Top 8 Magazines For Great Wall of China Hikers

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Recommendations for the Best Hiking Magazines

Hiking the Great Wall of China remains one of the rare life experiences. People from around the world travel to Beijing to embrace the inspiring culture, history, architecture, and see the panoramic views from points that exceed 600 years old.

If you are considering trekking the international marvel, it’s essential to utilize the wealth of knowledge offered by hiking professionals. These rank among the top magazines that Great Wall hiking enthusiasts can rely on to help make your adventure one to remember.

1: Backpacker

This authoritative U.S.-based hiking, science, and lifestyle magazine was established in 1973 by founding editor William Kemsley. Although today’s robust hiking community was in its fledgling stages then, Backpacker proved to be an inspirational resource covering the hiker experience.

Although the magazine has changed hands, it’s fittingly headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, in the Rocky Mountains. With a subscriber base that exceeds 350,000, Backpacker has emerged as a vital resource and guide for beginners and experienced hikers alike. Backpacker writers have delivered first-hand accounts about the Great Wall, and it remains an invaluable resource.

2: Outdoor Photographer

It’s no secret that the impressive views of China’s landscape are a magnetic attraction for hiking enthusiasts. This American nature photography resource remains dedicated to capturing the essential beauty of the Great Wall and the surrounding area.

Outdoor Photographer has reached more than 170,000 subscribers and single-copy readers with breath-taking images taken from the Great Wall. It’s a pivotal resource that can help hikers position themselves in unique places and times of day to augment your hike and come home with the best photographs.

3: Snowshoe Magazine

Winter hikers would be wise to consider consulting the trends, tips, and gear required to safely enjoy a Great Wall excursion when ice and snow are present. This American-based publication offers advice about destinations and reviews hiking gear in a way that translates to smart accessorizing for hikers. Founded in 2003, Snowshoe Magazine is blazing a trail into winter wonderlands around the world.

4: Adventure Journal

With more than 10 years of online articles to its credit, Adventure Journal blends narratives about backpacking in every season with in-depth discussions about gear and living outdoors.

As a Great Wall hiking resource, it may be in your best interest to spend some time on your device exploring the sometimes hyper-specific gear and accessory posts. Although it leans on the trendy side, Adventure Journal never loses sight of the basics that make all-season hikes quality-of-life experiences.

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5: National Geographic Traveler

Founded in 1984, National Geographic Traveler goes to press eight times annually and is run by Disney Publishing Worldwide. It enjoys headquarters in China, among other countries. Although Disney discontinued its U.S. production at the end of 2019, its reported 735,000 circulation ranks it among the more popular outdoors products.

The resource has dedicated many of its pages to capturing the iconic beauty of the Great Wall and provides fact-based narratives about what hikers can expect during their treks. Its online coverage also includes viral videos and YouTube documentaries that prove valuable to Great Wall hikers.

6: Outside

Although Outside magazine may not enjoy the household name status of some other hiking resources, it has nevertheless earned a top-tier reputation among outdoor enthusiasts and boasts a circulation of nearly 700,000. Founded in 1977, Outside authors have included notables such as Sebastian Junger and Jon Krakauer, among other adventure writers.

Its wide-reaching value stems from the fact that it is not limited to one type of outdoors experience. The publication covers salient issues that range from sore backpacking shoulders to climbing to travel and anything in-between.

7: Travel + Leisure

After more than 90 years in the industry, Travel + Leisure enjoys a massive readership of 4.8 million readers annually. The New York City-based publication has subsidiaries around the world, including China.

The magazine has dedicated top-tier coverage to the Great Wall experience and tells secrets hikers might otherwise not know. It’s worthwhile to search the outlet’s website for pertinent articles about the Great Wall before making your initial hike. Travel + Leisure could add value to your journey.

8: Trek and Mountain

It’s important to keep in mind that a Great Wall hike can be planned along terrain that novice hikers can negotiate as well as rugged landscape. A publication such as Trek and Mountain are excellent resources for securing the necessary gear and gaining the little insights that make a big difference on a substantial hike. Trek and Mountain has covered Great Wall expeditions in the past and remains a good source for serious hikers.

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