Mid-Autumn Festival 2019: Where to Get the Best Mooncakes in Beijing

Best Mooncakes in Beijing to Indulge In this Mid-Autumn Festival
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China’s mid-Autumn festival marks the end of summer and the wealth and prosperity of farmers as they bring in the harvest. Sometimes called the “Moon Festival,” it is a traditional celebration held on the 15th Day of the 8th Lunar calendar month. This time, the wonderful heart-warming event falls on the 13th of September 2019!

Delicious and iconic mooncakes are usually 4 inches round, 2 inches thick and are an absolute must for Beijing visitors. The light outer crust is usually layered over a delightfully sweet filling. They are often enjoyed with tea and shared with friends and family members. If you anticipate attending the robust festival, these rank among the best places to experience a Beijing mooncake.

1: Dao Xiang Cun (稻香村)

These renowned Beijing bakeries create traditional mooncakes by adhering to recipes and pastry mastery dating back hundreds of years. With an emphasis on the mooncakes styles from centuries past, Dao Xiang Cun bakeries have earned a reputation for mooncake excellence among Beijing residents. While there are several styles created during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the five nuts mooncakes are a long-standing local favorite.

Address: 10 Dengshikou Street ( Corner Dongsi Street ) DongDan, Dongcheng Qu, Beijing 100006

How to get there: take subway line 5 to Dengshikou station  and get out of at exit A, you will find it.

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2: Holiland Mooncakes

The Holiland recipe is widely considered an excellent example of the Beijing-style mooncake. The brand also ranks among the most popular across the Asian nation and the five nuts mooncake remains the most popular. This pastry marvel has been so highly refined that the crust and filling are virtually inseparable.

City-wide bakeries generally offer an assortment of mooncakes including bite-sized delicacies. Flavors include purple sweet potato, and honey peach, among others. However, those with coconut flavor in both the crust and filling remain a Beijing classic.

Address: 10 Dongdan North Main Street.

How to get there: take subway line 5 to Dongdan station, and get out of at exit A. you will see the shop.

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3: Haagen-Dazs Stores

The internationally acclaimed ice cream brand has more than dabbled in the traditional Chinese mooncake. In fact, Haagen-Dazs created its own unique mooncake ice cream desserts that are popular in box sets and other presentations. For ice cream lovers enjoying the Mid-Autumn Festival, it’s essential to note that Haagen-Dazs has done its research on mooncakes before putting this annual specialty item out.

Since being introduced in 1997, the Haagen-Dazs interpretation of the Beijing mooncakes has enjoyed exponential popularity growth. They have become part of the tradition, and the Rainbow Collection offers families and friends a feast of colors and flavors including coffee, strawberry, mango, white chocolate with almond, and blackberry, among others. Haagen-Dazs stores may provide ice-filled bags to transport your mooncakes.

Address: 138 WangFuJing main street.

How to get there: take subway line 1 to Wangfujing station, and get out of at exit A, you will see the shop.

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4: Wuyutai Tea Shops

Ranked among the most beloved tea shops in Beijing, Wuyutai has also created its own mooncake niche. The specialty shop offers tea-flavored mooncakes during the festival that are said to be second to none. The gourmet recipes used are reportedly traced back to Wu Xiqing, a renowned culinary artist known for infusing tea flavors into traditional cuisine.

Among the awe-inspiring flavors generally offered during the celebration are the oolong with candy fruit, dark plum with green tea, jasmine mooncake smoothie, and white rose mooncake, among others. Wuyutai has also earned a reputation for excellent mooncake assortment packages, and the well-known eateries have numerous convenient locations across Beijing. As some like to say, mooncakes are indeed Wuyutai’s cup of tea.

Address: 186 Wangfujing main street.

How to get there: take subway line 1 to Wangfujing station, and get out of at exit A, you will see the shop.

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