Great Wall school trips – Parents advice

The fact we know the most is that their son/daughter goes away a teenager and comes home as young adult having acquired valuable life skills like leadership, communication, teamwork and confidence. We believe that personal development is the most valuable thing that we can give the young people that travel with us to help them progress in the future.

Parent FAQ

Q: What is the accommodation like?

A: We usually stay at local farmer’s guesthouses or camping overnight on the Great Wall. Farmer’s guesthouses are family-owned, with the family living on the premises, like a hotel, but a bit more basic. The rooms have air-conditioning, hot water and TV and are generally equipped with 2 single beds. Most guesthouses don’t provide towels, bath towels, dental cleaning. They have a more limited staff presence.

Q: What’s the food like?

A: Breakfast, lunch & dinner are all created around food that children love to eat – a very typical Chinese meals. Guesthouses provide us authentic farmhouse style dishes. The fresh vegetables we will eat are all from their own farmland. There is always a choice of hot & cold dishes, vegetarian selections.

Q:Are your hotels inspected?

A: Yes, Health and safety is our number one priority and all activities are subject to inspection by the relevant authorities.

Q: What does my child need to bring?

A: Clothing and shoes worn outside during hiking /camping overnight on the Great Wall will inevitably get dirty –in general we recommend old clothes – so it doesn’t matter if they get dirty or muddy! .

Q: Can they take valuables?

A: We strongly recommend that all valuables such as mobile phones, computer games,jewellery etc are left at home.

Q: Does my child need to bring additional pocket money?

A: Children are welcome to bring some pocket money with them for their stay. They can buy postcards, limited refreshments, pencils and souvenirs like T-shirts. 

Q: What will my child learn on Great Wall school trips?

A: Our Great Wall school trips include plenty of learning opportunities and to ensure that your child has fun too to help them obtain skills like leadership, communication, teamwork and confidence.

Q: Can you cater for special diets?

A: Yes – if we know requirements in advance we can provide for most special diets.