Shougang Park: Industrial Style & Nature Escapes

Shougang Park


Explore Shougang Park – Beijing’s Premier Industrial Heritage Site

Nestled in Beijing’s Shijingshan District, Shougang Park transforms the city’s industrial backbone into a vibrant hub of culture, modernity, and greenery.

This unique space blends the robust history of the Shougang Group’s industrial past with the sleek lines of contemporary design, making it a must-visit for anyone intrigued by the fusion of old and new.

Shougang Park


The Park’s History

Starting in 1919 with the Beiyang Government‘s pioneering ironworks, Shougang Park now celebrates its industrial heritage with a twist of cyberpunk flair, offering a window into a bygone era reimagined for today’s adventurers.

Center of Creativity and Culture

Since welcoming the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee in 2016, Shougang Park has been at the forefront of cultural and innovative events, including the China International Fair for Trade in Services and memorable moments from the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Shougang Park


Must-Visit Spots

Dive into the heart of Shougang Park’s industrial legacy at these must-visit spots, where history and innovation blend seamlessly.

From exploring the depths of steelmaking to indulging in unique culinary delights, these attractions offer a glimpse into the park’s vibrant past and present.

No. 3 Blast Furnace Museum

Step into the Blast Furnace Museum and explore the fascinating world of steelmaking.

This amazing structure is more than just a museum—it’s a place where history comes alive!

Underneath, you’ll find the “Everyone Reads” bookstore filled with cool cultural finds.

Plus, don’t miss out on the unique “Steel Slag” ice cream, a tasty treat shaped like a blast furnace and sesame-flavored.

Shougang Park


Ski Jumping Ramp

Check out the Ski Jumping Ramp where the superstar Gu Ailing won her gold medal! Located in the park’s north, it looks just like a chic high heel from far away.

Feel the thrill of the 2022 Winter Olympics and take awesome photos from a distance.

Viewing Warehouse

Dive into a world of art and light at the Viewing Warehouse.

While you’re there, grab a sip of the famous “universe bubble water” at the trendy milk tea shop inside.

No. 6 Industrial Hub

Hungry? Head over to the No. 6 Industrial Hub, a mall with plenty of tasty lunch options for everyone.

Shougang Park


Aerial Walkway

Walk along the world’s longest aerial corridor! Stretching 10 kilometers, it connects the park with a super cool atmosphere.

Olympic Loop

Find the stunning red spiral staircase between the No. 6 Industrial Hub and Qunming Lake. It’s the perfect spot for an epic photo.

Show Pool

Relax at Shougang’s first big water landscape. With wooden walkways and cozy pavilions, it’s a peaceful place to feed fish and hang out with family.

Shougang Park


Qunming Lake

Discover the calm beauty of Qunming Lake, where industrial history blends perfectly with nature’s charm.

Ice and Snow World

Experience the joy of winter sports all year round in our indoor Ice and Snow World. It’s a blast for both families and adventure lovers.

Shougang Park


Inside the Park:

You can ride balance bikes, bicycles, and rollerblades. The park offers plenty of shared bikes and electric scooters for easy travel.

Self-driving shuttle: Runs from Xingang Steel Coking Plant to No. 3 Blast Furnace, costs 💰15 RMB.

Shougang Park


Adventure Awaits

Historical and Cultural Route: Embark on a journey from the depths of industrial prowess at the Blast Furnace Museum, to the serene Qunming Lake, and culminate with the Olympic spirit at the Big Jump.

Leisure and Entertainment Route: Start with the icy thrills of Ice and Snow World, unwind by Qunming Lake, and treat yourself at our cozy café.

Exploration and Discovery Route: Unearth the hidden gems of Shougang Park, from industrial marvels to peaceful retreats for soulful relaxation.

Shougang Park


Culinary Experiences

Savor the flavors of innovation and tradition at our dining spots, from the sleek Shangri-La hotel to the unique tastes of Tea Steel and the Fragrant Brewery.

Don’t miss the industrial-themed Starbucks for a coffee break like no other.

Capture Your Moments

Shougang Park is a canvas for photographers and a playground for families and sports enthusiasts.

With countless Instagram-worthy spots, your visit is sure to be filled with memorable snapshots and experiences.

Shougang Park


Getting There:

Metro: Take Metro Line 11 to Xingang Steel’s Exit D or Line 6 to Jinanqiao’s Exit H.

Bus: Bus routes 108 to Xingang Steel Coking Plant; 992/Special 218 to Xingang Steel Testing Field.

Nearby Attractions

Fahai Temple: Explore the serene beauty and rich history of Fahai Temple, a hidden gem that offers a peaceful retreat amidst exquisite murals and traditional architecture. This tranquil site provides a perfect escape into the spiritual heritage of Beijing.

Marco Polo Bridge: Step back in time at the Marco Polo Bridge, an iconic landmark known for its architectural marvel and historical significance. This ancient bridge, adorned with unique stone lions, tells tales of past encounters and serves as a gateway to China’s rich cultural past.

Shougang Park



Q: What are the opening hours of Shougang Park?

A: Shougang Park is open daily from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM. However, some attractions within the park may have different operating hours.

Q: Where can I find the best food options in Shougang Park?

A: The No. 6 Industrial Hub offers a variety of dining options, from casual eateries to more upscale restaurants, catering to different tastes and preferences.

Shougang Park


Q: How can I get to Shougang Park using public transportation?

A: You can take Metro Line 11 to Xingang Steel’s Exit D or Line 6 to Jinanqiao’s Exit H.

Buses 108 and 992/Special 218 also stop near the park, making it easily accessible.

Q: What are the best times to visit Shougang Park?

A: Spring and autumn are ideal for visiting Shougang Park, thanks to the mild weather and beautiful natural scenery.

Early mornings and late afternoons are less crowded and offer pleasant temperatures for exploring.

Q: Are there any unique attractions at Shougang Park?

A: Yes, the park features several unique attractions, such as the Ski Jumping Ramp, the Aerial Walkway, the Viewing Warehouse with immersive art shows, and the historic No. 3 Blast Furnace Museum.

Each offers a unique blend of industrial heritage and natural beauty.

Shougang Park

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