Shilingxia Glass Sightseeing Platform: Experience the Edge!


Embrace the Heights: Shilinxia Glass Bridge Excitement!

If you’re planning a trip to Beijing, the Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform is a must-visit destination.

This stunning tourist attraction is located in Pinggu District and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to the Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform, including how to get there, ticket information, sightseeing options, and more.

Introduction to Shilingxia Glass Platform

Perched high on a cliff, the Shilingxia glass sightseeing platform offers visitors a thrilling experience of standing 75 meters above the ground with a breathtaking 360-degree view.

Its unique design, resembling a flying disk or UFO, adds to the excitement of the visit.

The platform extends 32.8 meters from the cliff and spans 60 meters, providing ample space for visitors to walk around and enjoy the stunning views.

At a towering height of 400 meters above the bottom of the cliff and 800 meters above sea level, the Shilingxia platform is the largest glass sightseeing platform in China.

Its impressive design is supported by a giant arch-hoop tower, adding to the architectural marvel of the site.

For those seeking an unforgettable adventure, the Shilingxia glass sightseeing platform is a must-visit destination.

Shilinxia glass platform


Ideal Visitors

This giant sightseeing tower is ideal for thrill-seekers or those who are not afraid of heights.

It would be a shame to visit without a self-stick or camera, as the stunning views from all angles over the abyss and Shilin Gorge on the outskirts of Beijing are worth capturing.

As you stand or lie on the transparent glass platform, you’ll feel like you’re walking in the air and be able to conquer your fear of heights.

Strolling along the circular bridge over the valley, you’ll be able to admire the beautiful views of the valleys, villages, mountains, and forests and feel like you’re part of nature.

Shilinxia glass platform


Getting There

The Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform is located in Pinggu District, which is approximately 100 km northeast of Beijing city center.

Option 1: Adventure by Public Transit:

Start an adventure from Dongzhimen, hop on bus 852 to Pinggu Century Square, then catch Ping 25 to Shilinxia Station, with a final short walk to the entrance. It’s a journey, about 3 hours, but it’s filled with anticipation!

Option 2: Quick & Easy Private Driver Service:

Alternatively, hiring a private car/driver to the Glass Sightseeing Platform takes less time and is more comfortable than the public buses.

If you are traveling with family or friends, this is the best and the most cost-effective way of getting to the site.

You can take the Jingping Expressway until you get to the Pinggu District for self-driving.

Once there, you need to follow the road signs that will lead you to the Shilingxia scenic Area.

Distance from The Airport and City Center

The Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform is approximately 100 km from Beijing Capital International Airport and 120 km from Beijing city center.

Shilinxia glass platform


Ticket Prices

The ticket price for the Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform varies depending on the time of day and season.

The regular ticket price is ¥138 ($21), but prices can go up to ¥158 ($24) during peak periods.

Availability and Purchasing Options

Tickets for the Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform can be purchased online or on-site.

Discounts for Group Bookings

Group bookings of 30 or more people are eligible for a discount of up to 20% off the regular ticket price.

Shilingxia Glass Sightseeing Platform


What to Bring

To fully enjoy your visit to the Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform, it’s important to pack the right gear.

Here are some items you should consider bringing:

  • Comfortable clothes: You’ll want to wear comfortable clothes that allow for freedom of movement, as the hike up to the platform can be steep and challenging.
  • Hiking shoes: Good hiking shoes are essential for a comfortable and safe journey. Avoid wearing sandals or flip flops, as they may not provide enough support and can be dangerous on the hiking trail.
  • Water bottle: It’s recommended to bring your own water bottle, as there are only convenience stores located below the entrance of the platform. It can be a long hike up to the top, so staying hydrated is important.
  • Shoe covers: The park employee will provide a shoe cover for the glass protection, so you don’t need to worry about the soles of your shoes. This will also help keep the glass platform clean and clear for all visitors.

By packing the right gear, you can ensure a comfortable and enjoyable trip to the Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform.

Shilinxia glass platform


Sightseeing Highlights

The Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform offers a variety of attractions for visitors to enjoy, including the glass viewing platform, the glass slide, and the glass skywalk.

