How to Stay Warm When Traveling During the Winter Months

Essentials for Cold Weather Travel

Stay Warm When Traveling During the Winter Months beijing
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The weather can have a huge impact on your enjoyment of your travels. However, with the right outfit, you can indulge in wanderlust no matter what the elements have in store for you. During the summer, a cotton and linen ensemble will keep you cool. If it rains, breathable rain-proof jackets should keep you dry. But what should you pack when you are expecting it to be cold outside?

The Four Expert Tips

Stay warm when you travel even in freezing temperatures with these expert tips:

Layer wisely

Instead of simply throwing on multiple layers of clothes, pick and choose your layers wisely. The experts recommend just two layers: breathable thermal wear that sticks to your body, and a soft shell jacket with fleece lining and softshell pants. If you are really feeling the chill, you could opt for a third layer – an insulated fiberfill jacket with a hood. The lighter the layers, the easier it will be for you to get around while remaining warm.

Gloves and socks

Your fingers and toes need to be protected as much as your torso and legs. Woolen mittens are ideal, but they limit hand activity. As such, insulated gloves are a smarter choice. They easily allow the hands to grip objects and operate smartphones. Woolen socks underneath your boots will protect your toes and keep them comfortable – especially when you walk in the snow.

Stay Warm When Traveling During the Winter Months china
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Cover your ears

Did you know that you lose huge amounts of your body heat through your ears? Should you wish to keep that heat in, a hoodie is a good all-around option. The experts, however, choose earmuffs. Not only do you limit the loss of body heat, but you can also make a style statement with an interesting pair of earmuffs.

Wool and only wool

When you travel, take wool-based garments instead of cotton. Wool clothing will provide you with the heat you need without adding unnecessary weight to your luggage.

In Closing

Traveling during the colder months can certainly be a tricky challenge. However, as long as you pack the right clothing, you will still be able to enjoy your time away without any fear of chills.

Stay Warm When Traveling During the Winter Months
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