Frequently Asked Questions About Multi-Day Great Wall Tours

Frequently Asked Questions About Multi-day Great Wall Hikes


We know you will have many questions about multi-day hikes and have tried to answer the most common ones here.

Have a question you don’t see on this list? Leave it in the comments, and we’ll do our best to answer it.

1: I saw on your website that you have an “early bird” discount of 7.5%. Can we avail of that discount if we book now?

Absolutely yes. You will enjoy a 7.5% discount booking five months before the trip. For more early bird offers, check the link. To have a full choice of destinations and departure dates, it is best to book well in advance.

2: Do you provide an invitation letter for visa processing for the embassy?

Regrettably, we do not offer invitation letters for visa processing at the embassy.

However, we’re more than happy to assist you with any other documentation or support you may need for your travel plans.

 3: I am just filling in our visa applications and need to know the guesthouse address that we will be staying at. Can you please provide this?

Sure, we are glad to provide addresses of guesthouses for visa applications on request.

4: Do you have a list of suggested things to pack?

Most important is a good pair of hiking boots or walking shoes.

Running shoes or trainers are fine, but you will get wet feet if it rains. Quick-dry fabrics (like merino wool or polypropylene) are better than cotton or denim.

Try to avoid jeans. A warm jacket, hat & gloves are a good idea for cold weather.

The sun is very strong in Beijing, and it’s easy to get burnt. A sunhat and sunglasses are a good idea too.

5: Do you have walking sticks we can borrow, or should we bring our own?

Yes. We offer walking sticks free of charge if required. Hiking poles can make steep inclines and slippery fords easier to handle.

6: Should we carry a few bottles of water with us?

We provide free-bottled mineral water in the vehicle each day (two bottles a day in Summer), and of course, you can bring extra bottles of water for your hike.

7: I am a vegetarian. Is it possible to meal in a restaurant with a lot of vegetables?

Yes. You can always tell your guide of any food allergies or special dietary requirements so that way we will adapt the menu so you can enjoy the tour!

If you have any doubts or concerns, email us at before booking. Over the years, we have successfully accommodated guests with celiac disease, nut allergies, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions About Multi-Day Great Wall Hikes


8: Will our luggage be transported to the guesthouses each day?

Absolutely. Your luggage will be transported to the guesthouses each day and be kept safe at the guesthouse until you return.

You need only hike with a small daypack to carry water, snacks, clothing, etc.

The rest of your luggage is transported to the guesthouse by your driver traveling separately from the hikers.

9: Does the guesthouse on the hike has Air Conditioning and a private bathroom with hot showers?

Sure thing. A good night’s sleep is essential when hiking.

Although guesthouses are simple and basic, the rooms have to be air-conditioned so you can remain calm in the summer and stay snug in the winter.

The private bathroom includes a hot and cold shower.

Please keep in mind that large groups may not all be roomed next to each other and maybe on different floors.

10: Will there be an option to store our bags on the bus while hiking on the Wall, or will  always carry them with us?

Sure, your bags can be stored in the car and kept well by your driver while hiking the Wall.

11: What time will we get back to Beijing after the hike?

Depending on traffic, we tend to get back around 4 pm to 5 pm. It could be a bit later, depending on where you are staying.

12: Will the driver be able to drop us off at an airport hotel in Beijing after the hike?

Your driver will be glad to return you to an airport hotel after the tour.

We always do our best to drop people as close as possible to where they need to go or somewhere they can hop on a train to get there quickly if there is heavy traffic.

Have we missed any questions that are important to you? Please feel free to email us if you have any additional questions.

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