Beijing Airports to the Great Wall, How to Get There?

Best Tips on How to Get to the Great Wall from Beijing Airports

airport to the Great Wall of China

Getting from Beijing airports to the Great Wall of China straightly is a memorable journey if you have a 9-hours layover in Beijing.

On a 24/144-hour Beijing visa-free layover, you are allowed to reach the Great Wall from the airports by using buses, taxis, private car/van.

Two Major Airports in Beijing

The city of Beijing and the whole region of Beijing is served by two major international airports. Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) and Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX).

  • Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) is located in Chaoyang District – 32 kilometers (20 mi) northwest of the center of Beijing, China. It’s the primary airport in the city of Beijing, many airlines operate from the airport.
  • Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX) is located on the border of Beijing and Langfang, Hebei Province – 46 km (26 mi) south of the city center of China’s capital city Beijing. It’s opened in late September 2019 and also the second airport serving Beijing.

For now, Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) is still the main international airport; however, more and more flights will be served by the new airport – (PKX).

If you arrive in Beijing from abroad, you will arrive either to Beijing Capital International Airport (all major international airlines and Air China) or to Beijing Daxing International Airport (British Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Himalaya Airlines, iFly Airlines, China Southern Airlines, and China Eastern Airlines).

If you take a domestic flight, it’ll be either to/from PEK or PKX airports.

What is the Best Airport to Fly into in Beijing?

Which airport is best to fly greatly depends on where you are flying in from, airport and airline also determine which airport you will arrive in Beijing.

  • Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) is the closest airport to the city center and still considered the main airport. It’s the best choice in terms of transferring to most traditional attractions and hotels.
  • Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX) is a good airport for business travelers who are limited on time but it’s also vital for international tourists coming from the UK, Malaysia, and other destinations. If you are coming from UK, PKX Airport is probably your only option. Taxis to and from PKX Airport are slightly pricier than from PEK Airport.

All in all, which airport you will get into in Beijing depends on the airline you fly from your departing destination. PEK Airport is the best airport for sightseeing all of Beijing’s main city sights. If hiring a car and wanting to see the countryside, PEK Airport is the easiest airport to fly into too.

Do I Need Visa For Beijing Layover?

Yes, even if you plan to leave the airport for only a few hours, you should obtain a transit visa. Read our article about visa-free countries and visa types for transit passengers.

Can I Leave Beijing Airports and Visit the Great Wall During a Layover?

Yes, transit passengers are allowed to enter and exit Beijing once during layover period. If you have a long layover in Beijing (at least 9 hours), you should be visiting the Great Wall of China! However, you need to consider eventual delays of your first flight, transportation time from the plane to the terminal, and border control lines.

How Long Does It Take From Beijing Airport to the Great Wall?

From the time the plane lands until you reach the Great Wall (Mutianyu), it can take you at least 4.5 hours or more. The time includes:

  1. Apply for temporary 24/72/144-hour entry permit (approx. 2.5 hours)
  2. Take a car/taxi (15-30 minutes)
  3. the journey to the Great Wall (approx. 1.5 hours)
1. Apply For Temporary 24/72/144-hour Entry Permit (2.5 hours on Average)

As soon as you get off the plane, the first control you pass is to apply for the temporary 24/72/144-hour entry permit. There is a special counter/lane for the 24/144-hour free transit at the immigration, you can go there directly by following the signs, and fill out all the paperwork there.

The transit visa free application procedures, if there are not many arrival flights at the same time, can take approx. 2.5 hours (even more). If there are more arrivals and many people (usually during Christmas week) it is common that you have to wait 3 hours or more.

For example, if your plane lands at 6:00 a.m at PEK Airport, at 8:30 a.m. you will have obtained the temporary entry permit (if there are not many lines).

2. Take a Car/Taxi (between 15 and 30 minutes)

From the moment you obtained the temporary entry permit until you take a means of transport you have to walk the airport on foot and book the taxi. If you have booked in advance, the private driver will be waiting for you outside the arrivals hall. The pre booking driver is the best option to save your time. During the day you can also take a taxi, but there could be a long queue for local taxis at airport.

