Do You Really Need Hiking Boots to Visit The Great Wall of China?

Pick The Right Shoes For Your Great Wall Hike

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Do I need hiking boots to explore the Great Wall of China? This is a fairly common question, and a good question at that.

As a summary answer, it all depends on your personal preference. Nobody will kick you out of the Wall if you are not wearing hiking boots. Nonetheless, the boots might come in handy depending on your hiking plans.

You Don’t Need Hiking Boots On a Single Day Hike, Maybe.

If you’re day-tripping, a pair of sneakers or light-hikers will suffice. If you only plan to hike from Jinshanling to Jinshanling East, from Jiankou to Mutianyu, or even from Gubeikou to Jinshanling, you do not need a pair of hiking boots.

A day’s hike on the Great Wall is usually between 7 km and 10 km. Most tracks/paths are well-formed, and most parts are elementary to follow.

Nonetheless, there are some places where you will have to go through some steep steps, broken towers, and rugged terrain. However, the weight and the pressure on your feet are not too much.

Generally speaking,  a good trail running shoe will suffice to help you move along the Wall nimbly and comfortably.

However, nothing beats a good pair of boots during hard sections of the Wall.

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You Need Hiking Boots For A Multi-Day Hike

Hiking boots are designed with rough conditions in mind. They thrive in cold and wet conditions and rugged terrains with big loose stones.

During a multi-day Great Wall hiking expedition, hiking boots will provide you with maximum comfort and, more importantly, protection.

While the hiking boots may seem clunky, heavy, and relatively uncomfortable compared to your hiking sneakers, they are better capable of protecting your ankle from twisting.

If you’re hiking the Great Wall for several days, and you want to be sure that your feet are 100% protected, go with hiking boots.

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So Do You Need Hiking Boots?

  • Whether or not you need a hiking boot is really up to individual preferences and circumstances.
  • Hiking boots are one of many options, as are trail running shoes.
  • Try a good trail running shoe or trail running/hiking hybrid for a single-day hike unless you walk the Great Wall in very wet or harsh conditions.
  • For a multi-day hike, hiking boots should be your number one choice of footwear if you want maximum protection.
  • Find what works for you and wear it outside often.
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