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Welcome to Datong Driver Service!

Experience the beauty and history of Datong, China with our premier private transportation services.

Whether you’re visiting the Yungang Grottoes, exploring the Hanging Monastery, or discovering the charm of the ancient city walls, our reliable drivers will ensure you travel in comfort and style.

Datong Driver Service


Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced Drivers: Our drivers are locals who know the roads and the region’s history, ensuring you have both a safe and enriching journey.
  • Flexible Itineraries: Customize your trip to suit your interests and schedule. We help you create the perfect itinerary that covers all the sites you wish to explore.
  • Comfortable Vehicles: Choose from a variety of well-maintained vehicles to fit your group size and travel needs. From sedans for solo travelers or couples to larger vans for families or groups.
  • Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees. Our prices are clear and upfront, including all transportation costs without any surprises.
Datong Driver Service


Our Services Include:

  1. Airport Transfers: Start or end your trip with efficient transfers between Datong Airport and your hotel.
  2. Full-Day Hire: Explore Datong’s attractions with a private car and driver available for the entire day.
  3. Custom Tours: Tell us where you want to go and we’ll take you there. Perfect for special interests or off-the-beaten-path adventures.
  4. Multi-Day Hire: Planning a longer stay or want to venture beyond Datong? Our multi-day hire is perfect for extended exploration.
Datong Driver Service


How It Works:

  1. Plan Your Trip: Choose your destinations and decide how long you need our service.
  2. Get a Quote: Contact us with your itinerary for a personalized quote.
  3. Book Your Ride: Confirm your booking with a deposit, and pay the rest on the day of your service.
  4. Enjoy Your Journey: Meet your driver and enjoy a comfortable, hassle-free travel experience to explore Datong.
Datong Driver Service


Customer Reviews:

“Fantastic service! The driver was knowledgeable and the car was very comfortable. Made our trip to Datong truly memorable.” – Sarah L. “Highly recommend this service for anyone looking to explore Datong without the stress of public transport.” – Mark R.

Vehicle (Car, Van, Coach) Rental Rates (RMB)

(No.) Route Car Model Price in RMB
1 Yungang Grottoes Half-Day Tour 4-seater 390
2 Yungang Grottoes + Hanging Temple 4-seater 690
3 Yungang Grottoes + Hanging Temple + Yingxian Wooden Pagoda 4-seater 790
4 Yungang Grottoes + Hanging Temple + Hengshan 4-seater 790
5 Hanging Temple + Hengshan 4-seater 690
6 Hanging Temple + Yingxian Wooden Pagoda 4-seater 790
7 Hanging Temple + Hengshan + Yingxian Wooden Pagoda 4-seater 790
8 Hanging Temple + Yingxian Wooden Pagoda + Yanmenguan 4-seater 790
9 Hanging Temple + Hengshan + Yingxian Wooden Pagoda + Yanmenguan 4-seater 890
10 Yungang Grottoes + Hanging Temple + Yingxian Wooden Pagoda 4-seater 790
12 Hanging Temple + Hengshan + Yingxian Wooden Pagoda + Yanmenguan 4-seater 1190
13 Yungang Grottoes + Hanging Temple + Hengshan + Yingxian Wooden Pagoda + Yanmenguan 4-seater 1290

Note: You can create your own adventure by choosing any of these exciting places to visit!

In Datong City: Explore the Huayan Temple, admire the Jiulong Wall, visit Shanhua Temple, see the Chunyang Palace, and check out the Chaoyang Palace.

Around Datong City: Discover the amazing Yungang Grottoes, experience the breathtaking Hanging Temple, climb Hengshan, marvel at the Yingxian Wooden Pagoda, step into history at Yanmenguan, enjoy the peaceful Wutai Mountain, find tranquility at Yong’an Temple, learn at Yuanjue Temple, relax at Pure Land Temple, and wander through Tulin.

Datong Driver Service


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