3. The Journey to the Great Wall (1.5 Hours Minimum by Car)

During the day, a private car or taxi is the best way to get to the Great Wall since the arrival times are unpredictable.

  • Beijing PEK airport (about 66 km) Mutianyu Great Wall, 1.5 hours by road;
  • Beijing PEK airport (about 68 km) Juyongguan Great Wall, 1.5-2 hours by road;
  • Beijing PEK airport (about 78 km) Badaling Great Wall, 1.5-2 hours by road;
  • Beijing PEK airport (about 90 km) Jiankou Great Wall, 2 hours by road;
  • Beijing PEK airport (about 77 km) Huanghuacheng Great Wall, 2 hours by road;
  • Beijing PEK airport (about 144 km) Jinshanling Great Wall, 2.5 hours by road;
  • Beijing PEK airport (about 139 km) Gubeikou Great Wall, 2.5 hours by road;
  • Beijing PEK airport (about 139 km) Simatai Great Wall, 2.5 hours by road.

Example: If you took a car at 8:00 at PEK Airport, around 9:20 to 9:30 you could be at Mutianyu Great Wall. If you took the car at 8:30, you’ll arrive at 9:50-10: 00. All this assuming that everything went well, without delays and without mistakes.

In Short

From the time the plane lands until you reach the Great Wall (Mutianyu), it takes approx. 4.5 hours, and 1.5 hours for the return from the Great Wall to the airport, allowing 1 hour to visit the Great Wall if you don’t want to be rush. Also, note that is convenient to be at least with 2 hours in advance in the airport to take the next plane. Thus in total you need around 9 hours. (4.5+1.5+1+2 =9 hours)

So, if your layover is less than 9 hours, it’s not recommended visiting the Great Wall. It is worth visiting the Great Wall when your layover is at least 9 hours to really enjoy your trip. 

Which Airport is Closest to the Great Wall of China?

Most of the popular sections of the Great Wall are located around Beijing. That being so, Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) is the closest airport to the Great Wall–Mutianyu section at a distance of 66km. If you’re flying in from anywhere in the world or in China, chances are you’ll come through here.

Unfortunately, Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX) is a little far from the Great Wall. Plan on at least 2.5 hours by car to reach the closest section of the wall-Mutianyu (135km from PKX Airport).

Which Section of the Great Wall Should I Visit From PEK Airport?

It depends on the length of your layover, and arrival time assuming airline ticket prices are almost the same. An ideal layover would be arriving on a sunny morning, having a whole day in Beijing then departing in the evening.

If your layover is less than 9 hours, you really don’t have enough time to consider a trip into the Great Wall. You will have to entertain yourself at the airport. If you have:

  • 9-hour layover & early morning arrival: Though there are various sections of the Great Wall in Beijing, visiting Mutianyu the nearest section to PEK Airport is highly recommended. The longer your layover, the more you’ll be able to discover the Great Wall.
  • 9 hour layover & afternoon arrival: The last admission of Mutianyu will be at 16:00 pm with the Wall closing around 5:30 pm. If you arrive at PEK Airport in early afternoon, visiting Huanghuacheng Great Wall/Simatai Great Wall are the best options for the passengers, since it’s either closes “at sundown” or opens in the evening.
  • Less than 9-hour layover: If your layover is less than 9 hours, we suggest you put your feet up at PEK Airport, get a couple of drinks instead of sightseeing. Beijing airports are quite busy, there are usually long passport/ security control queues. It takes 3-3.5 hours or more to apply for a 24/144 Hour Transit Visa then to leave PEK Airport, especially if you’re not familiar with the airport. It’s a good idea to stay at the airport, and leave yourself time for boarding the second flight. Even if you could get into Mutianyu Great Wall from PEK Airport on an 8.5-hour layover, but the quality of the experience would be seriously hampered by the stress of getting back in time. You might have 10-20 mins enjoyment time in total.

