Exploring Mutianyu: Top Tips for the Great Wall Adventure!

mutianyu great wall guide
mutianyu great wall guide
Embark on Mutianyu: Expert Tips!

Just a short 1.5-hour drive from the heart of Beijing, the Mutianyu Great Wall beckons as a serene escape.

Stepping away from the throngs at Badaling, Mutianyu offers a peaceful experience with its beautifully restored wall section.

Featuring amenities like:

  • cable cars,
  • chairlifts,
  • and fun toboggan rides,

It’s an ideal spot for those wanting a quieter Great Wall visit.

Wander and soak in the majestic views at your pace, or elevate your experience, viewing the landscape from the sky.

Dive into this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

Great Wall map Mutianyu


Key Takeaways:

  1. Mutianyu Great Wall is a hidden gem located just 1.5 hours away from downtown Beijing, offering a tranquil escape with fully restored sections of the Great Wall.

  2. To make the most of your Mutianyu experience, consider arriving early in the morning to avoid crowds and witness the Wall in its full splendor.

  3. The hike at Mutianyu requires comfortable shoes as there are sections with steep ascents and approximately 450 steps between towers 19 and 20.

  4. Check the weather forecast before visiting Mutianyu as inclement weather can make the climb more treacherous and potentially dangerous.

  5. Mutianyu offers three easy ways to explore the Wall: taking the thrilling toboggan ride, using the convenient chairlift, or opting for the cable car to reach the top. Each option provides unique experiences and scenic views.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall Overview:

  • Builder: The Northern Qi Dynasty initiated it, but the Ming Dynasty rebuilt and strengthened it.
  • Timeline: Began in the 6th century and underwent major renovations during the 15th and 16th centuries.
  • Length: Extends over 5,400 meters (approx. 3.4 miles).
  • Unique Features: It boasts 22 watchtowers and an exceptionally smooth and gentle slope, making it friendlier for visitors.

The Mutianyu Great Wall, a marvel near Beijing, has a story stretching back over a thousand years.

It was the Northern Qi Dynasty that first laid its foundations in the 6th century.

Later, the Ming Dynasty, recognizing its strategic importance, gave it a major makeover in the 15th and 16th centuries.

When you walk along its 3.4 miles, you’ll encounter 22 watchtowers, each with its own tale.

What distinguishes Mutianyu is its gentle slope, except for the section between towers 19 and 20, making the climb easier and more enjoyable for most visitors!

Mutianyu Great Wall

Why Visit Mutianyu?

Ever wondered why Mutianyu stands out among the Great Wall sections?

Here’s why:

  • Fewer Crowds for a Peaceful Experience: While Badaling buzzes with countless visitors, Mutianyu gives you a more serene experience. Just think – more room to roam and snap those perfect photos!
  • Stunning Natural Scenery: Picture yourself amidst beautiful, sweeping landscapes. It’s nature at its finest, with every view postcard-worthy.
  • Well-Preserved Historical Structures: Witness the grandeur of beautifully preserved watchtowers and walls that whisper tales of ancient China. It’s history in its most tangible form!
Mutianyu Great Wall

Best Times to Visit:

To make the most of your visit to Mutianyu Great Wall, consider these timing tips for a fantastic experience:

  • Morning Hours for Less Crowds: For the shortest lines and a peaceful start to your day, aim to arrive in the morning. During the summer, gates open at 7:30 am, and in winter, they open at 8 am.

  • Early Risers’ Advantage: Morning visitors, especially early birds, enjoy a quieter and more private exploration, even during bustling Chinese holidays like National Day (October 1-7) and Labor Day (May 1-3).

  • Weekday Mornings for Ultimate Peace: If you prefer fewer crowds, opt for a weekday morning. While there may be some school trips, the calmest moments typically occur between 7:30 am and 9 am or during the early afternoon.

  • Late Afternoons on Weekdays for Solitude: By 3 pm on weekdays, most of the larger crowds have moved on, allowing you to relish the tranquility and beauty of Mutianyu.

Embrace these timing insights, and embark on your peaceful adventure at Mutianyu Great Wall!

Mutianyu Great Wall

Getting There from Beijing:

From Beijing, travelers have three convenient options to explore the magnificent Mutianyu Great Wall:

  1. taking public transport,
  2. joining a guided tour,
  3. or booking a private driver.

Each method offers a unique experience tailored to various preferences and travel styles.

There are three types of buses available:

1. Public Transport: Bus 916 Express, then Bus H23
  1. Take bus 916 Express from Dongzhimen Bus Hub and alight at Huairou Beidajie Station.
  2. Cross the road and transfer to bus H23, which heads towards Tiekuangyu.
  3. Get off at Mutianyu Huan Dao Station and walk for five minutes to reach the entrance.

Pros: This option is cheap and affordable for budget-conscious travelers.

