How to Pee While Hiking the Great Wall of China

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Hike the Great Wall with Confidence: Tips for Peeing While Hiking the Great Wall

Hiking the Great Wall of China is an incredible experience, but restrooms are rare!

On most trails, you won’t find a toilet or outhouse.

So, always use the bathroom before starting your hike.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how to handle nature’s call on the Great Wall, helping you stay prepared for your unforgettable adventure.

No Restrooms Beyond the Main Entrance

Embarking on a hike along the Great Wall of China is a breathtaking experience, but keep in mind that restroom facilities are limited. 

Once you pass the main entrance at popular sections like Jinshanling or Gubeikou, there are no restrooms available along the hiking trails. 

So, it’s vital to plan ahead and use the toilet at the starting point, even if you don’t feel the urge at that moment. 

Make it a priority to at least attempt to use the bathroom before setting out on your hike.

Trust me, you’ll be grateful you did when you’re immersed in the stunning scenery without any restroom worries.

How to Pee While Hiking the Great Wall


Use the Toilet in Nature

Restroom facilities are scarce along sections like Jiankou or Huanghuacheng, so it’s important to know how to handle these situations responsibly. 

When the urge arises, find a discreet spot off the side of the path to relieve yourself. 

This is acceptable, given the lack of toilet facilities along the wall.

Keep in mind that you’ll be spending hours exploring the majestic Great Wall, and it’s highly likely that you’ll need to use the bathroom at some point during your hike. 

It’s essential to accept this reality and not attempt to hold it in for too long, as doing so can lead to bladder infections or other urinary issues. 

By being prepared to use the toilet in nature, you’ll ensure a more comfortable and enjoyable hiking experience on the Great Wall of China.

Great Wall

Bring Toilet Paper

When setting off to explore the Great Wall, it’s crucial to come prepared with a few essential items. 

One of the most important things to have on hand is a stash of toilet paper, as you’ll need it when using the bathroom outdoors. 

Alongside toilet paper, consider carrying hand sanitizer and wet wipes to help maintain cleanliness and hygiene after you’ve finished relieving yourself. 

These items can be easily stored in a small, portable bag or a sealable plastic bag to keep them organized and clean throughout your hike.

For women hikers, bringing these sanitary essentials can make a significant difference in minimizing discomfort while hiking the Great Wall. 

In addition to toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and wet wipes, female hikers might also consider using a portable female urination device (FUD) for added convenience and comfort when nature calls. 

By packing these essential items, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle any restroom challenges that arise during your unforgettable Great Wall adventure.

Avoid Poison Oak

Before embarking on your journey to Beijing and the Great Wall of China, take the time to familiarize yourself with poison oak and its appearance. 

While it may not be prevalent in the region, being aware of what poison oak looks like can help you avoid accidentally coming into contact with this irritant plant, especially when using the bathroom in grassy areas off the side of the path.

Poison oak has leaves that grow in clusters of three, and the leaves are typically green with a slightly waxy texture. 

They can change color during the year, turning reddish or bronze in the fall. 

The plant may produce small greenish-white or yellowish flowers, followed by green or tan berries.

By knowing how to identify poison oak, you can minimize the risk of exposure, ensuring a more pleasant hiking experience. 

You don’t want to deal with the itchy, painful rash caused by poison oak, particularly in sensitive areas that may be exposed when relieving yourself outdoors. 

So, take the time to learn about this plant and stay vigilant during your Great Wall adventure to ensure a comfortable and memorable experience.

Find a Large Tree

When hiking the Great Wall, you’ll come across numerous large trees that line the paths and the wall itself. 

These trees can serve as a valuable resource when you need to find a private spot to answer nature’s call. 

Look for a tree that provides ample coverage, acting as a natural privacy screen while you urinate.

Choosing the right tree can make all the difference in ensuring a comfortable and discreet outdoor bathroom experience. 

Opt for a tree with dense foliage or one that’s positioned off the main path and away from the line of sight of other hikers. 

Remember to be respectful of the environment and avoid damaging any vegetation or disturbing wildlife.

By utilizing the natural surroundings for privacy, you’ll feel more at ease when the need to use the restroom arises during your hike. 

The Great Wall is a marvel to explore, and being prepared to handle restroom breaks in outdoors can help you fully enjoy this remarkable experience without unnecessary distractions or discomfort.


Find Stones

The Great Wall of China is not only home to an abundance of trees but also boasts a variety of large rocks and stones that can provide additional privacy when you need to relieve yourself.

These rocks can be found scattered along the sides of the path and around the wall, offering natural barriers against prying eyes.

When searching for the perfect spot to answer nature’s call, look for the largest stones that can serve as protective shields.

The ideal rock should be tall and wide enough to cover you from view, ensuring that you can comfortably and discreetly use the bathroom outdoors.

By taking advantage of the natural landscape and making use of the available trees and stones, you’ll be well-equipped to handle restroom breaks during your Great Wall adventure.

Being resourceful and respectful of the environment will not only provide you with a comfortable experience but also allow you to appreciate the beauty and history of this iconic landmark without any unnecessary distractions or concerns.

Try to Pee Downhill

When the need arises to relieve yourself while exploring the Great Wall of China, it’s essential to be mindful of your surroundings.

One practical tip to follow is to look for a spot with a slope when you need to pee.

By aiming downhill, you’ll ensure that gravity works in your favor, directing the urine away from you and other hikers.

Choose a location where the slope is noticeable and provides a suitable landing pad for your urine.

Be cautious about your footing and position, making sure to keep your feet out of the way as the liquid flows down the hill.

This approach not only keeps the path cleaner for others but also helps you avoid any potential discomfort or embarrassment.

By taking the time to find an appropriate spot and being conscious of your aim, you’ll contribute to a more enjoyable experience for both yourself and fellow hikers.

Remember, being respectful of the environment and other visitors is crucial to making the most of your unforgettable Great Wall adventure.

Find an Area Clear of Obstacles

When selecting a location to relieve yourself on the Great Wall of China, it’s important to find an area free of obstacles that could cause splatter.

Avoid surfaces like rocks or concrete, as they may result in urine splashing onto your legs and other areas, creating an unpleasant experience.

Instead, aim to find a spot with grass, if available, or soil-covered ground.

These surfaces are more absorbent and can help minimize splashing.

Be particularly cautious not to urinate on any concave or bowl-shaped objects, as they are more likely to cause splashing and make the process messier than necessary.

By taking the time to find an appropriate and obstacle-free spot for your restroom break, you’ll not only ensure a more comfortable experience for yourself but also maintain a cleaner environment for other hikers to enjoy.

Remember, being mindful of your surroundings and considerate of others is key to making the most of your memorable Great Wall adventure.

How to Pee While Hiking the Great Wall of China

Final Words

In conclusion, knowing how to pee responsibly while hiking the Great Wall of China is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. 

By preparing with essential sanitary items, selecting appropriate locations with privacy and minimal obstacles, and being mindful of your surroundings, you can focus on appreciating the beauty and history of this iconic landmark without any unnecessary distractions. 

Remember to always respect the environment and your fellow hikers as you embark on this unforgettable adventure.

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