Mutianyu VS Badaling Great Wall: Which One is Better?

Both Badaling and Mutianyu are popular choices among visitors. Each has its own advantages/ disadvantages. Though Badaling is the most famous section of the Great Wall. visiting Mutianyu from the airports is recommended by most of the passengers to save travel time, money and energy but still enjoy a layover trip.


How Much is the Entrance Fee For the Great Wall of China?

The Great Wall of China has had an entrance fee since 1953. Admission fees for the Mutianyu Great Wall are as follows:

  • Adults entrance fee RMB 45/person. There is a reduced fee for seniors elder than 60: RMB 20 (valid ID or passport required).
  • Teenagers between 1.2 and 1.4 meters: entrance fee RMB 20.
  • Children under 1.2 meters are free.
  • Shuttle bus single ride: RMB 10;
  • Shuttle bus round trip: RMB 15;

You have a few options to buy a cable car ticket. Fares for the Cable car are:

  • Cable car single ride: RMB100 adults or RMB 50 kids for kids between 120cm and 140cm;
  • Cable car round trip: RMB 120 adults or RMB 60 for kids between 120cm and 140cm;

Can You Buy Tickets For Mutianyu Great Wall On the Day?

Yes, you can buy tickets on the day of your visit from Mutianyu tourist center for immediate use. Please note purchasing tickets from the ticket office can be busy during high seasons or weekends.

Is There a Direct Train Between Beijing Airports and the Great Wall?

No, there’s no direct train service from both PEK and PKX airports to the Great Wall. The fastest and most stress-free transfer from Beijing airports to the Great Wall is to taxi or private car.

Is There a Direct Bus Between Beijing Airports and the Great Wall?

No, there is no direct bus from Beijing airports to the Great Wall. However, there are services departing from PEK Airport Terminals 3 and arriving at Xinying Station(辛营站) via Hualikan Station(花梨坎站) near Mutianyu Great Wall. The journey, including transfers, costs RMB 14 per person and takes approximately 3 hours.

What is the Cheapest Way to Get From Beijing Airports to the Great Wall?

The cheapest way to get from Beijing Airports to the Great Wall is to bus which costs RMB 14 from PEK airport to Mutianyu, and takes approximately 3 hours.

  • Step 1: take Konggang Bus 10 from PEK Airport Terminals 3 until Hualikan Station (approximately 30-50 minutes).
  • Step 2: cross the road to the other side and transfer to the Bus 916 to Yujiayuanyiqu Station (approximately 60-90 minutes).
  • Step 3: cross the road again to the other side and take the Bus H23 until Xinying Station, where you will arrive 450 meters from the ticket office (approximately 40-60 minutes).

What is the Fastest Way to Get From Beijing Airports to the Great Wall?

The quickest way to get from Beijing airports to the Great Wall is to taxi, or book a car in advance, which takes only 90 minutes from PEK Airport to Mutianyu.

What is the Best Way to Get From Beijing Airports to the Great Wall?

The best way to visit the Great Wall from the airports is to book a private car tour unless you have a very long layover and public transport will suit.

A private car trip can avoid any queue for local taxis at airport. It is quick, convenient and most stress-free to travel to the Great Wall from the airports. Your driver will take you out to Mutianyu directly and back. You have time to visit and have driver wait, then return you to the airport by a certain time to catch your next flight.

Pre-booking a car will save your valuable time, and in a Beijing layover situation, that might provide the best value. If there are more than two of you it will be very cost-effective to hire a private car from Beijing airports to the Great Wall.

How Much is a Taxi From Beijing Airports to the Great Wall?

The simplest though usually most expensive way is to take a taxi. The cost is RMB 800-RMB 1100 from PEK Airport to Mutianyu Great Wall and RMB 1000-RMB 1400 from PKX to Mutianyu.