Cons: However, the journey takes over two hours and is physically demanding, especially if you have luggage or mobility issues.

2. Tourism Express Bus for Direct Access:
  • Departure location: The bus departs from Dongzhimen, but the location is difficult to find. Make sure to plan ahead and leave plenty of time to locate the bus station.
  • Departure and return times: There is only one daily departure at 8:30 am, so make sure to arrive early to avoid missing the bus. The return trip departs at 4:00 pm, giving you ample time to explore Mutianyu.
  • Ticket price: The ticket price for a one-way journey is 30 RMB, making it an affordable option for budget-conscious travelers.

Pros: It provides a direct bus from Beijing to Mutianyu, so you don’t need to change buses. This can save you time and make the journey more convenient.

Cons: As mentioned earlier, the location of the bus station is difficult to find, so make sure to plan ahead.

Additionally, there is only one departure per day, which is convenient for travelers with tight schedules.

Finally, cash payments are the only accepted method of payment, so make sure to have enough cash on hand.

Mutianyu Great Wall
3. MuBus for Comfort and Efficiency

MuBus departs from the Swiss Apartment (Exit C of Dongsi Shitiao Station, Line 2), which is easily accessible for those living within the second ring road.

There are two scheduled departures at 8:00 am and 10:00 am, with several buses available for each departure.

The bus goes directly to the Mutianyu scenic area, taking only 1.5 hours.

MuBus uses the latest air-conditioned bus. Each passenger has their own seat, ensuring comfort and peace of mind.

In addition, a round-trip shuttle bus service within the scenic area is included in the price, saving 15 yuan per person.

Visitors can enjoy a long visiting time of five hours at Mutianyu, allowing them to make the most of their experience.

In my opinion, taking MuBus is the most comfortable and affordable way to reach Mutianyu.

To check the price or make a booking for MuBus, you can visit Viator or GetYourGuide for details.

Whether you’re traveling alone or with a friend, taking a bus is a great way to experience one of China’s most iconic landmarks without breaking the bank.

However, if you have more than three people, it’s more convenient to hire a private car rather than take the bus.

4. Guided Tours:

If you’re tight on time in Beijing, a guided tour is your best friend! Here’s why:

  • Ease of Travel: No getting lost or confused; just follow your guide.
  • Quick Learning: Discover destinations rapidly.
  • Pro Driver: Travel safely and comfortably.
  • Language Perks: Have a guide who speaks your tongue.
  • Local Insights: Dive deep into Beijing’s rich culture.
  • Expert Tips: Get advice on where to go and what to do.
  • Safety Assured: Trusted professionals prioritize your well-being.

Thinking of a top pick? Combine the stunning Mutianyu Wall with the sprawling Summer Palace.

Enjoy a full day’s adventure, including lunch, starting from just RMB 540.

With a guide, every detail is handled – from sights to bites.

Let them take the wheel, and your journey becomes effortlessly enjoyable!

Mutianyu Great Wall
5. Private Driver Benefits:

Desire a personalized journey to Mutianyu? A private driver is your answer!

Here’s the scoop:

  • Hassle-Free: Skip public transport; travel at your pace.
  • Comfort First: Luxuriate in a cozy ride straight to the Wall.
  • Flexibility: Stop for photos, breaks, or impromptu sightseeing.
  • Local Know-How: Benefit from a driver’s local knowledge and shortcuts.
  • Privacy: Enjoy your trip without crowded buses or noisy groups.
  • Safety Ensured: Reliable drivers who prioritize your security.

Booking a private driver to Mutianyu means diving into an exclusive adventure, tailored just for you.

It’s travel made simple and splendid!

Mutianyu Great Wall

Transportation Options:

    No Direct Train Service

    There is no direct train service from Beijing to Mutianyu Great Wall.

    The most efficient and convenient way to get from Beijing to Mutianyu is by taxi or private car.

    Cheapest: Public Buses 916 Express and H23

    The cheapest way to get from Beijing to Mutianyu Great Wall is to take Bus 916 Express and Bus H23, which costs RMB 16 per person.

    However, be prepared for a crowded and potentially uncomfortable ride if the bus is full.

    Fastest: Taxi or Pre-booked Car

    The quickest way to get from Beijing to Mutianyu Great Wall is to take a taxi or book a car in advance, which takes only 1.5 hours.

    Best: Private Driver or Guided Tour

    Booking a private driver in advance is the best way to get to Mutianyu Great Wall from Beijing.

    It is quick, stress-free, and usually comes with a fixed price.

    Another option is to join a guided tour for a hassle-free and enriching experience.

    If you’re looking for insider experiences and carefree travel, a guided tour of the Mutianyu Great Wall may be the ideal option for you.

    Even in the age of internet deals and DIY travel, guided tours offer a hassle-free and enriching way to visit the Great Wall.

