6 Phone Apps to Download Before Visiting the Great Wall of China

6 Useful Apps for the Great Wall Adventures

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As you prepare for your hike on the Great Wall of China in Beijing, remember to take full advantage of your smartphone. You’ll already have it on hand for those perfect selfie pics. So go ahead and download these phone apps to help you plan and stay safe on your hiking route.

BackCountry Navigator

The BackCountry Navigator is an app available for iPhone and Android users. Whether you are a first-time backpacker or experienced on the trail, this app is ideal for the Great Wall of China backpackers.

Learn how to read a topographic map of the area to utilize this handy resource. Find the elevation to plot out your speed over the ground in this hilly region. You can also use the app for orientation to help you find your location along the wall.

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Relive: Outdoor 3D Videos

With Relive, you can turn your iPhone or Android device into a 3D video-making studio. This app works with several other systems, including Garmin, Strava, Map My Ride, and Polar, to track your hike on the Great Wall.

Then you can use the program to fly over the Great Wall of China before or after your experience with a full spectrum memory maker. This is the perfect way to capture your experience and relive the Great Wall of China whenever you want.

Gaia GPS Hiking Maps, Hike App

The Gaia GPS app is an iPhone and Android app for hiking adventurists who want to plot a route. Scout the area of the Great Wall that you will visit during your vacation to Beijing.

Download your data to take the maps with you on your trip. Like the previous app, you can use the Gaia GPS app to identify your location according to GPS coordinates.

6 Phone Apps To Download Before Hiking the Great Wall of China
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The iNaturalist app for iPhone and Android gives you a new perspective of the Great Wall. With this app, you can identify the natural world, including the flora and fauna of the Great Wall of China in Beijing.

Look for those hard-to-identify creatures using the iNaturalist app and learn all about nature while in China. You can also use the app to learn more about the natural scenery before traveling to the Great Wall of China.

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First Aid By Red Cross

Upload the First Aid app available by the American Red Cross on Android and iPhone operating systems. With this app, you get instant information on first aid emergencies.

Using this handy guide to learn how to handle minor cuts, scrapes, sunburn, and headaches,

Weather Live

Using Weather Live, you can track the weather from anywhere on the Great Wall of China using your iPhone or Android device. Plan out your route along the Great Wall using this weather tracking service.

Know in advance of pending storms to better prepare for anything that comes your way. Use the app on the Great Wall to check for inclement weather that strikes unexpectedly.

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