Top 6 Reasons to Explore the Great Wall of China

Why You Should Visit the Great Wall of China in Your Lifetime

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People from across the globe and all walks of life journey to Beijing to visit the Great Wall of China. Its mystique attracts everyday people who want to see and experience the ancient architectural marvel. Whether you have a journey to Beijing on your bucket list or are filled with curiosity, these rank among the top 6 reasons to explore the Great Wall of China.

1: The Rich History

Construction of the Great Wall spans approximately 2,000 years, and it was designed to prevent invading armies from penetrating China, among other reasons. But from the first stone until the modern era, the structure spans more than 13,000 miles across nine provinces.

Although you can look up many interesting facts about the Great Wall online, learning its historic and culturally rich history requires first-hand experience.

2: The Awe-Inspiring Views

There are unique and iconic views that are worth traveling to experience. Few measure up to the sweeping, picturesque landscapes of the Jinshanling and Jiankou sections near Beijing.

The scenes from high up in these sections can be emotionally-riveting during sunset. Imagine looking out over untamed forests, highlighted by the ancient wall cutting through them as the sun splashes color on the horizon. That view alone is worth traveling to Beijing.

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3: The Adventure

Your first trip to the Great Wall will feel like you have discovered a new world. In many ways, you are living the life of an adventurer. And that is exactly what hiking the Great Wall is, an adventure. Visitors have the option of short walks, moderate hikes, or trekking into the more wild sections and camping overnight.

4: Feel Free

Vacations are as much about time away from work as getting out of your comfort zone. Our daily social and work lives tend to lean toward the mundane after a while.

It’s common to have your month, week, day, and even the next few hours planned out long in advance. By traveling to Beijing and walking the Great Wall, you can leave that pre-planned existence behind and embrace freedom.

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5: Fun for the Entire Family

Today’s working families often try to fit one- or two-week vacations into a budget. The result too often lands them in theme parks or all-inclusive resorts. Although this may provide adequate family time away from your daily grind, the Great Wall can take family fun to the next level.

There are a wealth of family-oriented tours and kid-friendly activities for all ages associated with the Great Wall. And, it’s an ancient marvel that will touch every member of your clan in a unique fashion.

6: The Memories

At the end of the day, the motivation to travel to a far-away place is about being in the moment while you are there and the memories you take with you.

To say the memories that people carry with them from the Great Wall are rare would be something of an understatement. Those who walk the Great Wall look out through their mind’s eye and experience the sounds, smells, panoramic landscapes, and stunning sunsets for a lifetime.

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