    Mutianyu Great Wall
    mutianyu great wall guide

    Tickets and Admission:

    Mutianyu Admission fees vary depending on age, with free entry for children under a certain height:

    Cost Breakdown:

    • Adult’s entrance ticket: RMB 45
    • Seniors (60+ with valid ID): RMB 20
    • Teenagers (1.2 to 1.4 meters): RMB 20
    • Children (under 1.2 meters): Free of charge
    • One-way shuttle bus: RMB 10
    • Round-trip shuttle bus: RMB 15

    Passport Requirements for Visiting Mutianyu Great Wall

    On-Site Ticket Purchase:

    • Obtain tickets from the on-site ticketing window using your passport for identification.
    • You will be given physical (paper) tickets.
    • At the entrance, these paper tickets will be scanned for verification.

    Online Ticket Purchase via the Official Public Account or Other Platforms:

    • At the venue, you must present your passport as your proof of purchase since no paper tickets will be issued.
    • Your passport will be scanned at the entrance for ticket verification.
    Mutianyu Great Wall


    Visiting Options:

    Here are the three most popular methods to get up and down the Great Wall: 

    • Toboggan Slide: A thrilling slide down the wall.
    • Chairlift: Experience breathtaking aerial views.
    • Cable Car: A comfortable and scenic ride to the top.
    Everything You Need to Know about Mutianyu


    1. Mutianyu Toboggan Ride: Quick Facts

    • Location: Between tower five and six, near a Wall side gate.
    • Distance: Travels 1,580 meters (5,184 feet) on a winding metal track.
    • Speed: Zoom down at up to 45km/hr, solo or with a buddy!
    • Hours:
      • Summer: 8 am – 5 pm
      • Winter: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
    • Closed: Operates all year, but not during heavy rain or snow.
    • Experience: Feels like flying and driving mixed, with zigs and zags on a 100-meter altitude drop.
    • Cart Options: Single or double, so you can join the kids.
    • Cost: RMB 100 per person.

    Make your Mutianyu Great Wall visit unforgettable with this thrilling ride!

    Mutianyu Great Wall


    Where to Board Toboggan

    To board the toboggan, head to Watchtower No. 6 near the South Entrance, which is easy to locate.

    How to Control Toboggan
    • Control: Easy! Push the handle to speed up; pull back to brake.
    • Position: Sit centrally. Keep hands and feet inside.
    • Warnings:
      • Don’t touch the track or lean out to avoid burns or falls.
      • No stopping or standing during the ride.
      • Do not exit while on the move.
    • Distance: Stay 10 meters behind the person ahead.
    • Speed: Keep it safe. Don’t go too fast for conditions.

    Safety first, but remember to enjoy the thrilling descent!



    The Best Time to Ride Toboggan
    • Weekdays: Less crowded for a smoother experience.
    • Avoid Weekends/Holidays: These times attract big crowds.
    • Best Hours:
      • Early birds: 8 am – 11 am
      • Afternoon riders: 2 pm – 5 pm
    • Why? Dodge slow riders and make the most of your thrilling descent!

    Plan smartly to maximize the fun of your toboggan ride!

    Is There a Weight Limit for Tobogganing?

    The Mutianyu toboggan is suitable for most people, with a maximum weight limit of 110 kg.

    You have control over the speed of the toboggan, and it’s worth noting that heavier loads may make the ride go faster in theory.

    Restrictions for Riding Toboggan
    • Safety First:
      • Children under 10 or less than 130 cm and the elderly need an adult with them on the toboggan.
    • Tickets:
      • Toboggan and cable car tickets are separate; they’re run by different companies.
      • A cable car return ticket won’t work for the chairlift or toboggan.
    • Buying: Get tickets for any ride at the top. Decide your return method before starting your Great Wall journey.

    Know these tips to ensure a smooth experience at Mutianyu!

    Mutianyu Great Wall


    2. The Mutianyu Chairlift Experience:

    • A 550-meter scenic ride from the south entrance to Tower Six in under 10 minutes.
    • Comfortably seats two side-by-side.
    • Hours:
      • Summer: 8 am – 5 pm
      • Winter: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
    • With a two-way ticket, choose between chairlift or toboggan for the return.
    • One Way: RMB 100 (Adults), RMB 60 (Children 12 & Under)
    • Two Way: RMB 140 (Adults), RMB 80 (Children 12 & Under)
    • Purchase at the tourist center or south ticket booth.
    Mutianyu Great Wall


    Boarding Location:
    • Lower Station: Near south ticket check.
    • Upper Station: Between Towers Five and Six.
    Getting On:
    1. Stand at the “load here” line.
    2. Sit as the chair touches your legs.
    3. Lower the safety/footrest bar.
    4. If someone hasn’t lowered the bar, ask to do so.
    Exiting Tips:
    1. Feet off the footrest and lift as you approach the top.
    2. Stay seated until the “unload here” point.
    3. Push up from the chair and stand. Safely exit and move away.