The Glass Viewing Platform

The glass viewing platform at the Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform stands as the pinnacle of attraction.

With its sheer grandeur, this expansive platform crafted entirely from glass dares to extend beyond the cliff’s edge.

Its audacious design allows visitors to immerse themselves in awe-inspiring panoramic views.

From this elevated perch, one can behold the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding mountains and valleys, a visual feast for the senses.

Shilinxia glass platform


The Glass Slide

The glass slide is an exhilarating feature that offers visitors a thrilling experience as they descend down a steep slope on a transparent chute made entirely of glass.

This heart-pounding adventure is a must-try for adrenaline enthusiasts seeking an extraordinary rush.

With each exhilarating glide, participants are treated to an unforgettable fusion of excitement and breathtaking views.

Brace yourself for an unforgettable ride on the gravity-defying glass slide.

The Glass Skywalk

The glass skywalk is an awe-inspiring attraction featuring a slender walkway crafted entirely from transparent glass, suspending daringly over the precipice of a cliff.

While not recommended for those with a fear of heights, this extraordinary experience offers unparalleled views that will leave you breathless.

With each step, immerse yourself in the sheer beauty and majesty of the surrounding scenery, creating an indelible memory of a truly breathtaking encounter.

Shilinxia glass platform


Shilingxia Glass Sightseeing Platform Map

Discover the exhilarating beauty of Shilinxia’s landscape through the Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform Map, your essential guide to exploring its majestic glass bridge and surrounding natural wonders.

Shilinxia Glass Platform Map


Exciting Routes:

  • Route 1 Fun: Start with a scenic walk to the Rainbow Pool, then soar up with the Dragon King Cable Car to the amazing Glass Viewing Platform, and glide back down with the Ruyi Garden Cable Car. An adventure from start to finish!
  • Route 2 Adventure: Lift off with the Ruyi Garden Cable Car, trek to the breathtaking Glass Viewing Platform, zoom down to the Rainbow Pool on the Dragon King Cable Car, and enjoy a leisurely walk down. A thrilling circuit!
  • Route 3 Challenge: For the ultimate explorers, this all-walking path takes you to the Rainbow Pool, up the 168 Steps, past the historic Beacon Tower, to the Glass Viewing Platform, and down the East Line to the serene Guanhu Pavilion. Only for the brave!

Note: Routes 1 and 2 are equally walk-friendly. The choice between starting with the Glass Viewing Platform or the Rainbow Pool is yours. Route 3 is a hiker’s dream, recommended for those who love a good trek.

Access to the Top

There are three separate ways to get to the platform’s top, including a cable car.

Two of these include taking pathways and hiking up the cliff, which may take approx. 2.5 hours.

The path is all paved, carved stone or metal steps, varying height and width.

Alternatively, you can take a cable car to the platform.

The cable car is 100RMB for one way and 200RMB for the return trip.

However, you still need to take another 30 minutes walking up steep steps to the platform after the cable car.

All this effort is worth it when you get to experience the thrill and excitement of watching the world from such a height.

Shilinxia glass platform


Safety Precautions

The Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform takes visitor safety very seriously.

The platform is equipped with state-of-the-art safety equipment, including safety harnesses and emergency exit routes.

Safety Gear Provided to Visitors

For the utmost safety of visitors, you can wear safety harnesses while exploring the glass viewing platform, glass slide, and glass skywalk.

To ensure a secure experience, the platform readily provides all the necessary safety gear required for these thrilling adventures.

With the provided safety harnesses, visitors can embark on their exhilarating journey, knowing that their well-being is prioritized and protected throughout their remarkable escapades.

Rules and Regulations to Be Observed

To guarantee the safety and well-being of all visitors, it is essential to adhere to the designated rules and regulations while at the Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform.

These guidelines encompass refraining from running or jumping on the platform, strictly prohibiting smoking in the area, and prohibiting the act of throwing any objects off the platform.

By dutifully observing these regulations, visitors contribute to a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone, fostering a harmonious environment of safety and respect.