If you hail a taxi at the airport, the taxi driver will always calculate a metered fare. And when you’ve reached Mutianyu Great Wall, the costs are much higher than you anticipated. If you don’t speak Chinese and don’t have a Chinese phone number it may be hard to coordinate with the driver.

Be aware that PKX airport is a little far from the city, during the daytime, taxi fare for travel from PEK airport to downtown is usually higher than that from PKX airport to downtown.

Alternatively, you can save yourself the trouble and the costs by pre-booking private car tour to Mutianyu through travel agents or specialist tour operators, and there will be no surprises about the prices. You’ll get a fixed price in advance without starting rate, waiting rate, and rate per kilometer.

Great Wall

Is it Easy to Get a Taxi From Beijing Airport?

Taxis are easy at PEK/PKX airports. When you land in PEK/PKX airports there is a taxi stand outside that will allow you to order your taxi from a live person.

Please note PKX airport is a little far from the city, during the daytime, taxi fare for travel from PEK airport to downtown is usually higher than that from PKX airport to downtown.

Some of the drivers will also speak a little English and, if you’re in the mood, they love to practice with their customers.

Where Can I Stay Overnight on a Beijing Layover?

Many a Beijing layover takes place during a 24-hour day with no need for overnight accommodations. But in some cases, you’ll need to spend the night. Here are a few options on a Beijing overnight layover:

  • Pick a hotel that’s just a short walk from the city subway station: Some prefer to travel into Central Beijing and enjoy the benefits of being in the heart of Beijing.
  • Choose a hotel close to the airport: Others opt for a budget hotel near the airport from which they will depart. This option usually results in a smaller bill, but some of these so-called airport lodgings take an hour to reach. Make sure to check out hotel reviews before booking a room.
  • Stay overnight at a farmhouse near the Great Wall: Staying overnight near the Great Wall allows you to appreciate the wall when it’s at its quietest early in the morning or late afternoon, and also enjoy sunrise/sunset over the wall if weather permits. Many farmhouses are available near Jinshanling Great Wall or Huanghuacheng Great Wall.
  • Stay for free at an airport hotel: Some airlines provide free transit hotel accommodations for passengers that have a layover between 10-15 hours or overnight. For example, Air China offers free hotel stay for passengers who transit overnight within 24 hours. However, each airline is different, so be sure to check your carrier’s website.
  • Sleep in airport lounge: If you are an economy class traveler, you can wait for your flight in the comfort of a airport lounge. Air China First & Business Class Lounge is on 2F, Terminal 3-E (International Departures); Opening hours: 3:30-2:00+. It consists of a dining area, internet terminals, shower facilities and sleeping area if that works for you. Alternatively, if you’re looking for uninterrupted  sleep, Terminal 3 at PEK Airport has sleep pods that can be rented by the hour if required.

Is there a Transit Hotel Near Beijing Airports?

Yes, if sleeping in PEK airport overnight is not for you, there are many transit hotels nearby PEK Airport that provide courtesy airport shuttle service for their guests. Ask your hotel about shuttle service details and availability before booking a room.

The 8 transit hotels listed below are prime examples:

  • Beijing Aulympic Airport Hotel: Address: 36 Xiaotianzhu Road, Shunyi District, China. Phone: +86 10 5827 1122
  • Beijing Airport Yuanhang International Hotel: Address: 1 Fuqian 2nd St, Shunyi District, China. Phone: +86 10 8416 6060.
  • Beijing Lanwan International Airport Hotel: Address: No. 22, Tianzhu East Road, Shunyi District, China. Phone: +86 10 6456 8436.
  • Beijing Jinhangxian International Business Hotel: Address: No. 8, Suwei Road, Shunyi District, China. Phone: +86 10 6456 8436.
  • Beijing Kai Sheng Xingfeng International Hotel: Address: No. 2, Tianzhu East Road, Shunyi District, China. Phone: +86 10 8445 6688
  • Beijing Wansihotel: Address: No.30 Fuqian No.1 Street, Tianzhu town, Shunyi District, Phone: +86 10 6858 9988
  • Crowne Plaza International Airport Beijing: Address: 60 Fuqian 1st St, Tianzhu town, Shunyi District, China. Phone: +86 10 5810 8888
  • Beijing Capital International Airport: Address: the entrance road of Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 3. Phone: +86 10 96158

Are Beijing Airports Safe at Night?