    The chairlift: A relaxing, scenic option for your Mutianyu adventure!

    Mutianyu Great Wall


    3. The Mutianyu Cable Car Experience:

    • A top pick if you’d rather not hike up Mutianyu.
    • Seats six passengers for a fast, 8-minute ascent.
    • Round-trip tickets available; frequent cars reduce wait times.
    • It drops you near Tower 14 for easy descent or further exploration.
    • Note: Cable car and chairlift are run by separate companies.
    • Cable car hours:
      • Summer: 8 am – 5 pm
      • Winter: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
    • Might close in strong winds or severe weather.
    Ticket Information:
    • Purchase: At the tourist center or near the cable car station.
    • Prices:
      • One Way: RMB 100 (Adults), RMB 50 (Children)
      • Two Way: RMB 140 (Adults), RMB 60 (Children)
    Boarding Location:
    • Lower Station: Near the North Entrance.
    • Upper Station: Close to Tower 14.
    Riding Tips:
    1. It feels like a mix of a bus and a gentle roller coaster.
    2. Sit or stand; if standing, hold onto a door pole.
    3. For comfort, place bags between legs.
    4. Keep limbs inside at all times for safety.
    Mutianyu Great Wall


    Exiting Guide:
    1. Exit carefully, especially if the car is moving.
    2. Avoid head bumps: back against the car and lower yourself.
    3. Exit gracefully: slide feet out while turning.

    Riding the Mutianyu cable car? Enjoy amazing views and a memorable experience!

    Are Cable Car/Chairlifts/Toboggan Safe?

    Absolutely! The rides at Mutianyu are safe, provided visitors adhere to the safety rules and guidelines.

    They’re regularly maintained and used by thousands every day.

    Just make sure to sit or stand correctly, follow the guidelines, and be mindful of your surroundings.

    Mutianyu Shuttle Bus Service

    The entrance for the cable car and chairlift at Mutianyu Great Wall is roughly 3km from the ticket booth and parking area.

    If you’d rather not walk, there’s a shuttle bus available for 15RMB per person that’ll get you to the entrance in just 10 minutes.

    This service is not only convenient but also ensures you’re dropped off right outside the entrance.

    While the shuttle bus runs frequently, it’s always good to check its timings at the ticket booth.

    Opting for this service guarantees a smooth start and finish to your Great Wall experience.

    shuttle bus Mutianyu Great Wall


    Suggested Walking Routes With Maps

    Mutianyu features two main entry points: the north, which leads to the cable car and hiking trails, and the south, accessing the chairlift, toboggan, and other hiking paths.

    If you enter from the north, you’ll find two highlighted routes on the information panels.

    Similarly, there are two main paths starting from the south entrance. Whichever you choose, both entrances are open for your adventure.

    Mutianyu Walking Route A (Duration: 2.5 to 3.5 hours)
    • Begin at Tower 14 by ascending via the cable car.
    • Head left (west) to reach Tower 20.
    • Circle back, aiming for Tower 10.
    • Time permitting, venture further to Tower 8.
    • Conclude your adventure by returning to Tower 14 and descending on the cable car.


    Start your adventure at the north entrance and circle up to get a fantastic view from Tower 20.

    Then, stroll back to Tower 14, enjoying the Wall’s beauty and some cool cable car rides.

    End where you began at the north entrance. Happy exploring!

    Mutianyu Walking Route B (Duration: 2.5 to 4 hours)
    • Begin your journey at Tower 14 using the cable car.
    • Head left (west) and make your way to Tower 20.
    • Once explored, retrace your steps and continue to Tower 6.
    • Finish your adventure by taking the thrilling toboggan ride down from Tower 6.


    Kick off your adventure at the north entrance, covering key parts of Mutianyu, including the exciting toboggan slide at Tower 6.

    With a return ticket for the cable car, you can explore from Tower 14 to Tower 6 directly.

    Wrap up your journey at the south entrance. Dive into the views and have fun on the go!

    Mutianyu Walking Route C (Duration: 2.5 to 3.5 hours)
    • Start your adventure at Tower 6 and board the chairlift.
    • Move east, aiming for Tower 1, while enjoying breathtaking views.
    • After reaching Tower 1, you can either: head straight back to Tower 6, or extend your walk by venturing to Towers 8 and 10 if you’re keen.
    • Cap off your exploration with a thrilling toboggan ride down from Tower 6.


    Start your journey at the south entrance, making a round trip through Mutianyu’s eastern section between Tower 6 and Tower 1.

    As you travel, you’ll spot many viewpoints showcasing the Wall’s beauty.

    Finish off with a thrilling toboggan slide back to where you began. Enjoy your walk and the ride!

