What to Wear Walking the Great Wall of China in Spring

Comfortable Clothing for Spring Great Wall Hiking

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Traveling to Beijing during spring is a perfect opportunity to experience the Great Wall of China. The climate ranges from highs of 54 degrees Fahrenheit in March to 80 degrees by the end of May. Beyond the moderate temperatures to comfortably walk the Great Wall, visitors will also arrive ahead of the peak tourism season. Walking the Great Wall during spring can be an exceptional experience as long as you wear the right clothing.

Spring Clothing Strategies for Walking the Great Wall

Although daytime average high temperatures may seem simple to manage, shifts in weather and evening lows can prove challenging on any adventure. That’s why layering remains a tried-and-true spring hiking strategy. Consider these layering tips.

Upper Body Management

Utilizing a three-tier layering system can prove useful for comfortable walking. Consider wearing a tank top covered by a T-shirt wrapped by a jacket or hoodie.

In early spring, utilize a moderately thick jacket that can be secured in a backpack as the day warms. In later spring, a windbreaker will likely suffice. Add or remove layers according to temperature and body temperature.

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Lower Body Strategies

Many people think denim is a good material for hiking. It’s not. So, leave the jeans in your Beijing room. Consider nylon running pants under sweatpants or another loose-fitting product.

The point is being able to strip off the outer layer as the temperature rises. However, if you are planning a 2- to 3-hour walk during peak daily temperatures, shorts may work as long as you are not traversing a rugged section.

Footwear Matters

Possibly the most important clothing choice people make is what protects their feet. That’s because the footing on the Great Wall can range from smooth to uneven to downright rugged. Unlike walking the Great Wall during summer and winter, the temperature is not necessarily a significant footwear factor.

Consider crossover sneakers that deliver sturdy ankle support. Lightweight hiking boots are also a viable option. Steer away from open-toed or soft running shoes whenever possible.

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Spring Gear, Accessories for Walking the Great Wall

Walking the Great Wall is a blend of picturesque landscapes seen from an architectural marvel that delivers the experience of a lifetime. It’s common for visitors to walk farther and stay longer than they initially expect. That’s why the following gear and accessories are crucial to maximizing your precious time on the Great Wall.  

  • Sunglasses: UV-rated eyewear is a must when enjoying the gorgeous sunsets from the Great Wall.
  • Backpack: It’s advisable for even afternoon walkers to carry a backpack with water, snacks, and a place to put clothing items. Long hikes and overnight stays generally require full-sized backpacking products.
  • Hat: Protect your face, neck, and ears from long-term sun exposure.
  • Sunscreen: Skin protection products are essential. Keep in mind, you may decide to enjoy a longer walk than you initially planned.
  • Insect Repellent: Biting insects are generally active at dusk and dawn. Repellent can enhance your outdoor enjoyment.
  • Gloves: Some of the rugged sections of the Great Wall require gloves with firm gripping abilities. It’s worth carrying a pair even if you do not plan to trek through these areas.
  • Change of Socks: May temperatures can seem quite warm when taking a long walk on the Great Wall. A change of socks can prove valuable.
  • Sustenance: Remember to bring enough food and beverages to complete your walk. Consider carrying a little extra just in case you can’t pull yourself away from the incredible Great Wall.

Traveling to Beijing during spring ranks among the best times of year to walk the Great Wall. These clothing tips may prove helpful in maximizing your experience.

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