Go Fly a Kite at These Windy Beijing Spots

Top 5 Spots to Fly Kits in Beijing

Go Fly a Kite at These Windy Beijing Spots
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Are you one of those who love to fly kites whenever you have time? Is it your dream to be in Beijing and fly kites in some of the most popular locations? You are in the right place because here, you will get a guide to some of the windiest locations in Beijing that are perfect for flying kites. So, given below are the locations that you need to know:

1. Tian’anmen Square

When you walk into the biggest square in the world, you can expect the place to be windy. It is a must-visit place for all kite lovers around the globe. If you are indeed doing a tour to Beijing simply because you want to fly kites, then Tian’anmen Square should be the first name on your list.

You get kites of a variety of designs here. Starting from kites designed like animals to swallows to dragons, there is a never-ending list of designs from which you will be able to choose. Even if you are a newbie, you will be able to learn the art of kite flying here.

2. Beijing Olympics Forest Park

Once you reach the Beijing Olympics Forest Park, you step into the ideal kite-flying location in Beijing, but you also get to breathe the freshest air in the world. This park is larger than the summer and Yuanmingyuan (the Old Summer Palace).

So, you can imagine how huge the place is and what a wonderful sight it will be when your kite goes and flies in the air. Since this place is slightly away from the central city, most people come here to have a peaceful time. You will also get partners to fly kites here as hundreds come to fly kites.

Go Fly a Kite at These Windy Beijing Spots China
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3. The Temple of Heaven

Although this is a complex for religious buildings, there is a huge amount of open space in front of the building ideal for kite flying. It gets a huge amount of air, and you will be hanging on to your kite, struggling to control it in the air.

Since this is a religious area, you will find lots of visitors coming to visit the temple of heaven. However, this is one of the spots for flying kites too. So, there will be many people engaged in kite flying, and you can be one of them.

4. The Ming Dynasty City Wall Relics Park

When it comes to beautiful locations to fly kites in Beijing, there is hardly any doubt that The Ming Dynasty City Wall Relics Park will come second. This park is just in front of a lake, and it is very windy. It has the perfect setting for flying kites with the lake on one side while the park is on the other. There are numerous kite stores nearby from where you can get an ample number of kites.

Go Fly a Kite at These Windy Beijing Spots of China
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5. Haidian Park

Haidian Park is a fantastic place to enjoy kite flying to your fullest. It holds different music festivals throughout the year. Since the area is huge, it is ideal for kite flying. There are kite flying competitions that are held here every year.

If kite flying is your passion, then these are the places you should be. You don’t need to carry kites here because there are local kites that are almost equal to show-pieces.

Go Fly a Kite at These Windy Beijing Spots in China
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