Generally, both PEK and PKX airports are safe at night as long as you take normal precautions that one should expect to do when sleeping in public places. However, it never hurts to keep your common sense and your wits about you.

The chance of being shot or stabbed in any airport in China, let alone PEK/PKX, is very low, as generally there are a lot of police around, and they tend to have quite heavy security at airports for the reasons of safety.

Both airports are busy during the day, while most terminals are quiet overnight, with few flights and little foot traffic.

Mutianyu Travel Tips-Four Things to Know:

  1. At Mutianyu, you do have to be prepared to walk on some fairly rough and demanding terrain for about half-hour, though most part of Wall is quite flat.
  2. Having some good footwear is a good idea before you go.
  3. Using a cable car/chair lift can help you avoid the initial climb up.
  4. You may want to entertain yourself by riding the toboggan down. The toboggan is a favorite among kids and it’s very safe to use.
  5. If your outbound flight is international and your main bags are already checked through, then you’ll need to be back at the terminal about 1.5 -2 hours before your departure, in order to have time to deal with immigration and security, and get your boarding pass for your next flight.

How to Get into the Center of Beijing From the Airports

  • PEK airport: You can take the Airport Express Train at PEK airport, which is the fastest and easiest way to get to the city. A train ride takes about 30 minutes and costs about RMB 30 one way. Tickets can be purchased on the spot. You’ll also need to make a transfer or two onto the Beijing subway to the city center after express train.
  • PKX airport: If you want to save some money traveling back and forth to PKX Airport, then a high-speed train to the subway and the subway to your hotel is the best way to go. It takes around 30 minutes to reach the city, and only cost you RMB 25 per person. But be forewarned, you’ll have to drag your luggage up and down a lot of stairs, and then you still have to get from the subway station to your hotel.

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2019 Top 10: Our Most Popular Posts of the Year

Writing this, I can’t believe how quickly the year 2019 has gone by. I can say this year has been absolutely busy.

In 2019 we published almost 100 new pieces of content, ranging from Beijing travel guide, Great Wall hiking tips, Fengshui, and Beijing layover tips to photography tips.

At the end of this year, I checked my analytics so that I can let you know what was popular.

And among all those wonderful posts, these 10 were our absolute most popular based on the number of page views— the ones you all loved most.  At the end you can scroll down for a general recap of the year.

Top 10 in 2019

1: Where Is the Best Location to Stay in Beijing

Over the recent years, Beijing has cemented its authority as the perfect destination for business and pleasure. The city boasts of a diverse culture, embodied in a blend of modern architecture and authentic ancient heritage. No wonder many revelers and tourists crowd the mystic city to relish its natural and man-made attractions. Read more…

2: Climbing the Great Wall of China–Where Do I Start?

Which part of the wall is the best for you to visit? The answer to this question varies from person to person. You must, therefore, do your research and plan carefully the areas you wish to explore. Answering the following questions can help you determine where to travel. Read more..

3: Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall is around 1.5 hours of driving from downtown Beijing, or 1 hour 20 minutes if you are coming from the airport by road. It is a good alternative for Badaling. Read more…

4: Airport to Great Wall, How to Get There?

Getting from airport to Great Wall straightly is a memorable journey if you have more than 9 hours stop over in Beijing. On a 24 hour Beijing visa free stopover, you are allowed to reach Great Wall from the airport by using taxis, private car / van. Read more...

