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Wild Great Wall hiking,camping toursMore About Wild Great Wall Adventure Tours

Wild Great Wall Adventure Tours (License Number: MA008RHN-0) works under the Chinese license of Legendary International Travel Service Co., Ltd, a licensed travel agency based in Beijing.

Small Groups, Big Adventures

Our tours are designed for small groups so you can escape the crowds, have more fun, and get personal attention from your guide.

Each adventure takes you to a different section of the wild Great Wall.

Step out of the vehicle and into the breathtaking scenery for a short, exciting experience.

Don’t worry if you’ve never hiked before; no experience is needed to enjoy our wild Great Wall hikes.

What We Are Not:
  • We are not a large tour operator that sells mass China tours.
  • We do not work on a commission basis.
  • We don’t just say we avoid hidden costs and unwanted shopping stops—we really mean it.
  • We are not promoting third-party wild Great Wall adventures.
What We Are:
  • A small, Beijing-based online operator focused on wild Great Wall adventures.
  • We specialize in small group hiking, trekking, and camping trips.
  • We offer quality cultural experiences on the wild Great Wall at reasonable prices.
  • We take time to understand exactly what you want from your adventure.
  • We care about your satisfaction, ensuring no one is just another number with us.

Experience the wild Great Wall with us, where your adventure and satisfaction are our top priorities!

About Ricky

Ricky, Wild Great Wall hiking guide

Ricky’s impressive background in the travel industry spans over seven years, during which he led numerous exciting tours for Cosmos and Dragonair Holiday.

His extensive travels took him across China to iconic destinations such as Xi’an, Shanghai, Guilin, Yangshuo, Chengdu, Chongqing, and along the majestic Yangtze river on cruises.

This vast experience gave him a deep appreciation for China’s rich cultural and natural landscapes, inspiring him to launch his own venture.

In collaboration with his partners, Ricky established Wild Great Wall Adventure Tours.

This company is dedicated to providing intimate and thrilling hiking experiences along less-traveled sections of the Great Wall.

As the founder and a primary trip leader, Ricky combines his local knowledge from being raised in Sichuan and his two decades of life in Beijing.

He continually explores the city and its surroundings to keep his tours fresh and engaging, ensuring that every client’s experience is both unique and memorable.

How it happened

In the summer of 2007, during a routine hike with a group, Ricky stumbled upon a section of the Great Wall that was wild and untouched.

The beauty and tranquility of the area struck a deep chord within him, transforming his view of what hiking and exploring could be.

Captivated by the experience, Ricky felt compelled to leave his conventional job.

He envisioned sharing this majestic, lesser-known side of the Great Wall with a wider audience, not just his close circle.

Launching a New Venture

Armed with extensive knowledge and a newfound passion, Ricky was driven to establish his own adventure company.

He developed a user-friendly website that highlighted unique, immersive Great Wall hiking experiences.

His aim was to make these hidden gems accessible to adventure seekers from around the globe.

Wild Great Wall Adventure Tours

The result was Wild Great Wall Adventure Tours, a company dedicated to offering exceptional, quality holidays on the wild stretches of the Great Wall.

Ricky’s company promises unique adventures, enabling visitors to experience the awe-inspiring landscapes and the serene beauty that originally transformed his career path.

Through his tours, Ricky shares the magic of the Great Wall, hoping to inspire others as he was.

Outside of work…

Ricky started his journey as a traveler in 2007 with a trip to Thailand.

This trip opened his eyes to new cultures and sparked his love for travel.

In 2008, Ricky took a do-it-yourself trip across Southeast Asia.

Traveling on his own, he learned a lot about what travelers really need during their journeys.

By 2010, Ricky was ready for more adventures and spent three weeks backpacking through India.

This trip added more experience and depth to his travel knowledge.

Ricky has also explored Spain, Western Europe, and Egypt recently.

Each trip has added to his collection of travel experiences, shaping his understanding of different cultures and places.

That’s Ricky’s travel “story” – a journey of learning and adventure across different continents!

See you on the Wall

Ricky is passionate about helping you explore the less-traveled paths of the Great Wall.

He believes that everyone should have their own unique adventure stories to tell by the end of their tour in China.

We’re Excited to Meet You!

When you’re in Beijing, there’s so much to see and do! Ricky and his team are eager to meet you and make sure you have an unforgettable experience.

They understand the importance of having someone to organize your adventure, so you can fully enjoy every moment.

Let’s Plan Your Adventure!

Interested in discovering the wild Great Wall?

Please send us an email, and we’ll help you plan a tour that fits just right.

Ricky is looking forward to crafting a journey that’s tailored just for you.

Any tour guides in China would like to join us, please mail us at: wildgreatwall@gmail.com