7 Places To See The Spring Blossoms In Beijing

7 Places To See The Spring Blossoms In Beijing
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Beijing might be a vast metropolis, but it has plenty of green pockets where you can view the beautiful spring blossoms, especially those of the cherry, plum, and peach trees. From botanical gardens to Dajue temple, there are plenty of places to choose from depending on where you live and whether or not you’re happy to pay entrance fees.

Where to See Spring Blossoms in Beijing

Some of our favorite places to see flowers, in general, are dotted throughout Beijing, including:

  • Yuan Dynasty City Wall Relics Park
  • Yuyuantan Park
  • Tanzhe Temple
  • The Beijing Botanical Gardens
  • The Summer Palace
  • Zhongshan Park
  • Blue Temple

1. Yuan Dynasty City Wall Relics Park

This park is home to the most important national crab apple festival, filled with thousands of crab apple trees. Open 24 hours a day and with free admission, watching the blossoms in this park under the moonlight is an experience that you will not soon forget.

Address: Xibahe, Northeast Third Ring, Chaoyang District. How to get there: take Subway line 10 to Xitucheng, leave from Exit C, and enter the park through the West Gate.

Yuan Dynasty City Wall Relics Park
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2. Yuyuantan Park

With cherry blossom trees planted around the park’s perimeter and the lake within, Yuyuantan Park has long been the favorite place for locals and tourists to view cherry blossoms. Rides on the lake, carnival-style games and food, and easy access make this one of the best places for blossom considering overall.

Address: Xisanhuan Lu (across from CCTV Tower). East entrance on Sanlihe Lu (just south of Diaoyutai); south entrance (with parking lot) behind China Millennium Monument. How to get there: take Subway Line 1 and get off at Military Museum Station, then enter through the south gate.

Yuyuantan Park tip
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3. Tanzhe Temple

300-year-old magnolia trees explode with blossoms around this time each spring. New trees are always being added, creating a white canopy that blocks unfavorable skies. The light scent of magnolias made them famous in ancient China, while their pristine beauty has carried their popularity forward to the present day.

Address: Tanzhe Shan Mentougou District. How to get there: take Subway Line 1 to Pingguoyuan Station, take Bus 931 at the bus station and get off at Tanzhe Si.

The Beijing Botanical Gardens
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4. The Beijing Botanical Gardens

Filled with over 40 different types of peach trees, this garden also offers cherry blossoms and many other styles as well. The air here is very fragrant throughout the year, but during the spring, it is sweet and almost overwhelming. Walking along waterfalls brings you to whole orchards full of lively blossoms.

Address: Wofosi Road, Xiangshan, Haidian District. How to get there: take line 10 to Bagou Station. Then take Western Suburban Line and get off at Zhiwuyuan Station.

The Beijing Botanical Gardens travel tips
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5. The Summer Palace

Known for beautiful architecture and being a pleasant place to spend any outing, the Summer Palace is also filled with cherry blossom trees and has several plum trees. The trees line the paths surrounding the palace, including small alleys and side streets.

Address: 19 Xin-Jian-gong-men Rd, Haidian District. How to get there: take line 4 to Beigongmen and exit from D. Then walk west for 3 minutes to North Palace Gate.

Summer Palace spring flowers
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6. Zhongshan Park

Wandering along this park–not too far from Tiananmen Square, colorful tulips blossoms blanket everything in sight. A stroll affords a calming and enjoyable experience to all who visit the park.

Address: No.4 Zhonghua Road, Dongcheng District. How to get there: take Subway Line 1, then get off at the Tiananmen West Station. Walk east for 5 minutes you will reach the south of the park.

zhongshan park Beijing
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7. Dajue Temple

Lush magnolia blossoms frame this temple during the spring months. The beautiful flowers beckon visitors into the 500-year-old temple, while the courtyard affords one-of-a-kind photography opportunities to visitors.

Address: Beianhe Village, Haidian District. How to get there: take Subway Line 1 to Pingguoyuan Station. Get out from Exit D. Then take Bus 890 and get off at Dajuesi Station.

As you can see, there are many places across the city that allow interested people to view the beauty of nature in this thoroughly modern city. Most of these are secluded parks, offering a break from the hustle and bustle of contemporary life, but others are hidden and tucked away within busy districts.

Bring your camera to get some beautiful photographs while everything is in bloom, or just a picnic to relax in the sunshine. Whether these options you choose, spring blossoms in Beijing are bound to be an experience you do not soon forget.

Map of 7 Places To See The Spring Blossoms In Beijing

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