What to Wear Walking the Great Wall of China in Fall

Fall Great Wall Hiking Gear Essentials

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Fall is one of the best seasons for hiking Great Wall of China. The temperatures have cooled off, the bugs are mostly gone, and the colors in the mountains are incredible. If you are planning to walk the Great Wall during autumn, the following tips on what to wear may make your journey more comfortable.

Footwear Protection and Comfort for the Great Wall

The Great Wall took approximately 2,000 years to complete and began at a time when China had not yet been unified. In practical footwear terms, that means the walking surfaces can vary greatly. Some areas are smooth enough to wear comfortable open-toe footwear. Other sections are more akin to hiking rugged terrain.

The Jiankou portion and Jinshanling near Beijing ranks among the most picturesque and widely photographed. It runs through steep mountains, and the ground under your feet can be quite challenging. If you plan to enjoy the epic visual experience of Beijing’s Jiankou, lightweight hiking footwear may be the right fit.

For those who not avid hikers, the less rigorous terrain of the Mutianyu section and Huanghuacheng based around Beijing may not require heightened footwear protection. These portions of the Great Wall are better suited for novice hikers and walkers. A savvy selection would include crossover footwear or running shoes.

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Great Wall Backpacks Options

Some type of backpack is a necessity when walking the Great Wall. If you are planning a short jaunt, it makes sense to carry at least water, snacks, and personal items while keeping your hands free. For relatively short walks, a modest backpack with padded shoulder straps that connects in the front may suffice.

One of the lesser known things about Great Wall excursions is that camping is allowed in certain areas. Waking up on the Great Wall and watching the sunrise in a remote area can be the experience of a lifetime. But getting from your first step on the Great Wall to camping requires carrying gear.

Consider utilizing a viable hiking backpack that is appropriately fitted to your torso. It should be comfortable when fully outfitted with a tent, sleeping bag and pad, food, water, rain gear, a complete change of clothes, sunscreen, and insect repellant, among other necessities. If you plan to camp out, select a serious backpack.

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Tailor Your Clothing to the Beijing Temperatures

When walking the Great Wall during Fall, it’s important to consider temperature swings. September temperatures range from highs of about 80 degrees Fahrenheit with lows in the 50s.

October generally dips between 66 and 46, with November cools down to 50 degrees during the day and into the 30s at night. With this varying climate in mind, the following clothing options may be worth considering.

  • September: Sunscreen, wide hat, light jacket, sundress, shorts, sunglasses, hoodie, and pants to change into as the temperature drops.
  • October: Windbreaker, hoodie, or a light jacket, long pants, hat, socks, and a heavy shirt to layer up as the temperature drops.
  • November: Layer your clothing to include a sweatshirt, outer-wear, comfortable pants, knit hat, and warm socks.

It’s wise to make your clothing option strategies for walking the Great Wall during Fall in conjunction with monthly temperatures.

For long walks and overnights, comfort mandates that you carry appropriate layers in your backpack. By deftly planning what you wear, you can maximize comfort and focus on the breathtaking experience of walking the Great Wall of China.

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