How to Survive Your Long-Haul Flight

Four Fun Ways to Survive and Enjoy a Long-haul Flight

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The Wright Brothers can be credited with making the world a much smaller place. By inventing the aircraft, they made it possible to travel from one end of the world to the other in a single flight. Where travelers of yore had to think about braving the treacherous seas, not to mention the pirates, the modern traveler only has to be concerned about purchasing a flight ticket.

Long-Haul Flights

The upside of easy travel brings with it the downside of long-haul flights. In some cases, you could spend 15-20 hours aboard an aircraft. The after-effects of a long flying time include fatigue, nausea, and heightened irritation.

If you want to avoid these issues, you have two options: skip the long-haul flight and choose an alternative mode of travel, try out some fun ways to survive the flight, and even enjoy yourself while flying.

Four Fun Tips

Here are four fun ways to survive and enjoy a long-haul flight:

1. Cozy Clothes

“Dress to impress” is a phrase you have often heard. For a long-haul flight, try to do the opposite. Choose the most comfortable pair of pants you own and make that your dress code for the fight. If you are a business traveler, pack the pair in your carry-on luggage. Once the flight is in mid-air, you can change into them. The more comfortable you feel during the journey, the more relaxed you will be at the end.

2. Choose an Aisle Seat

Flying for a long time could mean multiple trips to the bathroom. A window seat may seem more attractive, but getting in and out of one may require you to wade through the passengers seated next to you, which could be tricky if they are asleep. An aisle seat gives you the freedom and flexibility to visit the bathroom. You could also take a short stroll down the aisle to break the monotony of simply sitting. Remember to stretch, as this will help improve your blood circulation.

How to Survive Your Long-Haul Flight
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3. Watch Something Fun

Airlines today offer enough entertainment to last a week. A long-haul flight is a perfect opportunity to catch up on movies, and tv shows you may have missed. Try and watch something fun instead of the more serious stuff. A good laugh or two will certainly help elevate your mood and reduce the lingering effects of stress.

4. Limit Alcohol and Caffeine Intake

This will probably sound like a party pooper, but it is always wise to limit alcohol and caffeine on the flight. The reason is that it will dehydrate you and only hasten your fatigue. Finish your drink before you eat, and indulge in coffee just before you land.

Do More Than Just Survive

Long-haul flights can be tricky to deal with – but they don’t have to be. By following the advice in this article, you might even be able to enjoy your time on the plane. Before you know it, you will be landing at your destination.

How to Survive Your Long-Haul Flight China
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