    Mutianyu Walking Route D (Duration: 2.5 to 4 hours)
    • Begin at the south entrance and take the chairlift to Tower 6.
    • From here, travel west with Tower 14 as your target. For those seeking a more strenuous hike, push forward to Tower 20.
    • After soaking in the views, journey back to Tower 14.
    • Conclude your exploration by descending via the cable car from Tower 14.

    Embrace the journey and the views!

    How Much Does It Cost to Visit Mutianyu?

    The cost of getting to Mutianyu depends on how you reach the Wall and back – by cable car, chairlift, toboggan, or on foot, but you can expect to pay:

    • 1. Climbing: Entrance fee (RMB 45) + shuttle bus (RMB 15 return) = RMB 60. This is the cheapest option, but it can take around 3-4 hours of climbing.
    • 2. Cable Car: Entrance fee (RMB 45) + shuttle bus (RMB 15 return) + cable car (RMB 100 one-way up) = RMB 160. If you don’t want to climb, taking the cable car is the quickest way to reach the top.
    • 3. Cable Car Round Trip: Entrance fee (RMB 45) + shuttle bus (RMB 15 return) + cable car (RMB 120 return) = RMB 180. If you want to save time and energy and spend more time walking on the Wall, taking the cable car up and down is the best option.
    • 4. Cable Car and Toboggan: Entrance fee (RMB 45) + shuttle bus (RMB 15 return) + cable car (RMB 100 one-way up) + toboggan (RMB 100 one-way down) = RMB 260. For a fun and thrilling experience, taking the cable car up and riding the toboggan down is the coolest and most expensive option.
    • 5. Chairlift and Chairlift/Toboggan: Entrance fee (RMB 45) + shuttle bus (RMB 15 return) + chairlift up + chairlift or toboggan down (RMB 120 return in total) = RMB 180. If you want to enjoy a short walk in the section between Tower 6 and Tower 1, the simplest way is to take a chairlift up and then get down either by chairlift or toboggan. This section usually has fewer visitors, so you can have some quiet moments on the Wall.

    Choose the option that fits your budget, schedule, and preference.

    Is Mutianyu Great Wall Crowded?

    Mutianyu Great Wall offers a peaceful and uncrowded experience unlike Badaling.

    Winter weekdays provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of Mutianyu.

    Avoid the chaos of July and August, the busiest months at Mutianyu, due to summer holidays and high visitor numbers.

    How to Avoid the Line at the Entrance? How to Get Tickets in Advance?

    You can just buy the tickets on the spot when you get to the Great Wall Mutianyu section. No need to book them in advance!

    However, here are the ways to get Mutianyu tickets in advance and avoid the lines/queues:

    • You can book a driver/tour of Mutianyu. When you book a time, the driver/tour guide/company takes care of getting the tickets for you, and of course, you skip the line.
    • You can buy your ticket online through a third-party ticket agency, like this one: Mutianyu tickets .
    • If you do not get tickets in advance, there is still a good chance you can avoid the lines. As I mentioned before, you can purchase your tickets at the entry when they first open at 7:30 am/8:30 am to skip the lines.

    Go Early-Just Be Prepared To Walk

    Begin your Mutianyu journey as dawn breaks.

    This early start lets you savor the Great Wall’s beauty, minus the usual daytime crowds.

    On a layover in Beijing? Don’t miss this stunning attraction just a short trip from the airport.

    Maximize your visit: arrive early and use the cable car or chairlift for a quick climb.

    Remember, restroom facilities are scarce, so plan ahead.

    Spanning 2.2 kilometers, the Mutianyu section is mesmerizing.

    Traverse from the first tower to the twentieth, and immerse yourself in the breathtaking views and deep history.

    Make this unique adventure a part of your travel story!

    Bring Comfortable Shoes

    Embarking on a trek across the Great Wall of China at Mutianyu? Get ready for an exhilarating adventure!

    • Wall’s Surface: Mostly smooth, but some stretches demand extra effort.
    • Major Challenge: The climb between towers 19 and 20 with around 450 steps. It’s steep but rewards you with awe-inspiring views.
    • Initial Towers: The ascent to the first six towers has vertical steps, making it a test for those not at their fittest.
    • No Worries!: If hiking’s not your thing, the cable car and chairlift have got you covered. Experience Mutianyu’s splendor without the strenuous climb.
    • Booking a Ride: Secure your spot in the cable car or chairlift for a relaxed journey upwards.

    Whichever path you pick, Mutianyu’s section of the Great Wall promises an experience to cherish forever.

    Check the Weather Forecast

    • Weather Watch: Always check the weather forecast before heading out. Mutianyu’s surface is mostly smooth, but bad weather can make the journey risky.
    • Stay Safe: Postpone your trip if there’s a prediction of heavy rain, snow, or dense clouds. Better safe than sorry!
    • Dress Smart: Layer your clothing and opt for sturdy footwear. Being prepared helps tackle unexpected weather changes.
    • Maximize Your Visit: The right preparation ensures your Mutianyu trip is both safe and memorable, no matter the weather.

