Frequently Asked Questions about Visiting Badaling Great Wall

Learning Everything, You Need To Know Before Your Visit To Badaling

1. Must Badaling Great Wall Tickets be Bought Online?

Tickets may be purchased online up to seven days in advance. The process for visitors also includes showing a passport that matches tickets before entering. Visitors may also purchase tickets on-site with a valid passport.

There are two main ways of getting your Badaling tickets – buying tickets online through the official website and the WeChat mini program. Unfortunately, the website has no English version. If you cannot read Chinese, using Google TranslateIt helps a lot. In addition, you need to provide a China mobile number or a WeChat account to register, and Alipay (Zhifubao), WeChat, or a UnionPay card to pay.

2. Badaling Online Tickets: Is it True that You Can Only Buy them 7 Days in Advance?

As of Sept 20th, 2019, visitors to the Badaling section of The Great Wall need to buy tickets online. Advanced ticketing is designed to reduce wait times at the gate and avoid turning visitors away if the capacity limit is exceeded. However, on-site ticket sales remain available as long as travelers show a valid passport.

3. How Long does it Take to Reach the Badaling Great Wall?

Taking a tour bus from Tiananmen East to Badaling takes approximately three hours. Direct bus routes usually take 1-1.5 hours, followed by a 10- to 15-minute walk after drop-off. Free shuttles are available after drop-off.

4. Is the Badaling Great Wall Bus Stop to Cable Car Station Walkable?

YES. Visitors can generally walk from the bus drop-off point to the cable car station in about 10-15 minutes.

5. How Long Would it Take and How Much Would it Cost to Visit the Badaling Great Wall?

The drive time from Beijing Airport to the Badaling Great Wall generally takes 2.5 hours, depending on traffic. Visitors going to the Badaling Great Wall also enjoys excellent public transportation and may shorten travel time. A non-stop bus ride can cost only a few dollars.

6. Badaling Bus 919 vs. 877: When is the “Rush Hour” for the Morning Busses?

Visitors who prefer to expedite their visit to the Badaling Great Wall are advised to take Bus 877. This is considered the more direct route, with Bus 919 making frequent local stops.

7. Can I Buy Train Tickets to Badaling from Beijing Tickets on the Same Day?

The short answer is: Yes. However, many visitors find that buses tend to be a faster way to travel in Beijing.

8. What is the Best Way to Travel Directly from Beijing Airport (PEK) to the Badaling Great Wall?

If you are trying to take in the Badaling Great Wall while on a flight layover, hiring a private driver may be in your best interest. If your time is more flexible, public transportation or tour buses tend to be the preferred way to travel.

Alternatively, visiting Mutianyu– the closest part to the airport (PEK) is highly recommended if you have a 9 -14 hour stopover in Beijing.

9. Is a Tour Bus the Best Travel Option from Beijing to Badaling Great Wall?

Taking a tour bus can be a remarkable experience that provides fantastic sightseeing opportunities and insight into Beijing. A direct bus or personal driver can expedite your travel time if you are under a time constraint. The private car is usually quicker, convenient to save your valuable time.

10. What is the Weather Like from May-June and Summer Months when Hiking from Badaling to Shanhaiguan?

Hikers should prepare themselves for increasing warm weather. Daily average highs run in the high 80-degree Fahrenheit range in May to the upper 90s in August. Hikers are advised to bring plenty of water and dress appropriately.

11. How Far Can I Hike Before Reaching A Tourist No-go Zone When Hiking the Badaling Great Wall of China?

Experienced hikers routinely trek 10 miles per day without encountering so-called “tourist no-go” zones. It’s important to understand that the Great Wall is not a single walkable structure. Some areas have not been rebuilt, and others may take hikers off the wall onto private or government property. Visitors are advised to work with a travel outfit or tour guide before mapping out a route.

12. Getting to Badaling by Train: Does the Train Go via the Ming Tombs, or Should I Skip It?

People who have not visited the area are curious about the Ming Tombs. For practical purposes, the train usually does not stop directly at the Ming Tombs, and travelers tend to place more value on other sights.

13. How High Does the Cable Car Reach at Badaling?

The cable car generally reaches the eighth tower – the highest point of the Badaling Great Wall, around 889 meters above sea level.

14. Where are the Best Photo Spots on Badaling Pass?

The Badaling area of the Great Wall ranks among the most popular places to take photos and selfies. The eighth tower is the highest point and provides a panoramic landscape.

15. Are there Taxis Waiting to Take Visitors from Badaling Great Wall Back to a Hotel?

Taxis are generally secured in advance and at a premium when traveling to and from the Badaling Great Wall. A Tour bus, private driver, or public transportation is more efficient and widely used.

16. How Busy is Badaling during Late November?

Fall is considered one of the best times to visit the Badaling Great Wall because the foliage is particularly exquisite, and the summer crowds have waned. The Great Wall is an internationally renowned destination attracting crowds all year. However, November is not generally considered the visitor peak season. Put: November is an excellent time to visit the Badaling Great Wall; it won’t be as crowded as July, August, or October.

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