Professional Traveler, Filmmakers & Photographers Alex & MJ Takes Jinshanling Self-guided Hiking Tour with Us!

We were thrilled to welcome all around world traveler, filmmakers and photographers Alex and MJ on our Jinshanling Great Wall self-guided Hiking Tour!

This is literally one of the coolest Jinshanling Great Wall travel films I have ever seen. Watching this made me feel like I was hiking the Great Wall. Also, Alex and MJ’s video inspires and motivates me to keep creating and filming:) Love it!

More about Alex and MJ. In January 2016, Alex and MJ’s lives changed completely. Both of them quit their full-time jobs and decided to dedicate all of their time and energy to their passion: producing travel videos!

Since then, they’ve traveled to over 40 countries and produced over 250 travel videos that can be found on our YouTube channel (Alex & MJ – On the GO) as well as the youth YouTube channel, FlipTFO. You can also see many of their videos in a show called Des routes et nous au Québec, which was broadcasted on the French-Canadian Travel TV network, Évasion.

So if you like everything that has to do with traveling, Click Here to be linked to Alex and MJ Facebook Page.

The Great Wall in the evening, a beautiful sunset
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