How to Pee While Hiking the Great Wall of China

Best Tips on Achieving a Five-Star Pee When Hiking the Wall

How to Pee While Hiking the Great Wall
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On all but the most traveled Great Wall hiking trails, there is no toilet or outhouse. It is extremely important to go to the bathroom before you start a hike, even if you do not need to at that moment. You should still go. Here Find out more about how to pee when you hike on the Great Wall.

No Restrooms Beyond the Main Entrance

Prior to going to the Great Wall of China like Jinshanling or Gubeikou for your hiking excursion, use the toilet. There are no restrooms beyond the main entrance. It is important that you go beforehand even if you think you don’t have the urge. At least try to use the restroom before you start off on your hike and you will be happy you did later.

Use the Toilet in Nature

When nature calls answer it by using the restroom along the side of the path on the Great Wall. This is permissible since there are not any toilet facilities along the wall like Jiankou or Huanghuacheng. You will be out there for hours on end and will most likely have to go at some point. Accept that you shouldn’t try to hold this in as it can lead to a bladder infection or urinary issues.

Great Wall
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Bring Toilet Paper

When you come on the Great Wall, have a stash of toilet paper handy. Use this if you have to urinate when on the wall. In addition, carry hand sanitizer and consider wet wipes to help clean up after you finish. Women hikers especially can minimize their discomfort by carrying along these items.

Avoid Poison Oak

Identify what poison oak leaves actually look like before you go for your trip to Beijing and the Great Wall of China. You do not want to get poison oak anywhere on your body, but particularly in areas uncovered when using the toilet in the grassy area on the side of the path

Find a Large Tree

Along the paths and the Great Wall are plenty of large trees. Find these and see if you can use one for a privacy screen while urinating.

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Find Stones

In addition to arbor screens, the Great Wall is made up of large rocks. You will find these scattered about along the sides of the path. Look for the biggest rocks and use these for protection against prying eyes.

Try to Pee Downhill

When you go pee on the Great Wall of China, look for a place with a slope. Use this landing pad for your pee but aim so it goes downhill. Also, keep your feet out of the way as it flows down the hill away from you and the crowd. This will be appreciated by you and everyone around you.

Find an Area Clear of Obstacles

Look for an area that does not have rocks or concrete on it. This can lead to splatter, which gets urine all over your legs and undercarriage area. You want to find a spot of grass, if available, or soiled ground otherwise. Do not urinate on concave objects that appear to be bowl-shaped. This only leads to splashing and that is not what you want.

How to Pee While Hiking the Great Wall of China
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