Top 8 Frequently Asked Questions About Jiankou to Mutianyu Great Wall Day Tour

Anything You Wonder About the Hike?

Jiankou to Mutianyu Hiking Tour

Traveling to Jiankou can be difficult for any traveler, and we know that you’ve got questions. Travel with confidence as we’ve compiled answers to the eight most common questions when planning a hiking trip to Jiankou & Mutianyu. If you have anything you wonder about or can’t find the information you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

1: Hiking Great Wall between Jiankou and Mutianyu, the recommended route?

The most popular route is hiking between Xizha village and Mutianyu. You can start in Xizhazi village and make your way uphill to Zhengbeilou tower, Ox Horn Edge, and down to Mutianyu to pick up by your driver after the hike. One of the benefits of this hike is that you do not need to go down the same way you went up.

2: I’m interested in hiking the Jiankou to Mutianyu route along the Great Wall. We are fit, but not rock climbers. How complicated and dangerous is the route? 

A particular section of Jiankou, like Eagle, indeed Flies Facing Upward (Ying Fei Dao Yang) and Sky Stair (Tianti), are very dangerous; most would better avoid it. However, if you take the suitable trails from Zhengbeilou to Mutianyu, you can skip it and have a fantastic, challenging, safe hike.

The Jiankou to Mutianyu hike typically covers 3-5 hours with 8-9 kilometers. The difficulty of the walk is moderate for adults. All ages will enjoy the stroll. If you are a seasoned hiker, you shouldn’t have any problems. The fastest hikers tend to be children. Adults tend to be slower to some degree. If you are 50 years old or older, we recommend hiking at a leisurely pace, stopping and resting a few times. To enjoy the trip to the fullest, you will need to be in good shape.

3: I am a solo traveler. I know I can start in Xizhazi village and make my way uphill to Zhengbeilou tower and then to Ox Horn Edge. From Xizhazi village, can I get lost making my way up to the Wall? 

Yes, you can. There are several paths up to the Wall at Xizhazi. The right trail to Zhengbeilou is hard to follow due to overgrown bushes. There are also some forks in the direction that you could take the wrong way, which will increase your chances of getting lost.

The primary issue is that if something happens and you do not have local people with you, you cannot explain where you are. You will be basically on your own.

Top 8 Frequently Asked Questions About Jiankou to Mutianyu Hiking Tour

4: Do I need a guide for Jiankou to Mutianyu Great Wall hike? Will I be delicate arranging for transport and not hiring a guide?

Simply put, do your homework, or take a guide/driver familiar with the route. The trail up to the Wall is not as simple as you might think; the most challenging thing could be finding the right trail up to the start point on the Wall. It’s advisable to pre-arrange a guide or driver familiar with the route to lead your way to Zhengbeilou tower. At this point, driver services as hiking partners for you up to the Wall. This is helpful if you get lost, confused, or anxious. You can hire drivers and guides from Beijing.

Alternatively, Jiankou to Mutianyu’s self-guided trip can take a lot of the guesswork of planning and the uncertainty of hiking a new route in an unfamiliar area, saving your time and frustration. All in all, good preparation will bring you more enjoyment.

5: Jiankou to Mutianyu or Jinshanling to Jinshanling East,  which route is best for incredible breathtaking scenery? 

It’s hard to say which section of the Wall is more beautiful than others. For photography enthusiasts, Jinshanling offers better scenery/landscape views, which explains why Jinshanling has been attracting numbers of photographers and adventurous hikers. Jiankou Great Wall remains half-ruined, wild, and untouched. It has a rugged beauty and ruggedness that cannot be described unless you visit it. 

6: I am fit and used to mountain hiking, but I do not have exceptional climbing experience or equipment. I am wondering whether it is too dangerous to go down the Ox Horn Edge?

Serious and experienced mountain walkers may want to climb Ox Horn Edge, but most would better a detour at Ox Horn Edge, mainly when the weather is wet or in winter. In summer, the bushes at Ox Horn Edge may push you over the side; you have to walk along the very edge, quite high above the ground. Steep slopes with loose bricks and stones also add to the difficulty of your climb.

7: If I decide to go around on the mountain path at Ox Horn Edge, where will I find the start on this path so I can’t get lost?

You can easily find your way back to the Wall. From the broken tower at Ox Horn Edge, get off the staircase and make a left turn past a campsite in the bush, and walk through the path for around 10 minutes. You will return to the Wall.

8: Does this trip include travel between Beijing and the Wall?

Yes – transport to and from the Great Wall and Beijing is included. You will be picked up from your hotel or any centrally located place and give yourself approx. 2.5 hours drive to Xizhazi village–where you will drop off. At Mutianyu, the same driver will pick you up at the parking lot and bring you back to Beijing after the hike.

Have we missed any questions that are important to you? Let us know in the comments, and we will make sure to answer!

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