Great Wall of China–hiking from Jiankou to Mutianyu

Great Wall of China Jiankou

There is no better place on the Great Wall of China than the dramatic and challenging JiankoufFor for hiking and photography enthusiasts. As the most picturesque section of the Great Wall, Jiankou is a popular destination for photographers and adventurous and experienced hikers throughout the year.

For a 3-4 hours day hike, you will hike along the crumbling, unrestored sections of the Great Wall-Jainkou–Zhengbeilou tower to the fully restored Mutianyu. Hiking Jiankou is like walking on an obstacle course…stepping over piles of stone blocks, weaving around trees growing on the wall. You will walk right along the edge of the wall at times, quite high above the ground. The stone railings had fallen away maybe even hundreds of years ago.

Mutianyu is more tourist-friendly, with cable car/chair lift options available. After a few hours of hiking on the rugged terrain from Jiankou, you will arrive at Mutianyu, which makes for a much easier walk. If you are too tired to walk down, hop on the cable car or zoom down in a toboggan.

Hiking from Great Wall Jianou to Mutianyu will bring you a classic Great Wall hiking experience and excellent views. For both adults and kids, this truly is an adventure.


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