    The Great wall of China ancient national architectural landmakrs high in Mutianyu mountains under blue sky tracing away


    Walk Duration Is Approx. 2-3 hours

    Every year, about 9 million enthusiasts tread the Mutianyu Great Wall, mesmerized by its stunning vistas.

    • Duration: Covering the entire Mutianyu typically takes 2-3 hours, with plenty of spots to rest, relax, and snap photos.
    • Trail Details: The pathways of Mutianyu are well-marked and user-friendly, ensuring a hassle-free walk.
    • Uphill Journey: Regardless of fitness or age, most people take around 40 minutes, with a few breaks, to hike up to the Wall.
    • Route Choices: If you’re eyeing the sixth, eighth, or tenth tower, the walking trails are your go-to.
      • From Dream Stone City or the South Entrance (near the toboggan), stairs lead up to towers six or eight.
      • From the North Entrance, by the cable car, you can climb to tower eight or ten.

    Tailor your journey, enjoy the flexibility, and soak in the awe-inspiring panoramas of Mutianyu!

    For Families:

    Planning to bring your young explorers to the Great Wall? You’re in for a treat.

    Mutianyu has plenty to offer for the little adventurers:

    • Fun-Filled Activities: From interactive treasure hunts to mini wall-climbing sessions, there’s no end to the fun here.
    • Stay Safe, Always: Clear signages, secure pathways, and vigilant staff ensure your child’s safety remains a top priority.
    • Learn as They Explore: Discover ancient stories, learn about Chinese culture, and even attend short history lessons – it’s all about making learning super fun!

    Remember, at Mutianyu, every step is an adventure waiting to happen for your kids!

    For more insights, check the post: 5 Reasons Why Mutianyu Great Wall is the Best Destination for a Family Trip.

    Dining Near Mutianyu:

    Hungry around Mutianyu? Bypass the usual tourist spots and dive into some local culinary delights. Here are some top restaurant recommendations near Mutianyu:

    • Kao Shan Tun Northeast Farm Dish Restaurant (20 mins from Mutianyu): A delightful Chinese spot serving up favorites like dumplings, Kung Pow Chicken, sautéed mushrooms, and local barbecue fish. It’s one of the rare places open late, budgeting around 50 RMB per person (excluding drinks).

    • XinShuangQuan Restaurant: Here, you’ll get authentic Chinese flavors with dishes like Kung Pow Chicken and local barbecue fish. Open from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm, expect to spend 30-50 yuan. Contact at (010)61621633.

    • Xiaolongpu Restaurant: A culinary tour of China in one spot! From Sichuan to Canton and Northeast to Beijing, it’s perfect for a meal near Mutianyu. Open from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm, meals are priced between 30-50 yuan. Reach them at (010)61621322.

    • Fish Chef: Located near the Mutianyu Roundabout, it’s renowned for its rainbow trout barbecue. Open from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm, dishes are within 30-50 yuan. Dial (010)61621024 for reservations.

    • Subway: For those craving a quick sandwich, there’s a Subway at Mutianyu’s base. Operating between 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, a meal will cost 30-50 yuan. Contact at (010)61626496.

    Enjoy your meal and the Mutianyu experience!

    Map of Restaurants/Cafes Near Mutianyu


    Accommodations Around Mutianyu

    Ready to see the amazing Mutianyu part of the Great Wall? Here’s where you can sleep and relax!

    Fancy Option: Brickyard Retreat at Mutianyu Great Wall – Tucked away at the base of Mutianyu, this retreat is pure luxury. After your wall adventure, dive into their plush beds, feast on gourmet meals, and soak in their world-class service. Need to unwind? Their spa is just what you need. ($150-300/night)

    Middle Option: Mutianyu Great Wall Hotel – Located near the Great Wall, this hotel is both cozy and reasonably priced. Combining modern design with classic elements, the welcoming staff ensures a memorable stay. Don’t miss out on the fantastic views of the Wall from here! Their restaurant’s local dishes are a delight too. ($80-180/night)

    Budget Pick: Floral·youranshanju – A favorite for budget-conscious travelers. This enchanting guesthouse captures the essence of local culture, making it the perfect resting spot after a day at the Wall. Its inviting ambiance, traditional style, and close distance to Mutianyu make it a true gem. ($20-60/night).


    Nearby Attractions

    Excited about more adventures beyond Mutianyu? The magic of the Great Wall stretches far and wide. Here’s more to quench your exploratory thirst:

    • Huanghuacheng Great Wall: An extraordinary blend of majestic wall sections with serene water landscapes. The sight is simply unforgettable!
    • Xiangshuihu Great Wall: This section boasts of enchanting natural springs and ponds, adding a refreshing touch to the imposing wall.
    • Jiankou Great Wall: Perfect for those with an adventurous spirit. Its wild, rugged terrains promise an exhilarating experience, offering sights that are truly a feast for the eyes.

