Hiking Beginner? 8 Reasons Why You’ll Love Hiking the Great Wall of China

8 Amazing Benefits of the Great Wall Hiking

young woman hiker enjoy the view on great wall
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Hiking the Great Wall of China exercises your body and your mind, nourishes your imagination, improves your mental, physical and spiritual health.

You’ll discover hidden wall just off the beaten path,  capture the inspiring natural scenery, and immerse yourself in the culture and history.

Even beginner hikers can appreciate and enjoy some aspect of the wall. More specifically, here are eight reasons why you’ll be glad you hiked the Great Wall.

1. Feeling of Accomplishment

The feeling of accomplishment right after a hike is always exciting. Now multiply that feeling times a thousand for the way it feels to hike  Jinshanling, Jiankou & Mutianyu, Gubeikou in Beijing.

A Great Wall hiking will get you the clean, crisp mountain air, immerse yourself into the history – defending against the Mongolian warriors, although times have changed, achieve total peace of mind. This is the exuberance you’ll experience when you scale this wall.

2. Hiking for a Unique Sense of Freedom

When you hike the Wall, you will reach a point where you are as close to freedom as you could ever hope for.

You are in the middle of one of the oldest marvels on the planet. High above ground level, you are as far away from civilization as the warriors who used the Great Wall for protection centuries ago. This feeling of being high above the ground is the ultimate freedom.

With this sense of freedom, children feel more enthusiastic, energetic and want to discover themselves.

3. Adventure is Right Around the Corner.

You never know what you’re going to encounter when you hike the Great Wall!

You may encounter a rattlesnake along the trail. You may need to go up the steep steps by hand, or sometimes jump over the broken Wall.

There’s really no way to predict what adventure your Great Wall hike will bring you.

If you are planning to take up the extreme challenge, then head to the Jinshanling section or Huangyaguan section where The Great Wall Marathon is organized in Spring every year.

Benefits of Hiking the Great Wall China beijing
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4. Silence is Golden

Listening to the silence of mountains is one of the best parts about hiking on the Wall. You are focused solely on each step you take on the stone covered ground.

Gubeikou, Jinshanling, Huanghuacheng are usually peaceful, often quiet. Instead of spending your time chatting on your phone or texting, you walk in silence for your safety, feel the peace and tranquility, achieve total peace of mind, and obtain an unforgettable experience of a lifetime…

5. You Will See Something in a New Way

You’ll really enjoy the scenery when you pass through the Great Wall on foot.

Certainly, you can see the Wall through the window of a tour bus, but when you walk on the Wall on your own, the blur disappears. The world looks a little clearer. I used Levitra for the second time. It is ok drug and able to solve problems with erection. It worked me up greatly.

You’ll notice the Wall is broken, steps are missing and trees grow on the towers.

Hiking the Great Wall quiets the mind; things will seem refreshingly beautiful. It’s definitely a whole new experience.

Benefits of Hiking the Great Wall beijing
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6. There are No Limits

There are no rules to Great Wall hiking, really. If you want to find inner peace on the wall, you are more than able to traverse the trail alone.

If you are looking for your friend group’s next Insta-worthy pic, gather them up for the Great Wall.

7. You are Surrounded by Nature

Birds chirping around you while critters skitter among the verdant bushes along the Great Wall.

In the distance, ancient arbors blow their leaves in the wind. It is a refreshing escape from the metro life.

Until you can find a tour bus in the parking lot from the top of the mountain.

8. It is a Great Workout

Keeping in mind that traversing the Great Wall of China is considered a marathon for some people.

It is definitely a workout in varying intensity. Whether you choose to run the trail or walk it very slowly, you will feel the burn by the end of each day.

Benefits of Hiking the Great Wall
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