Student advice

If you’re considering joining Wild Great Wall hiking & camping trip or want to know more so you can suggest them in your school, then this student advice section is for you.

Wish your school was involved?

If you wish your school was running Great Wall school trips there is no reason why you can’t suggest it to a teacher at your school. You can show your teachers what it’s all about by directing them to this website.

Student benefits

Enhance your CV: Travel can be the solution to help students get work experience while they may be busy studying. Great Wall school trips combine the expedition of a lifetime with a CV enhancing experience.
Admissions Officers know the benefits of travel and our expeditions are a million miles away from a typical package tour. They are looking for people like you who are confident and able to face new challenges.

Educational value: Great Wall school trips help students gain new insight into a foreign culture and observe the evolution of the Chinese people, expand students interest in history by introducing an area of the world they have not previously studied; expand cultural awareness and allow students to learn about another culture; explore the architecture and history of an ancient culture and how it developed into the modern world.

Are you ready for culture shock on expedition?

Finding out what to look out for, searching for tips and getting a feel for the place before you even set foot on foreign soil are the easiest way to avoid culture shock on expedition. The tip is – research, research, research. You can also read China guide books and China travel websites. 

You can’t prepare for the experiences you will have on Great Wall expedition. The beauty of spectacular mountain scenery,  The architecture and history of Great Wall– all these experiences will make their impact. There are many things you can learn ahead of your Great Wall scholl trip that make settling in much easier. Culture shock on expedition can be positive since travel is all about absorbing new cultures. Let the culture shock wash over you and let the adventure begin!

Student FAQ

Q: What is a typical day like on Great Wall school trips?

A: A typical touring day begins with breakfast. Everyone then boards coach and begins hiking according to the day’s itinerary.  You will not return to the hotel until that evening so you must take important items such as your bagpack and items for a change in the weather (e.g. coat, umbrella, and poncho)
Lunch and dinner are scheduled according to the itinerary. Some itineraries have an evening activity following dinner and the group returns to the hotel at approximately 10:00 p.m. or later.

Q: What should I pack for my trip?

A: Please bring clothes for each day of your hike. Pack any items that you need prior to hotel check-in a carry-on bag.

Be prepared for weather extremes, such as rain or wind with cooler than expected temperatures. Plan to dress comfortably during the day hikes. If your group is going to the theater or planning a fine dining experience, include one dressy outfit.

Q: How much spending money should I take along?

A: It is recommended that you take some money for souvenirs. Although there is no specific amount, $20-$80 should be sufficient for most multi-day hikes.