Beijing 798 Art Zone Travel Guide

Everything You Should Know Before Visiting 798 Art District

798 art district what to do

Although there are many exciting places you could visit globally, China is an area that should be on the list. With such a unique culture and so many exciting things to see, it can be challenging to take it all in throughout a single trip. If you visit China and are in Beijing, there is a place you should see. It is the Beijing 798 Art Zone, where many artists come together to show what they have to offer.

798 art district things to doThe primary focus of the 798 Art Zone is on modern art, but there are also many other things to see what you are in the area. It also has much to do with the Chinese culture, and some of the most famous pieces from modern-day artists are on display in one of the galleries or throughout the district. As you stroll around the district, you will find many exciting things to see and do, including some restaurants that are well worth visiting. There is much press that surrounds the art zone, and it has generated some interest from within China and in many other areas around the world. In fact, as of 10 years ago, there were already some 400 different organizations from China and around the globe that settled in and began displaying their wares in the zone. Britain, France, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

When you visit the 798 Art Zone, there is much to see, including regular art exhibitions and fashion shows. Although most of the focus is on modern art, other artists have settled in the area and have become part of the culture. If you are planning a visit to Beijing, you may want to plan it around one of the art festivals. One of those festivals is in May, and the other is in October. They are so popular that you might bump into someone famous that has flown in to see the exhibits.

798 art district travel guide

There are several notable places within the 798 Art Zone, and all of the exhibits have something to offer. These few, however, should be part of your trip:

798 Space – If you will be coming in for a fashion show, then this venue is where you will likely find yourself. Even if a show is not taking place, it is worth seeing.

798 Photo Gallery – There are several unique photographs shown in this gallery, some of which are unlike anything you will see elsewhere in the area.

798 art district trip guide

At Cafe – Although this is not an art exhibit, it is an excellent place to sit down and have a great cup of coffee. Skip the Starbucks and try a cup here.

Lord of Salt – If you are looking for some authentic Sichuan flavors, the chef here is from the province. There are many different things to try, but they are great.

Street Art – It isn’t even necessary to go inside the exhibits to see some interesting art pieces. There is also plenty happening right out on the street. Take the time to enjoy it.

How to get there  Take Subway Line 14 and get off at Wangjing Nan Station. Get out from Exit B1. Then take bus 403 and get off at Dashanzi Lukou Dong Station or take a taxi to the destination.

Opening Time–  from 10:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. daily.

Although there may be many different things you could do when you are visiting China, a visit to the 798 Art Zone will be a highlight of your trip.

798 art district how to get there
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