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Romantic Honeymoons, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Proposal, Reunions, Celebrations Hiking

Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing honeymoon, celebrate your anniversary, arrange a romantic proposal, party with your friends, have a son or daughter studying abroad and wish to join them for a weekend or weeklong trip, or simply share a romantic break with someone special, the Great Wall of China is a great destination to give your life a perfect memory.

In Life, It’s Not Where You Go; It’s Who You Travel With

Wake up to the unforgettable views of the Great Wall range from your guesthouse balcony, explore the wild side of the Wall with your loved ones, watch a fantastic view of the sun setting over the Wall, and share intimate dinners in beautiful restaurants. We help you create special moments to enhance your experience.

Gift Idea: Great Wall Hiking Trips

If you are looking for a nice gift for a person who likes outdoor you are on the right page! Hiking the Great Wall is offering a full flexible possibility in terms of gift. Finding a good idea for birthday gift or Christmas gift is not always easy. You can gift a voucher valid for an hike on the Great Wall. If the person receiving the gift likes mountains this will be the best possible gift for him/her.

The best is to contact us and let us know the budget of the gift itself. The date of the Great Wall hike can be established later on with the person receiving the gift. It can be a private Great Wall hike as well as a hike where the person can join a planned hike with other people and enjoy a multicultural and funny environment.

For a wonderfully memorable, special and stressfree celebration let us take care of the arrangements whilst you enjoy your time together. Contact us to find out more about how we can help.

Express Your Love Through Hiking the Great Wall

Hiking the Great Wall is not only a pleasent travel experience, but also a great option when it comes to proposing. From great views to intimate settings, going on a hike with your partner can provide the perfect backdrop for one of the biggest moments of your life.

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