How to pick a Great Wall Hiking & Camping Tour

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Organized Great Wall tours can be especially great for first-time visitors unsure about setting out on their own. Guided or self-guided Great Wall tours can give people the time to adjust to the travel lifestyle. Without organized tours, many wild sections of the Great Wall are inaccessible.

If you decide to take a Great Wall hiking & camping tour, here are some aspects to consider when looking for in a good tour:

1. Decide how long you have to hike

A Great Wall hike can be a great adventure but it is not the sort of thing that you just show up and do. The first thing that you are going to have to do is to determine just how long you want to spend hiking on the Wall. Pick a Great Wall hike based on how long you should stay in Beijing Do you have the entire Sunday?  Or do you just have a few hours on a afternoon? There is a huge difference in the planning requirements for a day hike and those for a week trek.

2. Choose your travel dates

Sometimes you don’t get to choose your travel dates. Maybe you can only get a certain day off from work, or perhaps you are touring the Great Wall at a very specific time. Maybe you have that flexibility. At, our tours are run daily departing from Beijing to make good use of your holiday.

3. Select a price range

Picking the right price range is important because otherwise you could miss out on finding the right Great Wall tour. However, you also don’t want to waste time looking at Great Wall trips that don’t fit your criteria because they cost more than you want to pay.

4. Determine your starting level

As the majority of our Great Wall hikers are here for the first time, our one day hike is suitable for all age groups with average fitness. Children under ten to senior citizens, have successfully hiked either from Jinshanling to Simatai West or from Jiankou to Mutianyu. Check out How difficulty is it to hike from Jinshanling to Simtai West for more details.

5. Pick your hiking location

Which section of the Great Wall you should visit depends on whether you prefer seeing the wall in its original state or a restored section? Does it bother you that you will be with thousands of other sightseers or prefer relative solitude? Would you like to go to a trekking tour, camp overnight on the wall. Check out the post –  Which part of the Great Wall you should visit for more tips.

6. Evaluate the cost of your tour

Ask where the money goes and how it is spent to find out if you are really getting the best value for your money. Moreover, make sure you ask if there are fees to pay when you get there, or at specific sites. Some companies require you to pay additional money when the tour starts. That cheap tour won’t be so cheap if you have to pay for everything while there. Read the post – What it costs to hike & camp on the Great Wall for more information.

7. Decide hiking solo or with a friend/group

I love hiking with a friend /group – it’s mobile meditation for me. Hiking solo can be dangerous should anything happen while you’re out on the trail; so if you’re a little more cautious, then I’d recommend buddying up with a friend or your significant other for your hike.  It’s the perfect bonding opportunity.

At, If you would like to start or join a group, this Find a Hiking Companion Service we are offering will assist you. It is aimed at putting people in touch with other people who have similar Great Wall hiking & camping interests. Your notice can be put online and you would be informed as soon as other guests requested the same service.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this information will aid you in finding the best Great Wall tour to meet your particular active vacation needs. These seven tips should help you take the guesswork out of this decision process and make your Great Wall experience easy and enjoyable.

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