These three beautiful day walks offer unique ways to make memories in the great outdoors of a faraway land.

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