Mutianyu & Summer Palace Day Tour Frequently Asked Questions

Mutianyu & Summer Palace day tour
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Whether you are thinking about booking with us, or you’re all booked up and waiting to go, view & read  frequently asked questions & answers here. If there is anything you are unsure about, please feel free to get in touch with us by sending us a message here.

1: I will be visiting Beijing for a very short time and I have to choose between visiting the Temple of Heaven or the Summer Palace. Which site would you recommend for an afternoon?  

It’s simply a matter of personal taste. Both Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven will offer you a unique experience, and can’t really be compared.

If you like people watching, then go to Temple of  Heaven in the morning. There will be plenty of locals playing Majong, dancing, singing, cracking whips, practicing Tai Chi etc. You can get involved personally in these activities, and have a lot of fun.

A completely different experience from the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace offers fantastic natural views that present a relaxing and pleasurable environment. As the largest and most well-preserved royal park in China, the Summer Palace has more beautiful sites–the long painted corridor, the marble boat etc to explore.

2: Is Summer Palace a must go in Beijing? 

It all depends on the amount of time at your disposal and your interests. Beijing has a large number of ancient landmarks to explore. If you have two days in Beijing, make good use of time then you will have a memorable tour of the Summer Palace. You won’t be disappointed by the view of the Summer Palace if you’re looking for a relaxing experience.

Mutianyu & Summer Palace travel tips
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3: Which part of the Great Wall is better? Mutianyu or Badaling? 

It’s hard to say which one is better. It’s a matter of your preference. Generally, Mutianyu appears more authentic, more beautiful and less crowded than Badaling. Badaing is the most famous, and is easily accessible by train and bus from Beijing. You can check out this post for more discussion.

4: I have heard there is a chair lift, a cable car as well in Mutianyu Great Wall? Do  I have to take the chair lift or cable car to get on the wall?

There is no official route. You can either take the cable car / chairlift to the top or climb there by yourself. If you don’t like too much climbing, it’s highly recommenced to take the cable car to tower 14, or take chairlift to tower 6. By doing that, you will spend most time on the Wall to get great views.

5: Which is the best time to visit Mutianyu Great Wall, early morning or late afternoon?

Mutianyu tends to be less people early in the morning or late in the afternoon, depending on the day and the weather. Generally speaking, getting to Mutianyu early in the morning you will enjoy the best walk, with the perfect opportunity to ride cable car or chairlift without possible crowds. In winter you may want to consider seeing the Wall in the afternoon as it could be colder in the morning.

6: How long does it from tower 14 to walk to tower 6 for the slide?

The one-way walk from tower 14 to tower 6 would take you about 1.5 hours at a moderate pace, depending on the day and weather. There are some steep steps between towers may add the difficulty of your walk. All in all, Mutianyu has the easier walking conditions and fewer crowds.  It is much more enjoyable to walk in Mutianyu than Badaling.

Mutianyu & Summer Palace day tour tips
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7: Do you have some advice for a person of 60 years old to climb Mutianyu ? Is there something that she can take to go up and after go down by herself? Any advise would be appreciated.

It’s highly recommended to use cable car to avoid the initial climb up and descending the Wall. Once you are at the top, just walk at your own pace, and avoid overdoing it. If you are good for only 1.5 km, then walk only 1.5 km. Mutianyu has a good walking conditions, you will enjoy beautiful scenery on foot. One step at a time. Have no goal except that next step. Have fun!

8: Are young children, age 3 or 4 able to go on the toboggan of Mutianyu Great Wall?

According to Mutianyu toboggan restrictions, children below the ages of ten or have a height measuring less than 130 cm, better be accompanied by a responsible adult to ride for the reasons of safety. At Mutianyu, carts for single and double is available so that adult can keep their child accompany during the ride.

I hope most of your concerns should be answered here as well as important information. Thank you for visiting and enjoy your tour of Beijing!

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