5: How Long You Should Stay in Beijing

Beijing has a unique fizzing energy that few other cities around the world can match. The city boasts of magnificent architecture, fabulous Imperial palaces, exciting shopping Malls, attractive walkways, and mystical ancient alleys, all blending seamlessly together to complement the majestic Great Wall. Read more…

6: 14 Things You Should Know Before Visiting the Great Wall of China

What do you need to know before you visit the Great Wall? Well… a lot! Before you set out on your fantasy trip, read this quick and handy guide to make sure you have the best Great Wall trip! And keep these 14 tips in mind to make your Great Wall tour easier when you get there! Read more…

7: 8 Absolutely Brilliant Gifts to Bring Home From Your Beijing Trip

Visiting Beijing for the first time? lots of photos and some great stories may not fully suffice as souvenirs for your friends and family back home? Then authentic Chinese gifts are the ideal souvenir to bring back after a trip to Beijing. Read more…

8: When is the Best Time to Visit the Great Wall

If you are intending to have the best of time on your holiday at Great Wall of China, planning ahead is what you need to do. Planning will involve you to determine which part of the wall you will visit and what season will be most favorable for you. Read more…

9: How far is the Great Wall from Beijing Airport (PEK)?

If you’re flying into Beijing airport and have your sights set on visiting the Great Wall of China, continue reading to discover how far it is from the airport to the Great Wall. Read more…

10: Mutianyu Great Wall Vs Badaling Great Wall – Which Is Better?

The Great Wall is absolutely a ‘must-see’ when you visit China. Two popular choices among tourists are the Mutianyu Great Wall and the Badaling Great Wall. Each has its own unique advantages. Below, we will be going over some of the pros and cons of each to help you plan your trip. Read more…

General Stats

2019 was an epic year for us. Here are some fun stats for the year:

  • 300k unique visitors

  • 500k page views

  • 30k followers on Facebook

  • 1560 followers on Instagram

That’s it from us for this year! Thank you for reading, for sharing, for your corrections and comments, and touring Beijing with us. We’ll do our best to continue to give you the kind of service in the future.

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Best Hospitals in Beijing: A Guide for International Travelers

Health Care Tips for Travelers to Beijing

When you visit Beijing, you hope that you and your loved ones will remain healthy and happy throughout the duration of your trip.

Medical issues can easily arise, however, and when they do, you want to feel confident that you can find quality care.

No worries — Beijing boasts some of the world’s finest facilities and medical professionals. Should you need to visit a hospital, you’ll find an impressive standard of care at these locations:

Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics

As China’s first international standard hospital, the Beijing United Family Hospital enjoys a strong reputation all around the world.

Bringing a Western-style to China’s healthcare industry, this facility features imported medical equipment and is home to one of the nation’s finest teams of healthcare professionals.

Whether you’re currently dealing with a mild or severe condition, you can find prompt treatment from a team that will likely include multiple English speakers.

Address: 2 Jiangtai Rd, Chaoyang,

China-Japan Friendship Hospital

As a cooperative effort between the governments of China and Japan, the China-Japan Friendship Hospital boasts a vast complex that includes nearly sixty departments.

As the teaching hospital for the Beijing University Medical School, the China-Japan Friendship Hospital employs a unique approach involving the integration of eastern and western medicinal therapies.

Address: 2 Yinghuayuan E St, Chaoyang

Cancer Institute & Hospital

Specializing in cancer treatment and research, Beijing’s Cancer Institute & Hospital advocates for the use of multiple disciplines in treating some of today’s deadliest diseases and conditions.

Top treatments pursued at this hospital include chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and laser therapy, among others.

Address: 52 Fucheng Rd, Wu Ke Song, Haidian District,

Beijing An Ding Hospital

Affiliated with Capital Medical University, Beijing An Ding Hospital has held a strong reputation throughout China for over a century.

Today, the hospital is home to specialized clinics that treat patients suffering from a variety of illnesses and conditions, including mental health issues as eating disorders, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and addiction.

