What it costs to hike & camp on the Great Wall?

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One of the first questions you want to know when you contact us is: How much does the Great Wall hike cost? When an inquiry is made as to how much Great Wall hikes/camping costs, the key factors are these questions that you can ask yourself: How much time do you expect to spend on hiking/camping on Great Wall? One day, two days, or four days. And when there, are you going to pamper yourself? Do you plan to share a room with other hikers? (assuming you are a solo traveler) and so on.

How much does a Great Wall hike cost?

If you travel modestly but comfortably, the costs associated with your hike /camping are transportation, parking fees, necessary camping equipment, guiding service fee, food and accommodations, and entrance fees which are listed in the description for each hike/camping.

A typical budget for a modest but comfortable two-day trip to the Great Wall is $270 per person including:

  • City accommodation pick up / drop off
  • Entrance fees to the different sections of the Wall
  • English speaking guide;
  • Professional driver;
  • Meals as described in itinerary;
  • Transportation fee;

You’ll enjoy the entire trip without any out-of-pocket expenses except for personal expenses (beer, phone calls etc).There are all sorts of factors that will affect your budget. The number one, of course, is fuel or transportation. In the woods and mountains daily expenses are minimal except for vehicle you use as the fuel price rises several times this year.

Other factor is that admission fees at many major sites in China have raised from 20 to100 percent over the last year. For example, Jinshanling Great Wall – a wild section outside Beijing – charges US $10.4(65RMB in summer) / US $8.8(55RMB in winter) entrance fee per person, it used to 45RMB before July, 2012; compare that to US $12 for a week-long pass to get inside of Yellowstone National Park or the Grand Canyon. Other fact is that food and consumer goods in China cost more than before.

Some spend less, some spend more. If you’re wondering about the whole expenses, I would say most will end up averaging between 100$ and 150$ a day (everything is included and minimum 2 people).  It can certainly be done for less. You can spend $40 for a day hike, which will be a very spartan journey with virtually no creature comforts (sort of bus tour, the problem with large groups is the pace they move at in my opinion), whereas $400 a day would be somewhat luxurious (relatively speaking). All in all, considering all these factors hiking Great Wall is very inexpensive indeed.

How much to spend per day on meals?

One of our guests who has just been to several cities in China, including Chongqing, Wuhan, Pingyao, Beijing and Tianjin told us that he had the most expensive meal in Wuhan. They ordered three dishes and a soup and finally paid CNY 134. It is indeed expensive if you are a budget traveler. Usually, you can control your payout on meals within CNY 120 (19 USD) per day during your traveling in China. Even you could do CNY 60-80 per day, but you’d definitely be missing out on some good meals. We suggest that you’d better to tighten your belt when you get back home than miss out on great meals just to save a few bucks!

What Great Wall hikes / camping cost

Price includes City hotel pick up / drop off, meals and accommodation as described in itinerary, English-speaking guide, entrance fees to different sections of Great Wall, vehicles to reach the starting points of the hikes.

Price does not include airfare, snacks, any meal order above and beyond the preset menu established for the hike, personal purchases (souvenirs, etc.), laundry expenses, phone calls, optional sightseeing activities, independent travel, insurance, any activities and entertainment not on the scheduled itinerary. Check out how to save money while travelling in China.

Why don’t we include airfare?

It would sure be nice to put everything under one big price. However, you and your fellow hikers/campers will be traveling to Beijing from all over the world. Flights from your country don’t cost the same as flights from other countries.

Plus, you or some of your fellow hikers/campers might want to explore the wonders of other parts of China while you’re on your holiday. Booking your own flight gives you the flexibility of extending your vacation by arriving earlier or staying later.

We’ll be more than happy to give you tips on booking your flight, including when to book, which airports to use, how to get a good fare, etc. We’d like to help you as much as we can.

Why are our prices so competitive?

We are not a travel agent that promotes 3rd party wild Great Wall hiking/camping tours and takes more than 20% commission. Our price is the local-based cost. We offer personal service without a lot of overhead. Of course, you’re more than welcome to compare these prices with other hiking opportunities in China. We’re not doing this to make a ton of money—we’re doing this because we love to hike, and we love to share with others the joys of hiking in the beautiful Wild Great Wall.

Plan your trip

How much does it cost if I want to create my own custom Wild Great Wall hiking/camping vacation? Obviously, that depends on which sections of Great Wall you want to visit, how long you want to be there, and what kind of accommodations you’d like. We believe we can offer you a competitive price _ just give us a call or send us an e-mail.

How do I sign up?

Glad you asked. Click on our contact page. No pre-payment or deposit is required at reservation. Your money will be safe.

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