About us

Wild Great Wall hiking,camping toursMore About Wild Great Wall Adventure Tours

Wild Great Wall Adventure Tours (License Number: MA008RHN-0) works under the Chinese license of Legendary International Travel Service Co., Ltd, a licensed travel agency based in Beijing.

Our small groups mean you will get away from crowds, your guide will always be available and you can receive the personal attention you deserve. On each of our active tours, we focus on a different section of wild Great Wall, getting you out of the vehicle, and into the scenery,  giving travellers a SHORT, SHARP adventure travel experience. You won’t need any experience to try hiking on wild Great Wall.

What we are not:
  • A large tour operator selling mass China tours and we don’t pretend to be
  • A commission based service
  • A tour operator that pays lip service to the idea of no hidden costs or factory shopping stops
  • A travel agent that promotes 3rd party wild Great Wall adventures
What we are:
  • A small online wild Great Wall adventure tour operator based in Beijing
  • Small group size hiking, trekking, camping trips provider
  • Offer quality culture-experience wild Great Wall adventures at reasonable prices
  • A tour operator that takes time to understand what it is you’re looking for
  • Cares your satisfaction where no client ever becomes just another number

About Ricky

Ricky, Wild Great Wall hiking guide

After 7 years of trip leading for Cosmos, Dragonair Holiday (a job that took him to Xi’an, Shanghai, Guilin, Yangsuo,  Chengdu, Chongqing, Yangtze river cruise etc) , Ricky established Wild Great Wall Adventure Tours with his partners.

As founder / trip leader, Ricky was raised in Sichuan and has lived in Beijing for 20 years. He has taken numerous clients on hiking Wild Great Wall and is constantly exploring city to make sure he always has his finger on the pulse.

How it happened

It was once when leading a hiking group in the summer of 2007 that he came across wild Great Wall hiking experience is so wonderful that he decided to leave his position so he could bring his passion for organizing trips to more than just his friends and family. His hiking experiences and knowledge of Wild Great Wall have given him all the confidence in building an interesting Wild Great Wall tours website. Afterwards, Wild Great Wall Adventure Tours was born – dedicated to providing quality wild Great Wall holidays.

Outside of work…

As an avid traveler, he took his first trip out to Thailand back in 2007 which was an eye opening experience. He travelled independently through South East Asia in 2008 on a DIY trip that made him understand the needs of travelers deeply. In 2010 he spent 3 weeks backpacking through India. In addition to Asia, He has recently travelled through Spain, Western Europe and Egypt. That’s his travel “story”.

See you on the Wall

Ricky says:” I want to help people get into wild Great Wall. I hope you can make your unique stories when your tour in China draws to an end. We can’t wait to meet you when you’re in Beijing! There is so much to see and do; you do need someone to organize it.Please drop us an email and we can discuss a tour that suits you.”

Any tour guides in China would like to join us, please mail us at: wildgreatwall@gmail.com