What were watchtowers used for? Wild Great Wall Hiking/Camping 2


Wild Great Wall hiking,camping,Wild Great Wall hiking,camping,Wild Great Wall hiking,camping,


Hiking Wild Great Wall could be easy in some area of Beijing if walking through watchtowers all the time is possible. You may want to rest inside watchtowers to cool down in summer time when it’s too hot to walk.  It’s quite interesting to check the inner structure of watchtowers since a watchtower has three storys with enough space that could seat one hundred soldiers at most according to records. What? One hundred soldiers, incredible, isn’t it?

Structure and function of watchtowers on Great Wall


  • The base floor— the warehouses used for storing considerable supplies of arrows and bows, cannons and ammunitions and food.
  • The middle layer— the barrack for an equal number of soldiers who could sleep in the evening, with arrow-discharging openings on four sides.
  • The upper layer—  the lockout turret surrounded by battlements with windows on top to watch over the movement of approaching invaders.
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8 Most Instagrammable Places in Beijing

Wondering Where the Most Instagrammable Places in Beijing Are?

Beijing is a fabulous city with rich history, art, and the beauty of ancient and modern architecture that coexists with the natural world. There is so much to see and do in Beijing that you may not know where to begin when you pull out your camera. Here we’ve rounded up the eight most  Instagrammable places in Beijing–with a mix of iconic spots and hidden gems.

Add these famous sights to your itinerary if you’re planning a trip to Beijing, and be sure to get the best shots of Beijing— your Instagram followers will thank you.


1. Northeast turrets of the Forbidden City

No visit to Beijing is complete without a trip to the Forbidden City. There’s plenty to see and do here, but be sure not to skip the turrets along the walls. While you can’t go inside them, they have unique architecture that makes for a great photo opportunity. The most impressive ones are along the northeast section.


2. Jingshan Park

If the crowds at the Forbidden City are getting in the way of your camera, you can find great views from neighboring Jingshan Park. This 23-hectare green space has gardens, forests, and a stunning view from the top of Prospect Hill.


3. Temple of Heaven: The Hall of Prayer For Good Harvests

This beautiful snow-white building is located 15 minutes from the Forbidding City and is at the top of every visitor’s must-see list. Temple of Heaven was built in 1406 and offered unique traditional Chinese architecture views.


4. Bird’s Nest and Water Cube

You may expect many traditional buildings when you come to Beijing, but this city also has some fantastic modern sights. Look at the Nest and Cube, and you’ll understand where they get their names. The outsides are most stunning at night, so snap some shots then.


5. Jinshanling section of the Great Wall

You can see the Great Wall from space, but to get a closer look at this amazing feat of ancient Chinese ingenuity, you’ll need to take a car or bus ride. The Jinshanling section is 80 miles (approx. 2.5-hour ride) from downtown Beijing. It’s half restored and half in its natural state, letting you take a wide variety of great Instagram shots.


6. Summer Palace

Did you know that the Summer Palace is more than just one building? It’s a series of palaces, gardens, and lakes in the city. When you visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can relax away from the traffic and hubbub of much of Beijing.



7. The Place at 9A Guanghua Lu Chaoyang District

This shopping mall comes with an eye-catching twist: the ceiling over the shops is a projection screen that displays ocean views. Come at night, and you can feel what it’s like to be a mermaid swimming underwater.


8. Shishahai Lake

Despite the name, you’ll find three lakes here. This park covers 147 hectares, offering plenty of opportunities for amazing Instagram pictures of you at the ten historic temples or boating on the water.


Last But Not Least, Can I use Instagram App in China?

Maybe. Instagram was blocked in China starting in 2014. You are unable to access Instagram in Beijing. It’s advisable to wait until you get home before posting your pictures.

Map of The 8 Most Instagrammable Places in Beijing

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