Shilinxia glass platform


Accommodation Options

When visiting the Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform, you can find a range of accommodation options available both within and in the vicinity of the area.

Some notable choices include the Shilinxia Hotel, which provides convenient access to the attractions and offers comfortable amenities for a pleasant stay.

Additionally, the Jinhai Lake Qianyuan Resort is a popular option known for its scenic surroundings and serene ambiance.

These accommodations offer a variety of choices to cater to different preferences and ensure a relaxing retreat after exploring the magnificent sights of the glass platform.

Shilinxia glass platform


Food and Drink Options

The Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform has several dining options available on-site, including a cafeteria-style restaurant and a coffee shop.

You can enjoy a variety of Chinese and Western dishes, as well as snacks and beverages.

Local Food Options in The Area

Small restaurants and bustling street vendors offer a taste of authentic flavors. Indulge in Beijing-style noodles, known for their chewy texture and rich toppings.

Don’t miss the opportunity to savor the world-famous Peking duck, a succulent roasted dish served with thin pancakes and condiments.

For a quick and delicious snack, try jianbing—a delectable Chinese crepe filled with savory ingredients.

Budget-Friendly Options

For those on a budget, the area offers numerous wallet-friendly food options to satisfy your hunger without breaking the bank.

Street vendors are aplenty, offering a variety of snacks and small meals at incredibly affordable prices, often just a few yuan.

You can relish in the flavors of local street food, sampling delectable treats while keeping your expenses in check.

These budget-friendly culinary delights allow you to indulge in the local cuisine without compromising on taste or your financial constraints.

Shilingxia glass bridge


Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform is during the spring or autumn, when the weather is mild and pleasant.

Summers can be hot and humid, while winters can be very cold and snowy.

Peak and Off-Peak Periods

Peak periods at the Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform usually occur during Chinese holidays and weekends when visitor numbers tend to be higher.

These periods are characterized by increased activity and a bustling atmosphere.

On the other hand, off-peak periods are typically observed on weekdays outside of holidays.

During these times, the number of visitors is relatively lower, creating a more serene and less crowded environment.

Choosing to visit during off-peak periods can provide a more tranquil and leisurely experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the breathtaking surroundings of the glass sightseeing platform.

Special Events and Promotions

The Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform occasionally hosts special events and promotions, so be sure to check their website for the latest information.

Photography Tips

The best spots to take photos at the Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform are on the glass viewing platform and the glass skywalk.

Be sure to take your time and enjoy the views while capturing your shots.

Camera and Equipment Recommendations

When visiting the Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform, it is recommended to bring a wide-angle lens for your camera.

The expansive views offered by the platform are best captured with a lens that can capture a wider field of view.

Additionally, using a tripod or stabilizer can greatly assist in achieving steady and sharp shots, especially when capturing longer exposures or panoramic images.

These tools will enhance your photography experience and help you capture the stunning beauty of the surroundings with precision and clarity.

Tips for Capturing the Best Footage

To capture the best footage at the Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform, here are some tips:

  1. Slow and steady movements: When recording video, move the camera smoothly and slowly to create a more cinematic effect. Avoid jerky movements that can distract from the stunning views.
  2. Experiment with angles and perspectives: Explore different vantage points to capture unique and captivating shots. Get creative by shooting from low angles, high angles, or even through interesting foreground elements to add depth and visual interest to your footage.
  3. Utilize the environment: Incorporate the glass platform itself as a visual element in your shots. Showcase the transparent floor or the reflective properties of the glass to enhance the overall visual impact of your footage.
  4. Capture details and close-ups: Don’t forget to capture the finer details that make the experience special. Focus on intricate textures, patterns, or architectural features that add character to the surroundings.
  5. Consider time-lapse or slow-motion: Experiment with different recording techniques such as time-lapse or slow-motion to add a dynamic element to your footage. These techniques can highlight the changing light, movement of people, or weather conditions.

Tour Packages

For those planning to visit the Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform, a variety of tour packages are available to suit different preferences.

Private and group tour options cater to individual needs and group dynamics.

Some packages may include guided tours, where knowledgeable guides provide insights and information about the platform and its surroundings.

