Great Wall Hiking Tours for the Adventurous

For some tourists of the Great Wall of China, it simply isn’t enough to sit on a tour bus and listen to a tour guide explain the sights around you. Some would rather get up close and personal with scenery, the landscape, and the nature beauty of the Great Wall. Fortunately, with WildGreatWall Adventure Tours, you are able to do just that! If you prefer a tour bus, those kinds of tours are available! However, if you’d rather be on your feet, hiking & camping overnight at the Great Wall, we have the perfect day hiking tours for you, too!


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See the Great Wall from either the foot of the hill or the mountain top. On a Great Wall of China hiking tour such as the Jiankou & Mutianyu one day hiking tour with WildGreatWall Adventure Tours, you can experience the length of picturesque Jiankou. If you prefer to see sunset / sunrise from the Great Wall, book a seat on a Great Wall tour such as the Jinshanling sunset & sunrise tour and walk into the valleys as you take in the incredible sights.


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Work out your legs rather than your arms, book a seat of Jinshanling Great Wall hiking tour. On the Jinshanling to Simatai West, you’ll be guided down into Jinshanling by an experienced tour guide. Over 8 kilometers of trail with a vertical climb of around 200 meters (660 feet). You’ll be taken away by the sights across several famous towers—such as Big Jinshan tower—and Less Jinshan tower.

One of the best hiking options is Jiankou to Mutianyu Hike. This unique hiking trip is fun and informative, with stops along the way to take in the views, take pictures,  and be given a historical tour of local folklore. You’ll also have time to take toboggan down at Mutianyu and enjoy lunch amid the sights.

These popular tours fill up quickly! If you like to make sure you have a seat on the tour van, make sure that you and your family plan your trip and book your Great Wall hiking tours soon with WildGreatWall Adventure Tours.

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