Travel health advice

China travel health advice


Healthcare is not offered free of charge in China and medical expenses can be substantial. Medical evacuation from China is rather costly. We strongly recommend you have comprehensive travel insurance that will cover healthcare for the duration of your stay including medical evacuation. Take travel health advice from your doctor seriously before you depart.

Your travel insurance should cover the whole time of your stay overseas.  Check what circumstances and activities are not included in your insurance before you depart. Just remember that, regardless of how healthy you are, those who can’t purchase travel insurance can’t afford to travel.

Medical Service

A generally good common medical care can be used in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou etc, though some hospitals can be quite congested. Quality hospitals within Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou provide English medical service. The condition of medical facilities in the countryside is often worse than in the city in general. Be sure to take travel health advice from your doctor seriously.


One big concern is the water that you drink or use for brushing your teeth. Tap water in China is generally not safe to drink. Drinking only bottled water is a good travel health advice. It is highly recommended that you boil the water before drinking/using it if taking it from the water tap. At hotel bathrooms there could be signs reading the same caution. If no such a sign you should still take safety measures. Convenience stores are almost within walking distance in cities where you can find bottled water. When dining out there is usually bottled water on the menu at restaurants.

Eating Out

Avoid eating raw vegetables when your stomach is very sensitive. Everyone shows different levels of sensitivity to raw vegetables. Eat healthy, nutritious food. Your body always needs fuel once you’re ill plenty of your bodies energy is devoted to your immune system. Research your restaurant and area where you’ll be staying before you depart. A good travel health advice is that if a restaurant is quite crowded, then the food is most probably fresh especially when the crowd is of locals.

Staying Healthy During Your Trip

Prevent Insect Bites While Hiking & Camping
You need some travel health advice when enjoying outdoor activities. Insect bites are a drawback to hiking. You may not be able to eliminate them completely and everyone shows different levels of sensitivity to bites. Here are some actions to prevent them.
  • Try to stay in sunny locations rather than spots of shade–with your sunscreen.
  • Try not wear bright colors and strong scents like perfumes and deodorants as they attract insects.
  • Wearing long-sleeved shirts, trousers and hats outdoors to reduce exposed skin.
  • Using an insect repellent containing DEET when in the wilderness to avoid tick and mosquito bites.
  • Using products effective against flying insects in your tent, such as those containing pyrethroid.
Prevent Animal Bites and Scratches While Hiking & Camping

Direct contact with animals is not a travel health advice. Direct contact can spread diseases such as rabies or cause severe injuries or even disease. It is important to avoid animal bites and scratches.

  • Make sure to up to date with tetanus vaccination.
  • Avoid leaving children exposed too close to around animals.
  • Avoid touching or feeding any animals, like dogs and cats.  Pets that look like healthy may have rabies or other diseases.
  • For anyone who is bitten or scratched, clean the wound well with soapy water and go to a doctor immediately.
  • Right after your trip, be sure to inform your doctor if you were bitten or scratched during travel.
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