Additionally, audio guides may be included, offering a self-guided tour experience with informative commentary.

These tour packages provide convenience and a structured approach to exploring the glass platform, ensuring a fulfilling and informative visit for all participants.


Nearby Attractions

The Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform is surrounded by several captivating tourist attractions that are worth exploring.

The nearby Jinhai Lake Scenic Area boasts breathtaking natural beauty and tranquil waters, providing a serene retreat for nature enthusiasts.

On the other hand, the Gubei Water Town offers a unique blend of ancient architecture and picturesque canals, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in a charming traditional Chinese atmosphere.

Both destinations offer not only stunning views but also cultural experiences, making them perfect additions to your itinerary for a well-rounded exploration of the area.

Shilingxia Glass Sightseeing Platform bridge



1. Are there any age restrictions?

There are no age restrictions for the Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform, but children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

2. What should I wear when visiting the Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform?

It’s recommended that you wear comfortable shoes and clothing, and avoid loose clothing that may get caught on the platform.

Sunglasses and sunscreen are also recommended.

3. Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Outside food and drinks are not allowed on the platform, but there are several dining options available on-site.


The Beijing Shilinxia Glass Sightseeing Platform is truly a unique and unforgettable experience that should not be missed during your trip to Beijing.

From the stunning views to the cultural experiences, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Be sure to follow the rules and regulations and take necessary safety precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit.

Recommendations for Visitors

  • Advance Ticket Purchase: Purchase tickets in advance to avoid long lines at the ticket counter.
  • Dress Smartly for Comfort: Wear comfortable shoes and clothing, and avoid loose clothing that may get caught on the platform.
  • Sun Protection Essentials: Bring sunglasses and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Savor the Moment: Take your time and enjoy the views while on the platform.
  • Explore More: Consider visiting other nearby tourist attractions and cultural experiences.


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Hiring a Private Driver to Shilinxia

Vehicle (Car, Van, Coach) Rental Rates (RMB)

Vehicle Options PEK Airport Pickup/Drop-off Mutianyu + Ming Tombs Badaling OR Huanghua-cheng Mutianyu Great Wall Mutianyu + Summer Palace Simatai OR Jinshanling Longqing Gorge
4 seats Magotan/ Teana 300 890 890 690 890 1090 890
6 seats Buick 450 1290 1190 1090 1290 1490 1190
14 seats Ford Transit 650 1590 1490 1390 1490 1890 1490
16 seats Joylong 750 1890 1790 1790 1990 2390 1790
22 seats Toyota Coaster 950 2190 2090 2090 2290 2690 2090
38 seats KINGLONG 1350 2890 2790 2790 2990 3390 2790

Vehicle Rental Rates (RMB)

Vehicle Options Tiananmen, Forbidden City & Mutianyu PEK Airport PickUp & Mutianyu & Airport Drop Off PEK Airport PickUp/Drop Off & Mutianyu & City Sites Longqing Gorge + Badaling Shilinxia (Glass Platform) Eastern Qing Tombs Cuandixia Village
4 seats Hyundai 790 990 1190 950 990 990 990
6 seats Buick 990 1390 1390 1190 1190 1490 1190
14 seats Ford Transit 1290 1590 1590 1590 1390 1490 1690
16 seats Joylong 1790 1890 1890 1890 1690 1890 1890
22 seats Toyota Coaster 2090 2190 2190 2190 1990 2190 2190
38 seats KINGLONG 2890 2990 2990 2990 2790 2990 2990

All Prices shown are in RMB (Chinese Yuan) unless otherwise stated. Driver’s working time is 9 hours daily. The extra cost is 100RMB per hour.

The cost includes:
  • City accommodation pick up / drop off,
  • Non-English / Chinese speaking driver
  • A quality vehicle with A/C
  • Transportation fees
  • Parking fees, gasoline, toll fees
The cost doesn’t include
  • entrance fees to the sites
  • single journey of chairlift / toboggan / cable car (optional)
  • round trip of chairlift / toboggan / cable car (optional)
  • Meal and tips

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