    Mutianyu vs. Badaling:

    Mutianyu offers a quieter, restored experience compared to the often crowded Badaling.

    With unique amenities and stunning views, it’s a serene alternative. Curious about the differences?

    Check the post Mutianyu Great Wall Vs Badaling Great Wall – Which to Choose? for details.

    Hiking Jiankou to Mutianyu:

    Hiking trips and walking tours can make some of the most exciting and enjoyable escapes of the Great Wall, giving you a chance to immerse yourself in a culture or location truly.

    Choosing the right trip is crucial for enjoying your Great Wall tour.

    Jiankou to Mutianyu day hike is a unique way to maximize a short amount of time at the Great Wall.

    Jiankou is much wilder and more isolated compared with Mutianyu.

    The difficulty of the hike is moderate for the average person.

    Children (aged 5-10 years) to senior citizens have successfully hiked Jiankou towards Mutianyu.

    Further reading:

    How Will You Decide?

    The hard part of planning a trip is narrowing it down. When you plan your trip, think about your life, your interests, and what has inspired you to want to take this trip in the first place, and ask yourself:

    • Does hiking from Jiankou to Mutianyu for 4-5 hours sound like fun for you?
    • You may walk a mile or two on pavement comfortably, but can you walk four or five miles a day on rough trails?
    • What will the weather be like at Jiankou on the day you planned?
    • Do you need to train for this hike?

    Be sure you know your limits, as well as your strengths and weaknesses, ahead of time.

    You must understand and acknowledge the expectations of the hike before you commit your time and money.

    Below is the most popular Jiankou to Mutianyu hiking tours for inspiration:

    Book a Private Car to Mutianyu Great Wall

    Hiring a private driver or car for excursions outside the city is a great option if you’re on a budget and want to avoid crowds and traffic.

    It’s especially cost-efficient if you’re traveling with three or four friends.

    Your driver will even be happy to purchase tickets for you upon arrival if needed.

    If you want to enhance your travel experience even more, consider hiring an English-speaking guide.

    For a daily rate of 550RMB to 750RMB for 8-9 working hours, they can provide insider knowledge and make your trip more interesting.



    Lowest Fixed Prices With No Surprises

    The price of the ride is fixed, meaning that even if the driver has to take a detour due to a roadblock or traffic, you will not be charged extra.

    You will always know the cost of the ride when you make your booking.

    Our drivers will transport you to your destination as quickly as possible, without any additional costs.

    Please keep in mind that our drivers have limited English proficiency.

    They have basic knowledge of the language and typically use translation apps on their phones.

    However, they are experienced in taking passengers to their desired locations, waiting for them, and knowing when to bring them back.

    If any issues arise during your ride, please contact our office at +86 185 1025 4530 for assistance in case of any communication difficulties with the non-English speaking driver.

    Vehicles You Will Use

    All our vehicles, cars, vans, and minibusses are modern, comfortable, and air-conditioned, which can help you explore Beijing in comfort.

    Check out the vehicle page for the details.



    Vehicle (Car, Van, Coach) Rental Rates (RMB)

    Vehicle Options PEK Airport Pickup/Drop-off Mutianyu + Ming Tombs Badaling OR Huanghua-cheng Mutianyu Great Wall Mutianyu + Summer Palace Simatai OR Jinshanling Longqing Gorge
    4 seats Magotan/Teana 300 890 890 690 890 1090 890
    6 seats Buick 450 1290 1190 1090 1290 1490 1190
    8 seats Benz  550 1490 1390 1290 1490 1690 1390
    14 seats Ford Transit 650 1590 1590 1690 1790 1890 1690
    16 seats Joylong 750 1890 1790 1790 1990 2390 1890
    22 seats Toyota Coaster 950 2190 2090 2090 2290 2690 2090
    38 seats KINGLONG 1350 2890 2790 2790 2990 3390 2790


    Vehicle Rental Rates (RMB)

    Vehicle Options Tiananmen, Forbidden City & Mutianyu PEK Airport PickUp & Drop Off Mutianyu PEK Airport PickUp/Drop Off & Mutianyu & City Sites Longqing Gorge + Badaling Shilinxia (Glass Platform) Eastern Qing Tombs Cuandixia Village
    4 seats Hyundai 790 990 1190 950 990 990 990
    6 seats Buick 990 1390 1390 1290 1190 1490 1190
    8 seats Benz 1190 1490 1490 1490 1390 1490 1490
    14 seats Ford Transit 1290 1590 1590 1590 1590 1690 1690
    16 seats Joylong 1790 1890 1890 1890 1690 1890 1890
    22 seats Toyota Coaster 2090 2190 2190 2190 1990 2190 2190
    38 seats KINGLONG 2890 2990 2990 2990 2790 2990 2990

    Weekend Special!

