A Complete Travel Guide to the Shilingxia Glass Sightseeing Platform

Shilingix glass platform
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Brief Introduction to the Shilingxia Glass Sightseeing Platform

The Shilingxia glass sightseeing platform, known as “Flying Disk/UFO”, opened to the public on April 30, 2016. The glass platform hangs 32.8 meters out from the cliff,  75 meters high and 60 meters span.

The transparent Shilingixa glass sightseeing platform stands at a height of 800 meters above sea level and 400 meters high from the bottom of the cliff. It is the largest glass sightseeing platform in China and is ably supported by a giant arch-hoop tower.


The Shilingxia glass sightseeing platform is hung out from the cliff on the highest peak inside Shilin Gorge (Shilinxia Scenic Area) in Diaowo Village, Pinggu District, Beijing. It’s approx. 110KM / 2.5 hours ride from Beijing. Driving through the countryside is an enjoyable experience in summer and fall.

Opening hours: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm (all year round)

Adult: 78 RMB

Cable Car: 100 RMB Single, 200RMB for round trip

Entry for the glass sightseeing platform: 20 RMB

Shilingxia Glass Sightseeing Platform cable car
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The glass viewing platform is excellent and completely safe – it is made of titanium, steel, and bulletproof glass to ensure the safety of all the visitors on the forum.

Who Should Take the Trip

This giant sightseeing tower is ideal for thrill-seekers or hitch-hikers that are not afraid of heights. It can be called a crime if you come here without a self-stick or camera. Standing, lying, and looking far down below, you will take striking shots over the abyss from all angles and get the best views of Shilin Gorge on the outskirts of Beijing.

You will be able to overcome your fear of heights, stroll along the circular bridge over the valley, admire the beautiful views of the valleys, villages, mountains, and forests, and feel like part of nature. The transparent nature of the glass will make you feel like you are walking in the air.

Shilingxia Glass Sightseeing Platform
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The Best Time to Take a Trip

The best time to go would be spring, summer, and fall. The beautiful natural colors in the season will make your experience mesmerizing. During wintertime, the temperatures can be too low outside. It’s not recommended to get there in winter.

What to Take For Your Trip

Wear comfortable clothes and good hiking shoes, as the hike could become pretty uncomfortable without them. Better carry your water on the platform, as only convenience stores below the entrance. You do not need to worry about the soles of the shoes as the park employee will provide a shoe cover for the glass protection.

Shilingxia Glass Sightseeing Platform bridge
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How to Get There

This glass sightseeing platform can offer an enthralling experience, but getting there takes quite an effort. The Shilingxia area is about 2.5 hours from Beijing.  You can take public bus number 852 or bus 918 from the Dongzhimen Transportation Hub for Pinggu District. Once arriving at Pinggu District Bus Terminal, you will change to another bus, No.25, to get to the Pinggu Valley or Stone Forest Gorge.

Alternatively, hiring a private car/driver to the Glass Sightseeing Platform takes less time and is more comfortable than the public buses. If you are traveling with family or friends, this is the best and the most cost-effective way of getting to the site.

You can take the Jingping Expressway until you get to the Pinggu District for self-driving, y. Once there, you need to follow the road signs that will lead you to the Shilingxia scenic Area.

Shilingxia glass bridge
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How to Get to the Top

There are three separate ways to get to the platform’s top, including a cable car. Two of these include taking pathways and hiking up the cliff, which may take approx. 2.5 hours. The path is all paved, carved stone or metal steps, varying height and width.

Alternatively, you can take a cable car to the platform. The cable car is 100RMB for one way and 200RMB for the return trip. However, you still need to take another 30 minutes walking up steep steps to the platform after the cable car.

All this effort is worth it when you get to experience the thrill and excitement of watching the world from such a height.

Vehicle (Car, Van, Coach) Rental Rates (RMB)


Ming Tombs 

Longqing GorgeMutianyu Great Wall Mutianyu+

Summer Palace

Simatai OR Jinshanling 
Four seats Hyundai/Camry
Six seats Refine/Buick95010908909501290
14 seats Ford Transit
18 seats Joylong 1890 1790169018902090

Vehicle (Car, Van, Coach) Rental Rates (RMB)

OptionsTiananmen, Forbidden City

Loingqing Gorge & Badaling

Shilinxia (Glass Platform)Eastern Qing TombsCuandixia Village
Four seats Hyundai/Camry
Six seats Buick Mini-Van9901140115012901190
14 seats Ford Transit
18 seats Joylong17901890169018901890

All Prices shown are in RMB (Chinese Yuan) unless otherwise stated. Driver’s working time is 9 hours daily. The extra cost is 100RMB per hour.

The cost includes:
  • City accommodation pick up / drop off,
  • Non-English / Chinese speaking driver
  • A quality vehicle with A/C
  • Transportation fees
  • Parking fees, gasoline, toll fees
The cost doesn’t include
  • entrance fees to the sites
  • single journey of chairlift / toboggan / cable car (optional)
  • round trip of chairlift / toboggan / cable car (optional)
  • Meal and tips

shilinxia glass viewing platform
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