Explore The 10 Best Parks in Beijing

Explore the City’s Delightful Parks, See Locals’ Lifestyles

Explore The 10 Best Parks in Beijing
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Beijing has particular areas flocked by both locals and tourists to appreciate its green landscapes. From Jingshan Park to Olympic park, whether you want to experience Beijinger’s lifestyle, look for nature or history, or somewhere to contemplate, and no matter what bit of the capital you’re in, you won’t be too far from one of the city’s unique central green spaces. Here are ten of the best parks that are worth visiting.

  • Yuan Ming Yuan
  • Jingshan Park
  • Taoranting Park
  • The Olympic Park
  • Yuyuantan Park
  • Chaoyang Park
  • Temple Of Heaven Park
  • Zhongshan Park
  • Beihai Park
  • Ritan Park

10. Yuan Ming Yuan

Few parks in the world can compare to the beauty of Yuan Ming Yuan Park. It features a perfect combination of gentle hills, man-made lakes, and a few unique attractions. The jewel of the park is the ruins. The ruins come from bridges and stone buildings in the garden long ago. Unfortunately, the buildings were destroyed over many years at war, and much of the stonework was carried away. What is left today is a beautiful set of ruins and a reminder of the cost of war.

9. Jingshan Park

Easily one of the most beloved parks in all of Beijing. The Jingshan Park is positioned perfectly, thus allowing it to overlook much of Beijing when at the park’s summit. It is filled with towering cypress trees and thousands of peony roses. And, of course, it is sprinkled with ancient architecture worth experiencing.

8. Taoranting Park

Also known as Joyful Park, this beautiful park is located in the Xuanwu District. It contains a small patch of land and access to a small lake. There are buildings, both ancient and modern, placed along the edges. Many people visit the park to walk the Taoran Ting, one of the famous historical pavilions.

Explore The 10 Best Parks in Beijing tips
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7. The Olympic Park

This massive park stretches for almost 3,000 beautiful acres. Within those acres are buildings, stadiums, and separate parks. Most of those acres make up the central park known as the Forest Park, which features avenues used during the Olympic Games.

6. Yuyuantan Park

Also known as the Jade Lake Park, this park primarily consists of water surfaces but plenty of land to traverse. This park is tucked away in the Haidan District and hosts the Zhongshan Garden, Liuchun Garden, and the Cherry Garden. Many visitors also come to explore the ancient pine forest.

5. Chaoyang Park

You’ll find several scenic spots to stop and enjoy the sites while walking through Chaoyang or Sun Park. This park combines a massive nature exhibit with a cutting-edge business district. Each year there are numerous festivals held in Chaoyang Park.

4. Temple Of Heaven Park

The Temple of Heaven Park was reserved for Chinese royal families long ago. Today, it’s a large public park that attracts countless tourists every year. The main attraction is a large mound altar on the south and the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest on the north.

3. Zhongshan Park

This park was built as a dedication to the father of modern China, Sun Yat-Sen. The park is strategically placed just south of the Forbidden City. Several ancient buildings, such as the Peace Safeguarding Arch, can be found throughout the park. Aside from the buildings, there is plenty of beautiful landscape to enjoy. Each year a festival for Tulip Blossoms is held in the park.

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2. Beihai Park

Not far from Jingshan Park is Beihai Park, an imperial park located near Beijing’s center. Much of the park consists of a large, beautiful lake. Next to that lake is a small mountain with a white pagoda. It’s worth traveling up the hill to view the park and the surrounding area from the pagoda. It’s a view unlike any other in all of Beijing.

1. Ritan Park

The Ritan Park houses some of Beijing’s most well-known historical sites. The main attraction is the Temple of The Sun, built during the 16th century. There is also a large garden that spans more than 3,000 meters. Whether you prefer ancient architecture or beautiful gardens, Ritan Park is worth visiting.

See Them All

Days are getting warmer, and if you want to experience Beijinger’s lifestyle, you should explore one of these parks filled with locals! See you soon!

Map of The 10 Best Parks in Beijing

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