    Enjoy a weekend rate of 650RMB for a four-seater air-conditioning car to visit the splendid Mutianyu Great Wall from Beijing.

    Explore the spectacular Mutianyu on an intimate, private car trip.

    Recommended length of visit: 2-4 hours.

    The cost includes:
    • City accommodation pick up / drop off,
    • Non-English / Chinese-speaking driver
    • A quality vehicle with A/C
    • Transportation fees
    • Parking fees, gasoline, toll fees
    The cost doesn’t include
    • Airport (hotel) pick up / drop off
    • 60RMB p.p entrance fees to Mutianyu
    • 100RMB p.p for the single journey of chairlift/toboggan/cable car (optional)
    • 120RMB p.p for the round trip of chairlift/toboggan/cable car (optional)
    • Meal and tips

    Request a Quote/Make a Reservation



    22 Responses to “Exploring Mutianyu: Top Tips for the Great Wall Adventure!”

    1. Mr Nithya Pillay

      Hi, I am just enquiring on airport transfer from Beijing Capital Airport to Novotel Xinquao Hotel (in front of Chongwenmen subway station line 2) on 05/01/2014 at 12 midday arrival. From your prices on your website, it shows Hyundai vehicle with 4 seats priced at CNY200. We are two adults, one child age 13 and a baby under 1 year.
      Luggage is 3 suitcases, one large, two medium, and 3 hand luggage. Please confirm soonest if this service can be rendered at the price mentioned.

      Also, separately, can you also give me a price for the airport pickup and tour direct to Mutiyanu Great Wall and return to Novotel Xinquao thereafter. This is one option I might consider, should my family be able to manage that on the day of arrival.

      King Regards
      Nithya Pillay

    2. Gail Farrell

      I would like to go to the Great Wall on Sunday, January 19th. I arrive at 5:30 am. and leave the same day at 3:50 pm.

      Also I would like to go to Tianemon Square and Forbidden City on my layover on the way back from Australia on Saturday, February 22. I arrive at 5:50 am and leave that same day at 1:30 pm.

      Please give me the price for these 2 tours.
      It is one person. Please give me the price in RMB and American dollars. Respond as soon as possible please

    3. Amala

      We will travel to the Philippines in July and will have a layover in Beijing from 11:30 to 20:00. We would like to visit the Great wall (Mutianyu). We are 2 adults and 2 children age 7 and 2. Could you pls give a quotation for this tour. Thank you!

    4. Mariam Qasim

      Hello could you please tell me the price for a layover tour to Mutianyu wall for two adults?

      we will be there around 8am on march 07, 2014 with an 11h layover

    5. Hi, I will arrive at 2:15 pm to Bejing on May 22nd then have an internal flight to Haikou at 9:00 pm. Do I have time to see the Great Wall. If yes, please let me know the price in RMB and American dollars for one person. i am by myself. Thanks.

    6. ISMA

      Hi. we four adults will arrive at Beijing airport on 19th August. We need a pick up from airport, and drop off to train station (6 adults). Next day we (6 adults) want to see Mutianyu wall. could you please quote me.

    7. ISMA

      Hi. we four adults will arrive at Beijing airport on 19th August. We need a pick up from airport, and drop off to train station (6 adults). Next day we (6 adults) want to see Mutianyu wall. could you please quote me.

    8. Hi,

      I will arrive at Beijing airport at 12:05 am on July 2nd, which is a rather odd hour. Ideally I would like to get a few hours of sleep at some hotel, then take a trip to Mutianyu in the mroning, go back to the hotel to freshen up and finally return to airport by 2:00pm.

      What do you suggest?


      • Ricky

        Hi AA, We have sent a quote for you but it turned out that the e-mail failed to reach you. Could you send us your email address again so we could provide the itinerary and quotation for you again. Thanks Ricky

    9. (corrected email)

      I will arrive at Beijing airport at 12:05 am on July 2nd, which is a rather odd hour. Ideally I would like to get a few hours of sleep at some hotel, then take a trip to Mutianyu in the mroning, go back to the hotel to freshen up and finally return to airport by 2:00pm.

      What do you suggest?


    10. sarah

      hi, I am looking to do mutianyu wall and possibly the tiannamen square during my 10 hour (free) layover in Beijing. How much would this cost me? I am by myself but happy to join in on any tour groups

    11. Liane Windisch

      Hi, I am searching for a private Trip to Mutianyu on Saturday 27th April. Departure Must be in the afternoon (1pm) starting next to Xiadiaoyutai Metro Station. Would be so happy if you have an offer.

      • Ricky

        Hi Liane, great news! Your private trip to Mutianyu on Saturday, 27th April, is all set. We’ll leave at 1 PM from near the Xiadiaoyutai Metro Station. Please check your private messages for the offer details.

        Thank you for choosing us!


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