Complete Guide To Visiting Beijing In February 2020: Weather, What To See & Do

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Beijing in February Travel Guide

So you’re planning your travel and wondering: is February a good time to visit Bejing? Indeed. This is one of the best times to visit. Not only will you encounter smaller crowds and shorter waits, you’ll be impressed by the array of activities and events only available when cold weather descends. February, in particular, warrants a visit, as we explain below:

Beijing Weather: What to Expect in February

Beijing tends to be cold and dry between December and February, although temperatures may pick up a little as winter draws to a close. The general lack of precipitation makes it easier to plan outings in advance, but you’ll still want to arrive equipped with plenty of layers.

The temperature typically hovers around 30 or 40 degrees Fahrenheit, making jackets, gloves, and hats absolute necessities. Warm clothing will prove especially valuable if you visit the Great Wall of China.

Sunglasses, although often forgotten, are very important at the Great Wall and in several other outdoor locations, where the glare of the sun may otherwise leave you squinting. Don’t forget a pair of quality walking or hiking shoes — and warm socks.

Top February Events in Beijing

If you’re willing to put up with cold weather, you will be rewarded not only by fewer tourist crowds at top attractions, but also with the opportunity to check out some of the city’s most impressive festivals.

If you arrive at the end of January, you can even participate in the excitement of the Chinese New Year, known locally as the Spring Festival.

Don’t worry if you miss out on the Spring Festival; this is just one of many opportunities to celebrate as Beijing’s winter season comes to a close.

The Longqing Gorge Snow and Ice Festival is especially worth checking out. This annual event resembles the world-famous Harbin Ice Festival, but has a smaller and slightly more intimate feel. Situated between two mountain peaks, the event features gorgeous ice carvings, several of which portray famous temples and palaces. Other festival highlights include folk dancing and fireworks.

Sometimes referred to as the Yuanxiao Shangyuan Festival, the annual Lantern Festival brings a sea of lanterns to Beijing, where the streets glow as locals and tourists celebrate under a full moon.

Qianmen is a top spot during this special tradition; there, you’ll find not only lanterns, but also lion dancing. Although beautiful and entertaining for tourists, this festival holds a greater purpose for locals, who use it as a time to let go of their former selves and take on a new year with a fresh sense of optimism.

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Top Attractions to Visit in February

Beyond attending festivals, you’ll definitely want to visit Beijing’s top attractions, where you can avoid the crowds that gather during peak tourist season. The Great Wall, in particular, warrants a visit. If you’re lucky, this iconic attraction’s already amazing scenery will be complemented by a beautiful layer of snow.

Beyond the Great Wall, you’ll find a variety of winter activities unavailable during peak tourist season. Skating, for example, is a big deal in Beijing, with several outdoor rinks offering gorgeous views. At minimum, build time into your itinerary for the Kunming Lake Skate Rink at the Summer Palace.

If you love downhill skiing, you’re in luck: several amazing ski resorts and villages can be easily accessed from Beijing. Set aside a full day to take on new thrills at the Nanshan Ski Village or the Shijinglong Ski Resort — you won’t regret it.

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If you need a break from the cold, feel free to visit Beijing’s many acclaimed indoor attractions. From top museums to shows, options abound. Top sights include:

  • Beijing Capital Museum
  • The Antiquarium of Palace Museum
  • National Art Museum of China
  • Tiandi Theatre Acrobatic Show
  • Peking Opera at the Huguang Guild Hall
  • Red Theatre Beijing Kung Fu Show
  • The Place Shopping Center

There’s no shortage of entertainment in and around Beijing. No matter when you visit, you’ll encounter a lovely blend of history, culture, and modern amenities. Don’t hesitate to explore the city in February — you just might find that you prefer Beijing’s winter vibes.

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