Going Away on A Winter Trip to China? Here are 4 Tricks to Help You Pack Smarter

How to Pack for a Winter Vacation in China

how to pack a winter trip to China in Beijing
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Winter is a great time for travel; it’s easy to find cheap tickets to all sorts of places. Packing for those trips can be difficult, however. Winter comes with large sweaters and coats, and it’s a struggle to fit everything into a suitcase and remain within your luggage allowance. Here are tips that can help you tip the scales in your favor.

Wear it, Don’t Pack it

You don’t have to pack everything that you need to take. Winter coats, shoes and other bulky items can be worn, rather than packed. Put on as much as you can without feeling overheated, and if you need to, take some of it off to stow in the overhead bin on the plane.

You might even appreciate having your winter coat within reach when you need some extra warmth on a flight, or need something to bundle up and lean your head against.

how to pack a winter trip to China Beijing
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Find the Right Luggage

When you buy a suitcase or travel bag, remember that the best bags are able to fit more without necessarily being bigger. Good bags are able to stretch to allow you to stuff in a little bit extra. Poorly made bags tend to be rigid.

It doesn’t matter if a suitcase has an inbuilt charger or a fancy self-weighing feature. If you find it hard to stuff everything in, and it doesn’t seem built for the rigors of travel, you need to look for something better.

If you are buying new bags, buy luggage cubes. While they may seem gimmicky, they really do offer a smart solution to the problem of saving space when packing. Luggage cubes are mini bags to put inside your main bag.

You basically simply fold your clothes as you normally would, and stuff them into each zippered luggage cube. You’ll find that clothes that are segregated in separate cubes tend to stay compact and take up less space than clothes that are all one big suitcase enclosure.

Know What to Pack

You don’t necessarily need a bulky coat that’s hard to pack. Instead, consider switching for lightweight layers that keep you warm without taking up too much space.

Consider merino wool underwear, and a thin down jacket. These two items alone can keep you warm when it’s as cold as 5°F outside. Pack those base layers for every day of your trip, rather than large jackets and coats that hog space.

how to pack a winter trip to China of Beijing
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Fold Smart, Like They Do in the Navy

While it may not seem like it could make much of a difference, rolling does take up less space than folding. An even better method: folding and then rolling. It’s the way sailors pack in the Navy.

Whether it’s a sweater or a shirt, folding and rolling makes it easier to compress a garment. When you put a rubber band on each item in the end, you can be sure that everything stays compact.

Finally, make sure that you weigh your suitcase before you leave. Since you’re traveling with heavy winter luggage, it’s easy to go over your allowance. Even one extra item can mean paying tens of dollars at the airport.

You mustn’t think that you can use bathroom scales to weigh your bags. The sensors on those appliances are meant for human feet. When you place a bag on your bathroom scales, it’s likely to not touch the sensors correctly. Buying a small, lightweight luggage scale is the best way to go.


Packing for a fun winter trip isn’t hard if you do it the smart way. You need to understand that there are proven ways in which you can make sure that your luggage takes up far less space than you would have thought possible. All you need to do is to learn how the pros do it.

how to pack a winter trip to China
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