Why travel with us

Explore the Hidden Paths:

Strolling through the Great Wall at your own leisurely pace, you’ll uncover the hidden wonders of this ancient structure, far away from the crowds.

Capture breathtaking natural landscapes, revel in the stunning beauty, and deeply immerse yourself in the culture and history.

We passionately believe that walking through the Great Wall is the ultimate way to truly experience its grandeur!

Embrace Tranquility:

Imagine a day filled with walking on the wild Great Wall, breathing the clean, crisp mountain air.

Here you’ll connect with the past, present, and an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquility.

Achieve total peace of mind and obtain an unforgettable, life-changing experience…

Exceptional Value for a Personalized Experience:

Quality over Quantity:

Traveling is a treasured investment, and we ensure you get the very best for your money.

With us, you’ll explore a personal and authentic touch of the Great Wall rather than a “commercial” experience.

Our promise includes no hidden costs or unnecessary shopping stops.

Every moment of the trip is yours to enjoy, free from any unexpected expenses except personal ones (like that refreshing beer!).

Small Groups, Secure Reservations:

We deliberately limit our hikes to nine hikers per group, providing an intimate setting for families or those booking as a group.

Our Style… It’s About Comfort and Adventure:

Adventurous Yet Relaxed:

Our hikes are designed for all, from the seasoned explorer to the first-time hiker.

We carefully plan to ensure your time is enjoyable, safe, and hassle-free.

Forget about the logistics; your adventure with us is 100% worry-free!

Handpicked Itineraries Just for You:

Tailor-Made Experiences:

Our fascinating hiking routes go beyond mere distances.

They are journeys of discovery.

Whether you need inspiration or have a destination in mind, browse our specially crafted itineraries of hikes and camping.

If you want something uniquely yours, let us know, and we’ll create a customized trip that suits your interests and special requirements.

Book with Confidence:

  • Locally owned and operated
  • Risk-free reservation
  • Small group tours
  • Friendly, knowledgeable guides

It’s More Than a Holiday; It’s a Journey of Self-Discovery:

With us, your trip to the Great Wall is not just a holiday; it’s an enlightening experience.

You’ll learn more about the world and yourself, all while having the time of your life!