Safety is our primary consideration…

Safety is paramount and considered at every stage of operating your Great Wall school trips. Compared with many other countries, China is considered one of the safest countries in the world for personal security. It is a wise option to put your common sense to good use and take the necessary precautions while you plan for your Great Wall school trips. It is important that you have proper insurance for your group. Often your school or college already have a travel insurance scheme.

Personal Hygiene & Health

An alcohol based disinfectant hand-wash is highly recommended – bottles are small enough to be kept in a pocket and they provide instant cleansing. Be religious about washing hands before eating. Visit the dentist before you travel. Keep finger and toe nails short, clean any scratches or wounds immediately.

Drinking Water

Pay attention to the environmental impact of using dozens of plastic bottles though. Using your own water bottles and purifying or filtering water, is a more environmentally friendly way of getting clean water.

Dining – Street Food

Street food in China is really something to sample and you may be wonder that how safe is the street food in China? Many people are afraid of the cheap roadside street food. Your stomach needs time to adapt to the local cuisine so the answer is that  it depends how long you’re in China. All in all street food is a very safe option, specially if you behave sensibly. In gneral, Look for high turnover, a place that’s busy. Look for a place where the food is cooked in front of you while you wait, not a place where it was pre-cooked some time before. Streetfood is local food. People know how to handle it.

Dining – Restaurants

Chinese believe fresh is best so you’ll see the waiter approaching you with a wriggling plastic bag containing the fish you ordered to show it’s fresh. The general rule with restaurants is try recommendations, or look for places that look busy. The general rule is that eat in the right restaurants – most nice restaurants are decorated welland has nice style. You may easily find them in the main street. Don’t eat in the low quality restaurants in the corner of some street. Try to avoid the food that has been standing out for a while, wasn’t cooked well, isn’t fresh in a restaurant.

Do not walk alone

Walking in a group is safer than walking alone during your Great Wall school trips, especially in remote areas. Having company or staying in a group would add to your enjoyments. Pickpockets tend to operate in crowded areas and often target those who travel alone. Get a card from your hotel with its name written in Chinese and ask for all their contact information so you can readily call the hotel if something happens.