Majestic and Tranquil–Eastern Qing Tombs

Eastern Qing Tombs
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If you’re seeking tranquility, take a trip to the Eastern Qing Tombs near Beijing. Flush with grand tombs, quiet, beautiful architecture, and fascinating history. Eastern Qing Tombs will give you a unique experience that will you can cherish forever.

About Eastern Qing Tombs

As the name suggests the Tombs is a burial ground in Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) best known emperors. Located in Changrui Mountain of Zunhua county, about 125 kilometers northeast of Beijing, Eastern Qing Tombs is the resting place of five emperors, fifteen empresses, 136 imperial concubines, three princes, and two princesses.

Less visited but more intriguing than the Ming Tombs, the tomb complex stretches across 80 square kilometers, The most distinguished member rests in the center of the tomb. It is the largest extant tomb complex that is well-preserved, and is in the finest condition.

Which tombs to visit?

Now that you know a little about Eastern Qing Tombs, you will want to visit one. But which one? Here are our recommendations for the best tombs to visit.

Xiaoling Tombs

Xiaoling Tombs is the resting place of Emperor Shunzi who was the first ruler of the Qing dynasty. He is the most glorified ruler of China with his ruling lasting from 1638-1661. Xiaoling tomb lies at the center of the tombs with other tombs placed at the sides. You can easily identify the relationship between the rulers and heirs with the branch-like tomb architecture.

The tombs is the first mausoleum constructed with grandiose to celebrate the lives of Emperors of the Qing dynasty. It was a unique way of setting the tone for the prosperous future of the dynasty. Of all, Xiaoling is the biggest one with the most elaborate architecture. Though the troops of Sun Dianying vandalized the Qing tombs in 1928, the beauty of the tombs is still well-preserved.

Eastern Qing Tombs travel tips
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Dingdongling is the beautiful example of the architectural beauty that can capture your heart and mind. It has an eye-catching appeal with its exquisite architecture that is the resting place of Empress Dowager Cixi. Visitors are allowed to visit the underground vaults that will blow your mind. The decoration and cravings of the tomb make it stand out from the other sepulchers as it uses gold that is the royal symbol.

Empress Dowager Cixi handled the internal affairs of the Qing Dynasty close to half-century without ascending the throne. There are stunning carvings of dragons, flowing clouds, drifting water on the colorful stone using unconventional designs at its gate (Eminent Favor). The carvings with intricate details of dragons and phoenixes will allure everyone.

Refreshing Trip

The trip to Eastern Qing Tombs is worth your time as you will feel the calmness and serenity engulf you after visiting the tomb. Give yourself about 45 minutes to an hour to explore each one of the tombs. It is different from the hustle-bustle of Beijing that will entice your soul. It has a serene beauty that encompasses the pine forest, hills, and blue lakefront. It is a refreshing trip that is worth your money as it is well-preserved that will take you to the historical past of China.

Eastern Qing Tombs travel guide
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You have several options to visit the tombs. You can travel from different places easily as transportation is available from various areas. It is located 125km away from Beijing (East Side) with bus/coach available from diverse locations. You can choose the following methods for travel:

  • If you are traveling from Beijing, then you can go to Zunhua on a coach. You can take a cab from Shimen Toll station to reach the exquisite location.
  • From Tangshan, you can take a bus to the Zunhua and take a taxi to the Qing Tombs.
  • If you wish to travel from Tianjin to the mausoleums, then taking a bus from Tongsha Long distance bus station is apt.

Opening Hours: 8am–5pm daily

The Best Time to Travel

The peak time that attracts visitors from all over is the world is from the April to October. From November to March is known as the off-peak time. So, the visiting fees for the peak (CNY 122) and off-peak (CNY 82) times are different.

A trip to Eastern Qing Tombs will take you to the historical era with its exquisite architectural beauty and serenity. It is well-restored that will give you an enticing visual appeal that will make the trip worthwhile.

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