What we’re all about

Wild Great Wall Adventure Tours (License Number: L-BJ-CJ00076) works under the Chinese license of TTS (Tongji International Travel Service Co., Ltd) registered under Beijing Tourism Administration  based in Beijing. TTS is the official member of Beijing Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) established in July 1993.

Our small groups mean you will get away from crowds, your guide will always be available and you can receive the personal attention you deserve. On each of our active Great Wall hiking tours, we focus on a different section of wild Great Wall, getting you out of the vehicle, and into the scenery,  giving travellers a SHORT, SHARP adventure travel experience. You won’t need any training or any exercise to try hiking on wild Great Wall.

Great Wall hiking ,LicenseWhat we are not:

  • A large tour operator selling mass China tours and we don’t pretend to be
  • A commission based service
  • A tour operator that pays lip service to the idea of no hidden costs or factory shopping stops
  • A travel agent that promotes 3rd party wild Great Wall hiking tours

What we are:

  • A small online wild Great Wall hiking & camping tour operator
  • Small group size hiking, trekking, camping trips provider based in Beijing
  • Offer quality culture-experience wild Great Wall adventures at reasonable prices
  • A tour operator that takes time to understand what it is you’re looking for
  • Cares your satisfaction where no client ever becomes just another number

Our travel philosophy

Beijing Wild Great Wall hiking, camping toursResponsible Travel and Tourism: Wild Great Wall Adventures aims to offer authentic, grass-roots adventurous holidays. Responsible tourism means doing sustainable travel business and travelling with a mind to how it affects the places we are going. We are dedicated to ensuring we adopt a responsible attitude to the areas we travel through.

  • We take you to Great Wall less travelled, mixing with the locals, learning about their culture and most importantly having an open mind
  • Our aim is to maximise the positive benefits tourism can deliver whilst minimising the impact of any potentially damaging social, cultural or environmental consequences
  • We ensure that local people benefit economically from tourism by eating out in local restaurants and using  family-run guesthouses where possible
  • We strive to make local communities into our partners, so they can benefit directly from our business
  • We minimise the impact we have on the environment and landscape by travelling in small groups