Address: 5 Ankang Hutong, Beitaipingzhuang, Xicheng District,

Capital City Dermatology Hospital of Beijing

As its name suggests, the Capital City Dermatology Hospital of Beijing primarily treats skin conditions ranging in severity from mild acne to serious STDs.

The hospital utilizes some of today’s most advanced skin treatment technologies and procedures, including laser depilation, video beam lasers, and epidermic grafting.

The hospital’s staff strives to create a warm environment in which patients feel comfortable and confident.

Address: Chaoping road,Chaoyang

Sekwa Eye Hospital

As one of China’s top private medical facilities, Sekwa Eye Hospital boasts strong partnerships with institutions based all around the world.

The hospital treats cataracts, glaucoma, and a range of other eye conditions. Rehabilitation services are available in the hospital’s Vision Care Center.

Address: Bei Tai Ping Zhuang, Xicheng Qu

International Medical Center

Situated among the many foreign enterprises of the Lufthansa Business Circle, the Beijing International Medical Center serves both a medical and a diplomatic function.

The hospital’s stated mission involves “excellence in foreign-related medical services.” To achieve this end, the facility offers a variety of services, ranging from surgery to obstetrics and even traditional Chinese medicine. The doctor told me to take tests, took swabs from my throat and nose, blood from the finger, and without waiting for the answers of the laboratory (he said they would be ready the next day), he prescribed me an antibiotic called Azithromycin (1 pill a day for 3 days + other drugs). The effect of the first pill surprised me (by the way, they write many about it in The days and nights of my illness were terrible: my nose didn’t breathe, my throat hurt, and I couldn’t sleep properly. I took the first pill of Azithromycin in the morning, right after the doctor’s appointment. I finally managed to sleep at night, nose swelling sharply decreased, and my throat wasn’t sore anymore.

Address: 50 Liangmaqiao Rd, Chaoyang

Map of the Best Hospitals in Beijing

Final Thoughts

No matter the urgency of your medical condition, you deserve care from a team of highly regarded healthcare professionals. You’ll find exactly that at Beijing’s top hospitals, and ideally, English speakers who can help you navigate the nation’s healthcare system. Don’t hesitate to seek medical assistance as soon as you become aware of any issues that could place your health or wellbeing at risk.

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Coronavirus Update – Book with Confidence

No WildGreatWall tours will operate until further notice. Please read below for more information.

We recommend following international advice such as washing your hands more regularly and being a bit more cautious in regards to physical contact with people.

Be aware that as a flexible company all of our 2020 passengers may change their tours to a future date without incurring any change fees; once this is confirmed at least 72 hours before your start date. We aim to give ultimate flexibility and all trips can be rescheduled for any start date in 2020 or 2021.

If anybody does want to cancel their trip due to fears they have, we will be happy to give a full refund as long as the trip is cancelled at least 5 days before the start date. All refunds will be processed within 2 days from cancellation date.

Unlike international airlines and travel agencies who are currently imposing stringent cancellation criteria at WildGreatWall we are committed to protecting our potential customers and ensuring your choice to travel now, or in the future, is fully respected.

We are happy to say that as of right now, the number of virus cases in Beijing is minuscule and hopefully you can visit Beijing in the near future.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

The WildGreatWall Team

Latest updates at 10am on Feb 5th:. It’s confirmed that 24363 people have contracted the New Coronavirus (+3892 compared yesterday ), 491 deaths (+66 compared yesterday ), 892 recovered(+260 compared yesterday). There are 253 confirmed cases in Beijing.

Latest updates at 10am on Jan 28th: Beijing will delay reopening the city’s kindergartens, schools and universities. The measures are aimed at preventing the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus. Separately, the Beijing government said it will not lock down the city.

Latest updates at 10am on Jan 26th: Beijing is suspending bus movements in checking virus today–all passenger transport by road that crosses in and out of Beijing is suspended starting Sunday to control the potential spread of the virus,

Latest updates at 7pm on Jan 25th: Jinshanling Great Wall will be closing Saturday, Jan 26 as a measure to control the potential spread of the virus and will remain closed until further notice.

Latest updates at 4pm on Jan 25th: A range of Lunar New Year festivities have been cancelled to try to contain the virus, and Beijing’s Forbidden City and Shanghai’s Disneyland have also been closed temporarily.

The Ming Tombs and Yinshan Pagoda will also be closed from Saturday, the authority that oversees the sites said, while the Bird’s Nest stadium — the site of the 2008 Olympic Games — was shuttered from Friday till January 30.

The Juyongguan section will close. The Great Wall temple fair was cancelled at the Simatai section.

The Bird’s Nest will be closed until January 30 in order to “prevent and control” the spread of the virus, authorities said. An ice and snow show taking place on the pitch will be closed.

Latest updates at 4pm on Jan 23th: I encountered SARS in April 2003 in Beijing, it was a very difficult time and I know what it was like to experience a new SARS-like virus this year.

The early cases of this new infection were traced to the South China Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan city. So far (1/24 8:46am) there are 26 confirmed cases in Beijing and the risk is deemed to be low in Beijing.

The Confucius Temple and Lama Temple are both closing. Forbidden City will be closing Saturday, Jan 25 as a measure to control the potential spread of the virus and will remain closed until further notice. Prince Gong’s Mansion, another popular tourist spot, also announced they are closing immediately until further notice. Other city attractions that have announced closure include the National Art Museum, National Library, Zhokoudian, the Birds Nest and the Beijing Observatory.

Based on currently available information, the World Health Organization has NOT recommended any restrictions on travel or trade. It’s advisable to re-check the latest travel advice online before you depart.

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How to Get to Hefangkou Great Wall

Hefangkou Great Wall is located at Hefangkou village, Huairou county, about 75km (46miles) away northeastern of Beijing.

Hefangkou is quiet, easily accessible, yet it attracts far fewer visitors than Badaling Great Wall. It’s an ideal site for hiking and short excursions. Originally built during the North Qi Dynasty (550-577), most of the Walls were rebuilt during the Jiaqing reign of the Ming dynasty. It’s about 20km (13miles) in length with 23 watchtowers.

Hefangkou is famous for its jagged cliffs and steep drop-offs. This kind of ‘wild’ bit of the Wall is best done via a tour or hiring a vehicle.

If you are adventurous, you do it by public transport. In my opinion, how you actually do it probably depends on your budget.

By Car

Hiring a private car getting to Hefangkou is a good choice if your budget is not tight and want to avoid the crowds and traffic. If you are traveling with 3 or 4 people, this way is really good value for your money.

By Bus

Alternatively, Bus 936 is a good option to visit Hefangkou Great Wall. Bus 936 from Dongzhimen Outer that runs daily between 7:00am-19:00pm is the fastest, most direct way to reach Hefangkou by bus so far.

It takes around 2 hrs or 2.5 hrs from Dongzhimen Outer to Hefangkou and it costs around 4.8RMB by using Beijing IC Card/commuter pass and the full price is around 14RMB. Be sure to get off at Qinglongxiadaokou bus station where you can walk to Hefangkou.

Where is the 936 Bus Station in Beijing?

936 bus station is on the outside bus transfer depot at Dongzhimen Outer, which is also next to Mutianyu 867 bus station. The bus transfer depot is just outside of exit B of Dongzhimen Line 2 subway station.

There are signs, in English, throughout the subway station pointing you toward the bus transfer depot and exit B. Most of the buses are inside the bus transfer depot in a massive building.

While 936 bus station is on the outside bus transfer depot and a little bit difficult to find. The easiest way to find it is to go to the main entrance of Dongzhimen Outer bus transfer depot then walk anticlockwise around the block until you get to another bus station. Luckily, you can get there from Dongzhimen subway station within 20 minutes on foot.